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Historical events in the world of the dune before 10191, when the story of the film takes place

BingMag.com Historical events in the world of the dune before 10191, when the story of the film takes place

The story of the dune takes place over a long period of time compared to other science fiction franchises (about 20,000 years later). Unlike films such as Villeneuve's Blade Runner 2049, which depicts a ruined city in the near future, The Dune depicts a time some 20,000 years after the advent of modern man. This alone not only unites the epic, but also allows the audience to experience a familiar story in a whole new and exciting world. It is mostly related to the Atredis royal family and their migration to the planet Arakis. Arakis, also known as the Dune, is a desert planet and the only center for spice production. A substance that, in addition to increasing the income of Arakis leaders, is important in facilitating interplanetary travel. Harkons are located. Only a handful of Atridians survive the attack, including Paul, son of Duke Atreadis and his mother, both of whom flee to the desert, where the Freemans inhabit the planet. The Freemasons believe that Paul is their promised savior, so there is a movement against the tyranny of the Archons led by Paul. It is true that the richness of the dune is such that it gives the audience a relatively good view of the story and the world. The planet Arakis spins, but to make it easier to understand the world of the dune, the article looks at key events from the present to the year 10191, when the story takes place.

Present to 1287 BC (before Guild Ancient Empire

BingMag.com Historical events in the world of the dune before 10191, when the story of the film takes place

Information in the book from the time of the ancient empire (which seems to mean From that earthly human civilization is now) come very incomplete. What is clear is that at some point in history, humanity has been able to reach speeds faster than the speed of light for faster journeys that have allowed them to explore distant planets. As the corrupt empire of that time weakened, the planet Arakis was discovered, followed by spices. Finally, in 1287 BC, a group of twenty people, later known as the Titans, led by a genetically engineered Tlaloc, overthrew the empire and ushered in a new era.

1182 BC - Birth of Omnius

BingMag.com Historical events in the world of the dune before 10191, when the story of the film takes place

Although the dune in general It is categorized in the science fiction genre. One of the issues that keeps it away from this genre is the diminishing role of technology in this story. The absence of computers in this story is one of the issues because it actually has historical roots in the story. About a thousand years before the formation of the Space Society, with the birth of a machine called Amnius, there was a fierce conflict between human societies and artificial intelligence. The former rulers of humanity, the Titans, became the servants of computers after Amnius succeeded in capturing several planets. Although these events date back to about 10,000 years before the story of the Dune, this war on technology still exists in the society shown in the film.

Butlerian Jihad)

The conflict between humanity and artificial intelligence continued for nearly 1,000 years until the rise of what later became known as the Butlerian Jihad or Great Uprising. After a two-generation war, machine domination ended and was replaced by manpower. "Man will never be replaced" is a slogan that was repeated many times in the dune, and the most important one was when Paul's experiment with the Orphans by Rouhani's mother before his trip to Arakis. This event in history shows why in the world of dunes, technology has been replaced by manpower as much as possible. For example, there are humans who are trained to think and act like computers, known as mentats, who have replaced artificial intelligence. h2>

BingMag.com Historical events in the world of the dune before 10191, when the story of the film takes place

Although Butlerian Jihad restored superiority to the human front against the machine, the war between the two The front continued until the Battle of Corinne and the destruction of all the intelligent machines known as the Amnius. Probably the most accurate year for achieving this superiority is the year of the establishment of the Baneh Jasrit Association, 88 BC. A network of women spread across the galaxy, and their most important goal is to lead humanity to a sustainable life and to reach beyond. The group also believes that engineered marriages could help give birth to Kuwaiti Hadrach, a promised choice that can decipher genetic memory. Of course, the Baneh Jasrat Association also has some ability to control the mind, and for this reason, most of this group is accused of witchcraft. img src="https://bingmag.com/picsbody/2110/27/13510-5.jpg" alt="BingMag.com Historical events in the world of the dune before 10191, when the story of the film takes place" loading="lazy">

The first year after the birth of the Guild is important in the dune world for several reasons. Not only did the political system in the complex stabilize this year (with the formation of the Golden Lion Empire and the subsequent establishment of large royal dynasties including Harkonen and Atridis), but this year Arakis emerged as a central figure in government. Since Arakis is the only source of spices in the galaxy, controlling the planet means excellence. This is the reason for many of the struggles of the Atridis and Harkonen families over the most valuable substance known to mankind. It is important to know that in the world of the Dune Guild is the only institution responsible for overseeing intergalactic travel. An independent organization that is completely separate from the empire and apparently the source of many political unrests.

10156 B.C. -6.jpg ">

Although in the 10,000-year interval between the formation of the Guild and the coronation of the Fourth Shadow, events took place in the midst of the enmity of the Harkonnes and the Atardis, the empire brought relative peace and tranquility, especially in comparison with the bloody period. Jihad Butlerian experienced. But during the reign of King Shaddam IV, dramatic events take place in the dune. The king, who seems to be the ruler of the problem-makers, after working on similar compounds with spices, ignited the great war of spices against other great families, and using the forces of Sardoka under his command, almost led to the destruction of Arakis.

10190 to 10191 B.C.>

BingMag.com Historical events in the world of the dune before 10191, when the story of the film takes place

The year 1090 is the year that the Atridis family left their ancestral planet and went to Arakis, which means transfer The management of spice resources was from the Harkonnes to the Atridis family. Little did they know, however, that this transfer was a ploy by King Shaddam IV and Baron Vladimir Harkonen to destroy the Atredians once and for all. This is where the dune begins, the story of Duke Lito's son and the rise of the Atridis family.


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