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Heisenberg returns after 10 years; The last chapter is better to call the year

BingMag.com <b>Heisenberg</b> <b>returns</b> <b>after</b> 10 <b>years;</b> The <b>last</b> <b>chapter</b> is <b>better</b> to <b>call</b> the year

better call Saul2015/2022

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Vince Gligan, with his in-depth storytelling, is a not-so-important character for the audience of Breaking Bad, the year Goodman - the infamous hippie lawyer whose job was mostly to launder the dollars of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman - Flashbacks to the mysterious story of Gustavo Fring's lab (Chicken Man Celebrity) and the battles within the Mexican cartel, which on Tuesdays put every fan of the Breaking Bad series from episode to episode on AMC.

Jimmy 's turbulent life

The story of the series' adventurous lawyer is revealed to viewers during a story that takes place around 2003. Someone known as Sleepy Jimmy among his friends in the late 80's, who earns his living by circus drunken drunkenness. Jimmy's father owned a supermarket in Albuquerque, a naive, open-minded man (according to Goodman) and his brother, an experienced lawyer who owns a reputable New Mexico legal advice office. Eventually, the same older brother ties Jimmy to his company, and he changes from a rebellious youth to an energetic employee.

He finds a lawyer, although his brother Chuck McGill does not like him very much and does not like Jimmy to follow in his footsteps and his valuable inheritance to fall into the hands of a swindler like him.

BingMag.com <b>Heisenberg</b> <b>returns</b> <b>after</b> 10 <b>years;</b> The <b>last</b> <b>chapter</b> is <b>better</b> to <b>call</b> the year

Gligan's storytelling Vince Gilligan so deep and It goes slowly, with incredible attention to detail, which at first may seem a little boring. However, in many sequences it takes the work to a point where the audience will not feel the passage of time. The omniscient protagonist of the story of blue magic in the deserts of New Mexico, Gligan himself is the narrator of an adventure hidden in the characters. If it is a special style of Vince Gligan. A director, writer and producer who has so far lined up four Emmy Awards in his backyard. With all these definitions, it might have been a bit risky to deal with a hilarious and celebrity character like Goodman's and spin-off of a popular series like Breaking Bad that Hose tops IMDb's best.

BingMag.com <b>Heisenberg</b> <b>returns</b> <b>after</b> 10 <b>years;</b> The <b>last</b> <b>chapter</b> is <b>better</b> to <b>call</b> the year

's life

The series's signature is a prediction of Goodman's everyday, fear-filled, black-and-white year at the beginning of the first episode of each season. The future that passes in the years close to the start of the series in 2015. The ups and downs of "Jimmy Chorty"'s life from his father's shop apprenticeship as a child and having fun as a teenager and wandering in the middle of his youth and then forging an identity and rescuing Bell Bashvi Fring and Heisenberg are the main story of this story. One of the main differences between this series and its original version - Bad Breaking - is the charming character and supporter of Kim Wexler (girlfriend of the year), who is a very close and kind woman compared to Walter White, Skyler's wife. It seems that he stays with his partner until the end of the path and even goes through his ideal job position for him. Occasional flashbacks to the couple's childhood represent a psychoanalytic image of them. Is another.

Kim Wexler's mysterious future

BingMag.com <b>Heisenberg</b> <b>returns</b> <b>after</b> 10 <b>years;</b> The <b>last</b> <b>chapter</b> is <b>better</b> to <b>call</b> the year

The story of this series has another It is approaching its peak. Finally, the character on the screen is Goodman's year, which is already known to the viewers of Breaking Bad; Or at least he will survive. Dealing with the characters is a unique art of Gligan, who takes the place of David Lynch next to David Lynch in the series "Twin Peaks". The amazing point of the series plot is the focus of a woman as the protagonist. Where Kim Wexler (Goodman)'s fate and his relationship with Goodman (Jimmy McGill)'s year will end is perhaps the most important question in the minds of the series' fans in the final season.

Source: Guardian

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