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Home Show Network and all its stars; From the song "Shabahangi" to Ezzati "Zakhm Kari"

BingMag.com <b>Home</b> <b>Show</b> <b>Network</b> and <b>all</b> its <b>stars;</b> <b>From</b> the <b>song</b> 'Shabahangi' to <b>Ezzati</b> 'Zakhm Kari'

More than a decade has passed since the existence of the Home theater network, but this platform, which is separate and different From television and cinema, has recently managed to reach a large audience. Draw yourself. A project that is almost synchronous with the world, a short distance From the global trend that is common in Third World countries, was first formed by publishing physical versions of its products and later through online distribution platforms, replacing television and, to a large extent, cinema. Is. The trend that took shape in the world with the advent of online streaming giants like Netflix continues and is becoming more widespread day by day.

It brings the world of entertainment content closer to the world of video content, giving them the opportunity to choose From a myriad of options (albeit with more limitations in this geography, of course). Yes, this may be to the detriment of the cinema economy, but it obviously creates another economic cycle.

It was at this time that his products were physically distributed in the form of DVDs. Before that, even Mehran Modiri, who is the director of "Bitter Coffee", published the sequel to the series "Bagh-e Mozaffar", "Ganj Mozaffar" due to disagreements with TV on the Home theater network. But it was with "Bitter Coffee" that the purchase of CDs (CDs and DVDs) was widely added to our shopping cart, and over time, with trial and error, each time with a break of several years, it was able to add to its audience. p>

Saman Moghadam joined this Network with "Ice Heart", which according to the list of its star actors, including Hedyeh Tehrani, Reza Attaran, Mehran Modiri, and, it was natural that it could attract the majority of the audience in the field of theatrical entertainment. (Which, of course, was expected to have more audiences due to its stars, which did not happen due to part-time work and a number of other reasons, including screenwriting, directing and even acting; it seems that the actors of the Home theater Network did not take it seriously And they considered it merely another source of income, so they did not devote all their time to work). Mehran Modiri produced several other comedy series for the Home network, the most popular of which was the item series "I made a joke", Davood Mirbagheri with "Shahgoosh" and especially with the magnificent work "Golden Tooth" (the latter more than the first) to Ayar added the Home theater network.

A little further on, Hassan Fathi's popular series "Shahrzad" entered the Home theater Network with a new phase with its popular love triangle and movie stars. And so this journey slowly but steadily reached a point where many actors, stars, and film directors found the platform suitable for programming and, of course, serialization (filmmaking for the Home Network does not yet have a definite audience response), and one after another stepped into the field. They left. With the advent of online streaming platforms such as Filmnet, and more recently Filimo and Namawa, both the creators and the audience of the Home theater Network took it more seriously.

It does not allow artists to work or open their hands to work, if the price of cinema tickets and other behind-the-scenes policies, along with the simple reason that people in the age of smart gadgets prefer to watch any content From their mobile phones, cinema at least Has become an abandoned medium, the Home theater Network will be the only and best option for programming, serialization, and even filmmaking and online movie screenings. And a lot of it has been. In fact, in successive epidemics and quarantines, the only way out is not to be in public, and the only way to connect with television and Internet entertainment is because television (which fails to compete with the Internet, either because of misguided policies or as a matter of time or Both can no longer meet the expectations of a large audience (at least those who are Internet users and are faced with countless better alternatives), the Home theater Network had the best chance of attracting an audience that made the most of it, and now It has gained its own audience. Of course, the more the audience pays attention to a medium, the more attention is paid to the producers and their production content, and the more diversity and competition.

If we skip the old products of this network, in the last two years we have witnessed production and We have been broadcasting programs and series that can be said to have replaced the popular programs of the golden age of television and even (of course; technology has advanced anyway and thanks to global producers, our knowledge of programming and serialization) has surpassed them and in Some cases are another aspect of They have flourished the potential of an actor or a director.

They have also introduced a series of stars to the world of entertainment and audiences; Those who used to work for themselves in the corners, but after being exposed by the Home theater Network and online broadcasting platforms, became much more noticeable. Or sometimes there were stars that shone more or less, or they were completely new personalities. This list stars the programs and series that have recently been produced and broadcast by the Home Show Network since the beginning of the epidemic.

Home Show Network programs and series during the epidemic

Hamed Ahangi in "Mafia Nights" and "Joker"

BingMag.com <b>Home</b> <b>Show</b> <b>Network</b> and <b>all</b> its <b>stars;</b> <b>From</b> the <b>song</b> 'Shabahangi' to <b>Ezzati</b> 'Zakhm Kari'

  • Year of broadcast: 1400 so far
  • Director: Ehsan Alikhani, Seyed Hamed Mirfatahi
  • Actors (Nowruz special season):
  • Winner of the game: Sirus Meymant
  • Synopsis: Celebrities From art, sports, society and compete in a closed room to make each other laugh, but the main challenge is that they should not laugh. The Joker series is modeled on the successful examples of a reality documentary with the idea and performance of Japanese comedian Hitoshi Matsumoto.

Hamed Ahangi has now become a familiar name among the network's audience. Has been home. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. So far, From the performance of comedy programs, which is now famous among the Persian-speaking audience of stand-up comedy, in the form of war in Kish Island and then other cities, little attention has been paid to the program "Khandvaneh", in "Iranian Dinner" Saeed Aboutaleb still pays little attention Attracted and then in the first series of the reality Show "Mafia Nights" was a head and neck above all those who participated in this program.

A combination of innate intelligence and talent to play Mafia alongside The comfort in front of the camera and of course Hamed's humor engraved a song in the minds of the audience. It so happened that he was later able to produce his own talk Show on the Home theater network, "Tongue Night," in the form of a tako show, albeit imitating a mix of American tako shows From Ellen DeGeneres to James Corden. The head of the "Joker" was special for Nowruz, and here, too, with his executive abilities and comedic talent, he will once again be a head and neck higher than the other participants in this program. And he managed to invite good guests to his program, but due to being in the role of host and presenter, he has sunk into a more serious form and apparently does not have enough space to present his humor and executive abilities. Of course, he uses his singing ability, but he has not yet been able to appear as he should. But he has undoubtedly been the undisputed star of "Mafia Nights" and "Joker".

Vahid Aghapour in "Audit"

BingMag.com <b>Home</b> <b>Show</b> <b>Network</b> and <b>all</b> its <b>stars;</b> <b>From</b> the <b>song</b> 'Shabahangi' to <b>Ezzati</b> 'Zakhm Kari'

  • Broadcast year: 98 till now
  • Writer and director: Hamed Javadzadeh
  • Actors: Vahid Aghapour, Hamed Javadzadeh
  • Synopsis: The auditing program in a humorous way challenges the auditing process in works of art.

Vahid Aghapour has been working in the theater for many years, but we first saw him in the cinema in the movie "Simple Reception", a real man in one of the film's memorable roles and plays. Later, in the comedy film "Oxidant" directed by Hamed Mohammadi, he played the role of a cleric, and now that his other abilities have been revealed to everyone, he has Hadi Hejazifar's "Mahdi position", which is in fact considered a contemporary, on the screen. p>

But the general public recognizes Vahid Aghapour as the master of the comedy series "Audit", which is one of the best comedy programs in recent years, and during the period of Covid's epidemic, it managed to attract a large audience at once. Many years ago, this program was broadcast as an item in another comedy program on TV (and apparently radio), and later it took on a more complete and broader form, and was broadcast only for free on Instagram, and after a while, it entered the Filimo platform. The general public and Internet users were attracted to this good and respectable program last year due to the viralization of one of its good episodes (audition of the song "Advance"), which was able to connect with many people with a simple idea.

In this program, Aghapour, in the role of the person in charge of auditing (in the Ministry of Guidance) over poetry, song, as well as films and serials, has created a believable comedy character who, despite all the repulsions he can, due to his ideological job in the audience. It is lovely to create. If Aghapour did not understand and read this character correctly, and if he could not add his comedic aspect to the character so skillfully, he could easily have been hated. But now His words are circulating in cyberspace, and the program itself, despite its repetitive format, is not only repetitive for the audience, but also becomes more established.

The creators of this program, despite taking a critical look at the issue of auditing in Iran, Eventually the disbelievers move freely that the audit does not involve themselves. It's a comedy, after all, and it probably has strong backers. Aghapour's popularity as a master led him to the "Joker" and "Mafia Nights" programs, and of course in "The Joker" one can clearly see the traces of an auditing master in him.

Bahareh Afshari in "Mafia Nights"


BingMag.com <b>Home</b> <b>Show</b> <b>Network</b> and <b>all</b> its <b>stars;</b> <b>From</b> the <b>song</b> 'Shabahangi' to <b>Ezzati</b> 'Zakhm Kari'

  • Broadcast year: 1399 so far
  • Director: Saeed Aboutaleb
  • Actors: The cast of this program changes every season.
  • Summary Story: In each season of the series, twelve participants From film and television actors and other celebrities are invited to play, and they, together with the host, play the game realistically without the intervention of the director./li>

"Mafia Nights" is one of the few reality shows that is not about cooking and does not conflict with the presence of women, and they can Show their potentials and abilities, although with permanent restrictions. Unfortunately, many women did not take advantage of this opportunity or did not have the ability to do so. The fact that the game is not serious for them at all or they do not take the program seriously, can both be the reasons for this loss of opportunity and opportunity. A profession has emerged and now her name is higher than other women who have ever participated in this program and game. The actor, who still carries the sinister shadow of the evil role he played in an appropriate series several years ago, proved with his real face and character in "Mafia Nights" that it is not only men who have the ability to present an attractive game.

Enjoyment of intelligence, accuracy, eloquence, and confidence-building skills (with all the resistance that women have in the latter case) were among the characteristics that made Afshari a powerful Mafia player and professional. . If the actor's job is to make a character believable to the audience other than his real self, Bahareh Afshari undoubtedly, at least in the Mafia game, showed that he knows this well and skillfully.

Amir Ali Nabaviyan in "Nights" Mafia

BingMag.com <b>Home</b> <b>Show</b> <b>Network</b> and <b>all</b> its <b>stars;</b> <b>From</b> the <b>song</b> 'Shabahangi' to <b>Ezzati</b> 'Zakhm Kari'

Amir Ali Nabaviyan started his career by reading stories in the popular and youth-friendly program of" Radio Haft "education Network . Later or simultaneously, he published the same stories in a collection called "Amir Ali Stories" with prose and perspective inspired by great writers such as Iraj Pezeshkrad in several volumes. He had several short appearances in serials and movies, hosted and appeared as a guest several times in different episodes of "Khandvaneh". He has his own audience, but by appearing in one of the episodes of "Mafia Nights", his name became more and more popular and attracted a new audience.

He was one of the few people in the game like Mafia Life Was able to decipher the game with logical arguments; Of course, in the role of the citizen, because his calculations were correct and he could gain the trust of others in this way, and of course, this was not possible in the role of the Mafia, because his calculations were false and wrong, he was more successful than the Mafia. But even in the role of the Mafia, thanks to his clever allies, he was able to play a significant role in one of the fascinating parts of this program, in which the Mafia defeats the citizen. And thus attract a flood of young audiences on social media who may not even have known of his existence before.

The reasoning of the prophets and his eloquence and effort to play What is rarely seen among the players of "Mafia Nights", both men and women, became one of the reasons for his popularity, and as a result, he became the host of a hilarious stand-up contest. It remains to be seen how the prophets will be able to make good use of these pencils.

Khodadad Azizi in "Mafia Nights"

BingMag.com <b>Home</b> <b>Show</b> <b>Network</b> and <b>all</b> its <b>stars;</b> <b>From</b> the <b>song</b> 'Shabahangi' to <b>Ezzati</b> 'Zakhm Kari'

The reason for the strong presence of" Mafia Nights "program in this list is the countless actors or players who have participated in this program due to the rules of the game. The number of people (of course men) who have shone through this program and Mafia game is not small, but some of them are more prominent and prominent in the minds of the audience of the program.

One of these highlights is Khodadad Azizi, the former star of the national team Iranian football is our sharp-footed gazelle whose performance in a reality Show and in the Mafia game surprised everyone. Like Amir Ali Nabaviyan, a little more than him, he appeared in the role of a better citizen than the Mafia, but his presence was so influential because of the respect he received From other program participants as well as the audience, which made him the only sports phenomenon of "Mafia Nights". .

In this game, Azizi showed extraordinary intelligence in reading games From others, which probably comes From years of experience playing the opponent on the football field, which can be found in few people. This only feature (besides being God-given) enabled him to gain the trust and support of other players, and as a result, he sat in the heart of the audience thirsting for Iranian intelligence. It would not have been good if our sharp-footed gazelle could not have shown itself in this program. Khodadad Azizi also appeared on the Home theater Network after appearing on "Mafia Nights" in sports programs.

The child in "Guest"

BingMag.com <b>Home</b> <b>Show</b> <b>Network</b> and <b>all</b> its <b>stars;</b> <b>From</b> the <b>song</b> 'Shabahangi' to <b>Ezzati</b> 'Zakhm Kari'

  • Year of broadcast: 1401 till now
  • Director: Iraj Tahmasb
  • Voice actors and actors: Hotan Shakiba, Kazem Siyahi, Bahador Maleki, Soheil Mostajabian, Eli Emami, Amir Adib, Nazanin Shabani, Iraj Tahmasb, Ali Zarmehri, Soheil Rahbarzar, Sara Sabri, Ahmad Fayyaz
  • Synopsis: Mr. Tahmasb has just moved to a new house and there is a wedding hall next to his new house. New puppet characters, most of whom are the staff of this wedding hall, are added to his life and figure out different and fascinating events.

Iraj Tahmast enters the Home theater Network during Nowruz as a happy gift Fortunately, it still continues. Mr. Tahmast, after a distance between him and his audience due to a dispute with the television over the production of Nowruz programs with Red Hat and his friends, on Nowruz 1401, with full hands and new dolls, he again created popular programs and extremely popular characters and gave us Gave a gift. Who would have thought that after (and onwards) the Red Riding Hood, a character could be created who would be as popular, if not more so, as the Red Riding Hood? How well can one know such an audience to take the risk and drop all the familiar dolls and create new and popular characters? Red Riding Hood is now known. In the very first episode of the "Guest" puppet Show and dialogue series, he became so popular that these days he is remembered more than any other live character on social media, his videos are hand-crafted and his words are imitated. This child who is a florist (in fact, he is a working child and because of this he has provoked criticism) is a bad-mouthed but very sweet and lovable child who has placed himself like a red hat in the heart of Mr. Mojrei. Of course, Mr. Tahmasb loves all his dolls, especially the character of "Mosquito", who is spoken by Kazem Siyahi, but the child has a special place in his heart and therefore in the heart of the audience.

Houtan Shakiba, who previously played the role of "Debbie" in the series "Red Riding Hood" and "Friends" and where she had created a lovable character, now with the character of "Baby" continues her successes and talents that have flourished in cinema. Another has shown off his abilities and has been quite successful. You can easily forget him and believe that a character called a child with the same voice and the same jokes lives a corner for himself in the real world.

Home Show Network series in the time of Corona

Hamed Behdad in "I want to stay alive"

BingMag.com <b>Home</b> <b>Show</b> <b>Network</b> and <b>all</b> its <b>stars;</b> <b>From</b> the <b>song</b> 'Shabahangi' to <b>Ezzati</b> 'Zakhm Kari'

  • Broadcast year: strong> 1399 to 1400
  • Director: Shahram Shah Hosseini
  • Actors: Hamed Behdad, Sahar Dolatshahi, Pedram Sharifi, Azadeh Samadi , Ali Shadman, Mehran Ahmadi, Anahita Dargahi, Babak Karimi, Afsaneh Chehreh Azad, Ezatullah Mehravaran, Nahid Muslimi, Farid Sajjadi Hosseini, Mehdi Hosseini Nia, Bahareh Kian Afshar, Mehdi Sabbaghi, Mohammad Reza Maleki, Roya Javidnia
  • Synopsis: The story of the series takes place in 1989, shortly after the end of the Iraq-Iran war and before the merger of the committee, police and gendarmerie in the police force. Homa Haghi (Sahar Dolatshahi) and her fianc Nader (Pedram Sharifi) prepare with Haghi's family to surprise Homayoun Haghi (Babak Karimi)'s father's father on his birthday night. But with the arrival of the father, another surprise awaits the family. Following this surprise that Homayoun Haghi imprisons, an influential and mysterious character named Amir Shaygan (Hamed Behdad) enters the story to actually be the mediator to save Homa's father, but instead falls in love with him.

Hamed Behdad stepped into this valley much earlier than the other movie stars we see today in the series of the Home theater network. He played one of the best roles in his artistic career with one of the best (if not the best) series of the Home theater Network "Golden Tooth" by Davood Mirbagheri. A role in which he was able to take advantage of his good singing talent; An event that he would love to see happen in the cinema, but the opportunity is not provided for him much.

Launched a Home Show Network and in fact the reason for attracting the audience of this series (Of course, the presence of Sara Bayat and the full list of actors in the series in general was not ineffective.) "Del" but did not have the necessary potential for Behdad to shine in a series of Home theater Network But the next series in which he appeared, "I want to stay alive" Shahram Shah Hosseini was a return for Hamed Behdad among the audience who do not necessarily follow the stars in the cinema and watch the series.

Behdad, of course, has very good experiences in the series. It also has a TV. Basically, after "The End of the Game" by Homayoun Assadian, who introduced him as an emerging talent of cinema audiences, the series "Shadow of the Sun" directed by Mohammad Reza Ahanj, which, regardless of his short role in it, expanded his audience and fans. This trend continued with another series called "A Fist Full of Eagles" directed by Asghar Hashemi and then "Freefall" by Alireza Amini.

Maps he played for Hamid Nematullah); An attractive villain that the audience does not know should hate him or feel sorry for him and identify with him. In this series and in the best role of this series, Behdad, with his cinematic reserves and all that he has experienced and gained over the years, played and brought Amir Shaygan to life in such a way that the character was higher than the series and more colorful than the story. It is as if this role was created for him and based on his own character. (Regardless of the ending) is one of the best gray characters he has ever played in his career. In the very first episode of the series, he was a head and neck above the rest of the characters and actors, he was able to attract a large audience with his deadly love story and triangle. Now, his fans and the audience of the series are waiting for the second season, which the creators announced at the end of the first season.

2204/19334-9.jpg ">

  • Year of broadcast: 1400
  • Director: Mohammad Hossein Mahdavian
  • Actors: Javad Ezzati, Rana Azadivar, Hanieh Tavassoli, Saeed Changizian, Elahe Hessari, Abbas Jamshidifar, Maedeh Tahmasebi and Siavash Tahmourth
  • Synopsis: Maliki (Javad Ezzati) is one of the managers of a successful company run by Nemat Rizabadi (Siavash Tahmourth). Rizabadi orders Maliki to negotiate a major oil deal with the Norwegians. After signing the contract, the Norwegians want to transfer the contract amount, which is several million dollars, to the company's account, but <.

Javad Ezzati owes his initial fame to the role of the beloved father of "Bitter Coffee". . A role that did not even engrave an honorable face in the audience's mind under heavy make-up, but put its name on the tongues. The audience had seen him before in series such as "Let's Fasten the Belts", "Muzaffar Garden" and "Man of a Thousand Faces". From "Bitter Coffee" onwards, there were a flood of offers that were mostly sent to him in comedy roles, and this trend continues to this day.

But Javad Ezzati's acting abilities are not summed up in comedy roles. He is a multi-faceted actor who, after serious roles, has the same skill as comedy roles and sometimes even better. After appearing in several comedy roles at once in the serious drama of Mohammad Hossein Mahdavian in one of the controversial roles in this film, he turned out to be another winner and entered another phase of his professional acting. Now the flood of offers was and is a serious plan that will be sent to him, a large part of which he has experienced with the Mahdavians.

And shine in films such as "Butterfly Swimming" by Mohammad Kart and "Sun" by Majid Majidi, last year with the popular and record-breaking series "Wounding" in a genre that is rarely seen in Iranian cinema and television, once again He had a successful experience with the Mahdavians. Rana Azadi-Avar made "Zakhm Kari" one of the most popular and standard series on the Home theater network. Malik al-Maliki is one of the characters that, because there is a real and sensitive realm in the real world, few people go to him and few people can bring him back to life on the screen.

Javad Ezzati without a doubt He has been successful in understanding the various dimensions of this character and performing it, and like Hamed Behdad, he has created another of the most attractive idiots. Playing the role of Malik Maliki took Ezzati's presence in serious cinema to another stage and added more and more serious audiences to his fan base.

Rana Azadivar in "Wound of Work"

BingMag.com <b>Home</b> <b>Show</b> <b>Network</b> and <b>all</b> its <b>stars;</b> <b>From</b> the <b>song</b> 'Shabahangi' to <b>Ezzati</b> 'Zakhm Kari'

It is no exaggeration to say that Rana Azadivar, playing the role of Samira, is in fact Lady Macbeth, From the series "Wound of Work", the best role and of course the best The game has played its artistic role. He who since 1382 with the film The popular "Lizard" directed by Kamal Tabrizi entered the cinema. That should shine. After the successful film "About Ellie", instead of facing good offers, his presence in the cinema diminishes and he almost goes to the margins. Of course, he appears in "Rage and Pandemonium" by Hooman Sidi and "Mohammad Rasoolullah" by Majid Majidi, but he does not attract much attention.

Directly on the Home network, Azadiour has not appeared in any series before) as Samira, Maliki Maliki's ambitious wife, who is added to the story based on Lady Macbeth's character "Macbeth" (according to the novel's author. These characteristics do not exist in the novel) Show a facet of her acting abilities in one of the most unusual female roles in Iranian cinema and television, which is actually in line with the same gender of the character she played in "Parkway" but is much stronger and more mature. .

with a correct understanding of this character along with his good partner Javad Ezzati (the result of this successful collaboration on the screen of TV and smart gadgets, the reappearance of these two actors this time on the screen together in the movie " Lost Man "directed by Mahdavian, which is currently being screened) managed to create an attractive and memorable negative hero. Therefore, it is not an exaggeration to say that the new Iranian audience got to know Rana Azadivar with Samira's character and were added to her fan base. This popularity led to the release of Hassan Fathi, who is playing in the second Home drama series "Jeeran", in the role of one of the women in the harem of Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar, in whom the traces of Lady Macbeth are still visible.

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