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Henry Cavill has an idea for the story of Superman's next films

BingMag.com Henry Cavill has an idea for the story of Superman's next films

Henry Cowell talked about how he would like to reappear as Superman for future projects, and showed that he has clear ideas that Krypton's son In an interview with GQ, Cavill referred to the evolution of Superman in the three films in which he starred, and said that he thinks that in future adventures, before Superman Become an evil character, established him as a symbol of hope.

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  • Battle in the Studio; Will there be a sequel to Justice League? As a hero, he helped her find a story with a proper origin. In Cowell's words: "I was so eager to capture the early stages of Superman first. "We had the Man of Steel movie, and then we went back a long way with Batman vs. Superman." However, the release of the latest version of Justice League, directed by Zack Snyder, revealed the director's original plan to turn Superman into the villain of the story, leading to an apocalyptic scenario. In this scenario, Batman must unite with the Joker to save humanity. Although Cavill agrees that the story of an evil Superman is exciting for fans, he prefers to spend more time in Krypton as a hero.

    BingMag.com Henry Cavill has an idea for the story of Superman's next films

    " If Superman succumbs to the anti-life equation and becomes a bad superman, I really want to make sure I see Superman in the role of a hero before that, "he says. . In this way we have seen the true symbol of hope and the path before the descent into the path of darkness and then salvation. "This is still something I am very eager to portray."

    The Man of Steel movie grossed $ 668 million at the international box office, and was the first film in the Zac Snyder franchise for the developed world. . Cavill returned as Superman in 2016 in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and in 2017 in Justice League. Unfortunately, both films were poorly received by critics.

    Also, their poor box office caused Warner Bros. to change the way they produce live-action films and take Snyder out of the control of their superhero world. However, Snyder's version of the Champions League was released earlier this year, giving fans another chance to watch Cavill as Superman.

    There are no plans to bring Superman Cavill back to theaters. But the star is ready to re-create the world of kryptonine. "The cape is still in the closet," he says.

    In addition to playing Superman in DC, Cavill recently revealed that he would like to play Captain Marvel in the movie world. Given that Cavill is one of Hollywood's most popular stars right now and is also leading Netflix's Witcher series, it shouldn't take long for someone to put a superhero costume on him again. At least we hope so.

Source: Screenrant

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