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Hollywood 2033: What will be the future of the entertainment world?

BingMag.com <b>Hollywood</b> <b>2033:</b> <b>What</b> will be the <b>future</b> of the <b>entertainment</b> world?

First of all, the good news about 2032: we will probably see such a year and the apocalypse of humans will not happen until then! After studies and research, experts predict that human civilization will continue to exist for another ten years, and the entertainment industry will continue to operate with strength. Even better, it looks like more exciting products will be produced for us over the next decade to listen to, watch or play. According to Seth Rogen, "as long as humans live on the planet, movies will continue to matter."

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What form they will take is somewhat vague (and perhaps frightening). Based on the studies that have been done, it can be said with certainty that 10 years from now, Hollywood will undergo a fundamental change and will have a deeper and deeper connection with Silicon Valley and modern technologies. Digital technologies are changing the world's popular culture and the way they use and produce entertainment-based products day by day.

To understand What big changes will take place in 10 years, remember this: Fox studios were separate. Netflix, Amazon, and Holo often broadcast other companies' products and were merely an online video-sharing service. A decade later, watching movies and TV series online became part of our daily lives, and thanks to the Corona outbreak, we spent the last two years spending time with our digital devices and watching movies and TV series online as much as we could.

But no matter how drastic the changes of these two years may seem, they are insignificant compared to What awaits us in the next 10 years. By 2032, new technologies will revolutionize all aspects of entertainment (from filmmaking to concerts). From virtual reality and augmented reality glasses (VR and AR) to Deepfick and other stories. According to Joe Rousseau, one of the directors of "Avengers: Endgame", the result of such events will be "the greatest change in the way of creating and narrating and consuming entertainment and storytelling".

Here are some predictions that are expected to happen a decade from now, predictions based on research and studies by a number of professionals in the entertainment and entertainment industry as well as technology that can be counted on.

Virtual Madness h2>

BingMag.com <b>Hollywood</b> <b>2033:</b> <b>What</b> will be the <b>future</b> of the <b>entertainment</b> world?

If you talk to experts in this field about the next 10 years of Hollywood, one thing becomes clear: the virtual world that The audience is allowed to immerse themselves in it, the same world that we know as "Metavars" and its words and hadiths are increasing day by day, will take over everywhere. Do you not know exactly how Metawares is going to affect our lives and our hobbies? We must say that you are not alone in this ambiguity, and many professionals in the entertainment industry are still unsure of What is going to happen. Rob Berdo, one of the main executives of the Industrial Light & Magic special effects studio, whose portfolio includes such important works as "Terminator 2", believes that even those who deal with the latest technologies in the world do not know exactly What to do with Metavars. . "It's one of those vague terms and phrases that includes a lot of things. Every time there is a discussion about this, the first question I ask is, "What exactly do you mean by Metavars?" . Technologies such as virtual reality headsets (which put you in a 360-degree virtual environment to interact with the digital world) and augmented reality glasses (which place digital and unreal elements in the real world around us) are still becoming everyday equipment and tools. And people have not become epidemics. But over the next 10 years, this equipment will become cheaper and everyone will be able to access it. This way we can all enter Metavars and go to our favorite imaginary world and interact with its characters. A phenomenon that Bordo and his team at ILM refer to as "living in stories."

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How will the films and stories we know now show themselves in Metavars? The possibilities are infinite (and now in theory). But by the year 2032, you're likely to wear augmented reality glasses to watch Marvel's latest movie, and the world around you will become Tony Stark's workshop, with a personal scout to help you. Even this possibility exists You have to be able to take yourself - or your avatar and digital representatives of yourself - to the heart of your favorite movie and TV series, and experience the events with the characters of the story and play a more active role than just a spectator. For example, a new Star Wars movie might be made, and instead of sitting around and watching everything's passively, put on your augmented reality glasses and your surroundings look like a twisted planet, like a computer game. , Advance the story yourself. Joe Rousseau predicts that 10 years from now, "storytelling will become a multifaceted phenomenon, giving the audience a completely different experience."

BingMag.com <b>Hollywood</b> <b>2033:</b> <b>What</b> will be the <b>future</b> of the <b>entertainment</b> world?

Of course, we are many years away from many of these extraordinary experiences (if they all happen according to these predictions). But Metavars has enough potential to attract both Silicon Valley and Wall Street. Mark Zuckerberg announced plans to make Meta (formerly known as Facebook) the first Meta-company. Microsoft recently paid a 10-figure fee to acquire a stake in one of the gaming industry giants, Activision Blizzard, and to focus the company's future games on the VR and AR experiences. It has also been reported that Apple plans to develop its own advanced headsets.

Some of Metavars' advanced storytelling techniques seem so far-fetched that they are hard to imagine. And Hollywood has always been skeptical of new technologies and cautious. From ancient times the filmmakers were initially opposed to new phenomena. From TV to the advent of video and DVD and Blu-ray and online download and playback. The latest visual technology that had been in vogue for some time and captured all the movies was 3D movies. A trend that has waned over time and lost its popularity.

It will probably take some time for writers and directors to be persuaded to create work for products with the new Metavars technology. In the future, filmmakers and writers must free themselves from the shackles of linear, two-dimensional storytelling and think about What world is to be created. In this way, they can find creative ways for the audience to interact with their world so that they can be involved in the development of the story. Given the creative nature of this system, it seems that it is not going to suffer the fate of 3D movies.

Some people have already accepted the combination of cinema and computer games and are planning for it. "Computer game companies are set to play a key role in the future of Hollywood," says Rousseau. "Because they are the ones who produce the best-selling titles, as well as the huge budgets and the up-to-date technology that underpins them." According to the Corona Pandemic, the gaming industry is in its most lucrative and successful position, and according to some estimates, the industry's turnover will reach $ 200 billion by 2024.

Even filmmakers who are interested in accompanying this They do not have technologies, their work will be somehow tied to VR and AR. When movie theaters closed due to the corona outbreak, playwrights turned to the media and alternative ways to reach out to their audiences. Some used "Fortnite", an online game that is insanely popular and has countless fans around the world. The game held online conferences that featured trailers and short films, and at one point even screened Christopher Nolan's most famous films in the digital world, and Fortnite players were able to watch movies with their avatars. As the Metavers expands, more exciting events take place. You can hold a concert or watch a movie in Metavars. An exciting and enjoyable combination of cinema, television and computer games.

If you are not yet digestible and a little scared in the face of a completely digital world, do not worry: by 2032, easy ways It will be created so that anyone of any age can benefit from it.

So far, a number of prominent music figures have tried their luck in this world. Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande gave a concert in the virtual world (albeit with their digital appearance). Katy Perry also performed a live performance on American Idol using augmented reality technology that had a strange feel to it. "You no longer just sell tickets to real people coming to the concert," Katy Perry said of the experience. You can also make digital versions for people around the world. " This was not possible. They can bring colorful and cartoon clouds in a three-dimensional space between spectators that move with the rhythm of the music. And millions of people around the world are already preparing for it, as evidenced by last year's sales of VR and AR headsets. But this may be too much for those who are addicted to traditional forms of entertainment and can not afford it. Fortunately, the old way of enjoying entertainment will be present in 2032, but with changes that are appropriate for that period and time.

future Cinemas

BingMag.com <b>Hollywood</b> <b>2033:</b> <b>What</b> will be the <b>future</b> of the <b>entertainment</b> world?

The past few years have not been a good time for filmmakers and homeowners. During the widespread corona outbreak, many theaters closed and it took a long time for people to re-enter the cinema. Recently, only the best-selling films such as "Spider-Man: No Way Home" managed to sell well, and other films failed at the box office or fell short of expectations. Many audiences are now wondering if cinemas will last in the future.

Most experts believe that by 2032, cinemas are still around and people are flocking to them for newer experiences. M. Knight Shyamalan believes that cinemas are not going to disappear, and he says recent events and the spread of the corona have made people more appreciative of these events and social events, because they need to be together and want a story with others. Experience.

It's not easy to say What movie models will be popular in the next ten years. Although 2021 was not a big year for cinemagoers, it was the most expensive and blockbuster films that reigned supreme at the box office (almost all of the top 10 best-selling films in the United States cost at least $ 100 million). At the same time, more compact films were released on online platforms such as Netflix, Apple, and Amazon, where they found their audience.

Going to the movies in the future looks like something out of the ordinary. Going to a game city where several different and varied entertainments await people. Now that online platforms have become more influential, they are a good platform for lower-cost movies, and will continue to do so in the future. In contrast, movies that are appealing to people in the cinema and on the big screen open their way to theaters. Going to the cinema in the future will be like a special social event, like going to a concert.

Is it possible to take our virtual reality and augmented reality headsets with us when we go to the cinema in the future? Maybe. But some of the changes that experts predict are not so radical. Classified pricing is likely to be part of the future hall system. Movies are priced depending on the experience they provide to their audience.

Some entertainment experts and activists have other suggestions. They say that cinemas need to adapt to the new conditions and not just use them to screen movies as in the past. It seems that with the increasing expansion of online platforms and expensive series, the popularity and variety of series will cause more viewers to gather to watch special episodes of their favorite series and sit in a cinema.

BingMag.com <b>Hollywood</b> <b>2033:</b> <b>What</b> will be the <b>future</b> of the <b>entertainment</b> world?

For the newer generation, which has more uses for entertainment products and up-to-date technologies, cinemas can be a place for all kinds of events. "I think cinemas will change to become a place for social events," said Scott Stober, Netflix's director of global operations. For example, they buy the right to broadcast popular sports matches to broadcast them on the big screen on weekends. Or even the competitive eras of popular computer games. Times do not last. But the approach of streaming and broadcasting movies and series online, which has changed everything, will become even more active and widespread by then. During conversations with experts in the field, everyone had a similar opinion about the future direction of television, and the name of one series in particular was constantly repeated: "Squid Game".

The global success of the Korean series produced by Netflix and Its constant record-breaking was a really important point. But it was not long before another Korean series became popular: "All of Us Are Dead". Both of these series and their success represent a future that awaits us in the entertainment industry. By the time we get to 2032, entertainment products, movies, series, games, and more will be available to audiences in a variety of languages and from all over the world.

As a result, more boundaries will be lost. Will go and there will be no more obstacles and restrictions for the wide distribution of entertainment products. And most important of all, the interest and desire of the people of the world to share their experiences Is. One of the events that led to the widespread popularity of "composite play" was the participation of the audience in the production of content related to the work. The viewers of this series started to make many jokes and memes about the series with a lot of enthusiasm and interest, and made ticketing videos for it, in order to be a part of the story world themselves and subconsciously contribute to its popularity. People now just do not like to be mere viewers and want to be active in producing content. They are set to take over popular culture in the not-too-distant future: the Zed generation (those born in the late 1990s to the early 2010s).

New generation

BingMag.com <b>Hollywood</b> <b>2033:</b> <b>What</b> will be the <b>future</b> of the <b>entertainment</b> world?

Over the course of more than a century, Hollywood has not only produced and distributed high-end art and cinema, but has also shown high-profile stars to people around the world. Actors and figures who captured the hearts of millions of people around the world and had countless fans. Those who could use their power to give the green light to high-risk and risky projects and sustain the entertainment industry. "Fame" will also change in full length, as today's teenagers and young people are going to change the culture of the world. By 2032, it will no longer be the entertainment industry that introduces new stars and faces, but the audience will determine and reach out to those they interact with, those whose life experiences are similar to their own, and with whom they feel close. future audiences will follow these figures at different times in their lives and on various stage stages.

What will this phenomenon mean for the entertainment and theater industry? People in this field no longer need to win the hearts of audiences around the world to succeed. Instead, they do smaller activities for a smaller audience, and their work experience and reputation will be shared by a smaller number of fans. At the very least, there are staunch fans who are actively pursuing their favorite face and working to make it more successful.

This is happening right now, thanks to companies like Patreon, which allows fans to directly fund emerging singers as well as those working on YouTube or producing podcasts. The story will expand over the next decade, with many actors and filmmakers looking for alternative ways to fund projects that were not possible before and could not satisfy investors. Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis also raised millions of dollars for their animated series "Stoner Cats." The future of the entertainment industry and popular culture will find a democratic approach. In this way, the creators of the works of art will have a role in creating their own financial resources, and for this reason, they will do their best to achieve the best possible result. In 10 years, more people will make money through the entertainment industry.

By the time other superstars are over, celebrities will become famous without the usual mechanisms of the entertainment industry. Without extensive advertising campaigns and occasional interviews and pictures on billboards and magazine covers. People's image of rock stars and celebrities will change fundamentally and everything will be based on statistics. Celebrities will no longer be those out-of-reach, god-like figures who all thought it impossible to reach their status. Little by little, people realize that these celebrities are the same as themselves and in many cases much less talented than themselves. That's why they start producing content and forming their own fan community. Those who produce and consume the most entertaining content 10 years from now are more familiar with popular culture than any other generation and have access to all aspects of it. Now everyone has in their pockets a rich and digital history of decades of movies, music and books that can be used in a matter of seconds. This quick access to information shows itself most of all in the field of music. Countless styles and genres of music have become available to everyone and tastes have emerged from all of these genres. No one says "I'm a fan of classical music" anymore, because we all hear and enjoy a lot of music styles and genres. We are a generation of diverse polylists. Nowadays, it is rare to find anyone who pursues just one particular genre.

Over the next ten years, with the spread of advanced technology, the same few boundaries that exist will be removed and music It will find its audience from all over the world. However, some experts believe that a number of old and strong traditions in this field will remain intact.

Another interesting and strange aspect of music that we will hear more about in the future is the presence of artificial intelligence in production and Create a song. Some time ago, a prelude from the group "Nirvana" was released, which was made with the help of software and artificial intelligence. This artificial intelligence designed and made a similar piece by analyzing and examining all the songs of "Nirvana" group. This technology is still young, but it may reach its peak in 10 years, to the point where, for example, you develop software, tell it the genre and mood you want, and it delivers the music you want./p>

The future superstar may be you. Holly Herndon has spent the last few years working on Deepic tricks to create digital videos and songs that do not mess with their original versions. Holly +) was introduced. This project allows users to upload their own song and then receive it with Herndon's voice. As the Deepfike technology becomes more widespread and advanced, the entertainment industry will undergo many changes. "Imagine you want to play with one of Beyonc's songs, and at the same time see a digital version of her body on the screen instead of your own body," says Herndon. we faced. From dead actors whose faces have been teased with another actor's face and computer rejuvenations (albeit somewhat unsuccessfully) to songs made with artificial intelligence. A decade later, changing our digital body may be a routine. Or we may become so engrossed in the virtual world that we can no longer distinguish between it and the real world. In any case, we can be sure that when the year 2032 comes, we will face one of the strangest, most confusing and unbelievable periods in the history of Hollywood. Of course, until I reached 2042.

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