Hooten is patient; From shining on the stage of the theater to a cinematic Simorgh (portrait of an actor)

The story of Hoten Shakiba's brilliance in the Iranian art scene started very early. As soon as he stepped into bigger theater groups with more experienced people, he worked to improve every day to reach the position he deserves.

BingMag.com Hooten is patient; From shining on the stage of the theater to a cinematic Simorgh (portrait of an actor)

The story of Hoten Shakiba's brilliance in the Iranian art scene started very early. As soon as he stepped into bigger theater groups with more experienced people, he worked to improve every day to reach the position he deserves.

Love to Theater in the university

Although Shakiba reached the peak of fame and success in the theater much earlier than other theater actors, it should not be forgotten that he also faced many hardships in the period of obscurity. It was successful. Hoten Shakiba loves theater and cinema and he spent so much patience for this work that he reached his desired result. Was. When he was planning to choose a field for university, his mother did not have much opposition to Hooten going to art fields, but his father had his own objections. But one day the father broke his guard and said to his son: "Now all doctors and engineers are unemployed, go and work in a field you love!"

This father's sentence was enough for Hoten to study theater at the university. However, his first choice was to study film directing, and since he did not succeed in choosing a major in this field, he chose theater. Shakiba says about her study of theater in university: "In the year I was admitted to university, she didn't take cinema, so I told myself that I would go to the theater field and change my field next semester, but when I went there, her addiction made me stay there and my life path It has changed."

Shakiba's patience

In the school days, things are very normal. Young Hoten did not go. He expected success and shine and work in the theater environment, but there was no specific news of what he had in mind. Experiencing such an atmosphere is discouraging for any cinema and theater lover, but Shakiba was not disappointed and was still encouraged about the future of his career. He himself describes the memories of those days as follows: "I extended my four-year bachelor's course for seven to eight years, just to stay in that space, and then I studied again for a master's degree under the same excuse. Because I think the atmosphere of the university helps us a lot to experience and take risks, and really, during those eight years, I was all practicing and even all my friends witnessed and saw how much I tried and how much I loved the work. Because I don't know anything other than this and I have to do it well." brings him Shakiba won an award from the university theater festival in his first shows called "Tune your violins" and "Marasad" and his art was noticed. After several years of work and waiting, finally the time has come to see and harvest the product. First, he joined big and professional theater groups very soon and gained experience working with famous directors. This was a good opportunity to attend important halls like Teatarshahr, which gave him the opportunity to be seen better.

BingMag.com Hooten is patient; From shining on the stage of the theater to a cinematic Simorgh (portrait of an actor)

The good days of bachelors

Another case is Hoten Shakiba's friendship and acquaintance with Navid Mohammadzadeh. This deep friendship leads to the formation of several shows starring Shakiba and Mohammadzadeh. In the early to mid-90s, Hoten Shakiba, Navid Mohammadzadeh, Bahram Afshari, Reza Behboodi and Saeed Chengizian played together in various works and in a way took the pulse of the important theaters of the capital.

The audience who saw the performances of these actors predicted that some good and professional actors would be introduced to the cinema. A prediction that came true very soon and a little later we saw all these actors in the lead roles of movies. Mohammadzadeh became famous in the cinema with his first movie, but Shakiba's roles in the cinema did not appear much. Until 2014, he acted in movies like "Sensitive Floor" and "Helen", but what was expected did not happen.

So television was where Shakiba should He showed himself there. First, with the voice acting of "Debi" in the popular series "Red Hat", people got to know the name of Hoten Shakiba, and a little later, they got to know her face and acting skills with the "Bachelors" series. The series "Bachelors" directed by Soroush Sehat was a long launching pad for this young actor. A lot of theater They had seen many of my performances and we have even acted together in some places. We have co-starred in the show "Avazkhon Tas" and in these years they invited me to act in various performances, which unfortunately interfered with my acting and performances, which happened in the "Bachelors" series. Of course, during this time I was away from the television space by my own will." ;"> The popular series shows Shakiba's integrity, talent and acting power to everyone. He shined with the character of Habib in the role of a love-lorn young man in "Bachelors" and became one of the attractive factors of the work. Shakiba's flexible and smooth acting once again pointed out his abilities to everyone.

Shakiba has played comedy roles in several shows before playing in "Bachelors". and this time he was able to take the humor of "Habib" character very well from his facial expressions to the type of acting. The little things that she shows in her acting show Shakiba's talent and high understanding in playing humorous roles. It forced him to make the next episodes. The series "Bachelors 2" was made with the same team as the previous one, and like the previous part of the series, the main burden of work was on the shoulders of Hooten Shakiba.

The series "Bachelors" which has a significant audience had also attracted, he was able to turn Hoten Shakiba into a well-known figure for the general public. After the airing of "Bachelors", people realized that the voice actress of "Debi" character in "Red Hat" series was also patient and they understood better what a strange talent she has in acting and voice acting.

The next big success in Shakiba's career will come very soon. Much sooner than he thought. Acting in Narges Abiyar's movie "The Night the Moon was Full" was a big step for this young actor. The situation that many actors have been waiting for for years, happened very quickly for Shakiba.

He was the best actor for playing the role of Abdul Hamid Rigi Simorgh Balurin. He won the man and became one of the great actors of Iranian cinema. Maybe Hooten Shakiba himself did not imagine that he would get Simorgh so soon by playing his most serious movie role and now this dream had come true.

After this success, the name Hoten Shakiba came to the top of the news and in public circles everyone talked about his acting power. He himself, who did not want to be stereotyped in comedy roles, accepted to play a serious and challenging role, and he saw the results. The role of Abdul Hamid was supposed to be played by Human Sidi, but due to the issues that happened to Sidi, he could not appear in this work. So the role went to Shakiba so that he could achieve a great success at the very beginning of his career in cinema. became", a flood of offers will be sent to him. After the movie Abiyar, he acted in four movies, of which "Private Meeting" is the most important. "TT", "Ablaq" and "Aamepasand" are other films of this actor that were not seen as much as the previous ones. be repeated in a format and type. To escape from this issue, he experienced various roles in the cinema and after shining in the cinema, he returned to television to play in the third part of Soroush Sahet's series called "Fuq-Lishenseha".

Unlike many actors who stay away from television after appearing in movies, Shakiba did not follow this procedure and continued to appear on television. His behavior in cinema and television was such that he neither angered the cinematographers nor alienated the managers of Jam Jam. Similar to what Soroush Sehat did.

BingMag.com Hooten is patient; From shining on the stage of the theater to a cinematic Simorgh (portrait of an actor)

Playing in luxury theaters!

Shakiba, as he remained loyal to television, continued to work with old friends and continued to voice the puppet characters of Iraj Tahmasab's "Party" program. undertook Shakiba gave a new life to the program by voicing the character "Bacha" and turned this doll character into a popular and lovable character among the viewers. After many years, people again communicated with the words and playfulness of a character, and his expression and dialect were promoted among people. The most serious criticism is related to his performances in luxury shows like "Oliver Twist" and "Les Miserables". Shakiba, who comes from the theater and started his career with small and university shows, could continue his work in the theater with this type of shows and very much towards glamorous shows whose primary purpose is business and earning money. Do not approach. However, the number of receipts in such shows is so heavy and misleading that every artist is deceived. And there is tragedy. Iranian cinema and television have rarely seen such actors and this is considered an important feature in the future of Shakiba's work. If this actor continues to choose his roles wisely and is on the path to progress, he will see a clear path ahead of him in cinema, theater and television.

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