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Hayao Miyazaki; Creator of breathtaking beautiful anime (When should we see the Eid holiday?)

Miyazaki could not be on our list of Nowruz videos because he made his last film in 2013. An animation called "When the Wind Blows" which was supposed to retire after that animation, but fortunately he changed his mind and is now making an animation about the mental development of a teenage boy. "When the Wind Blows" has so many visual and dramatic details that one film in this decade is enough to cover Miyazaki. A film about Hirokoshi who designed Japanese warplanes during World War II. The animation that was supposed to be Miyazaki's will was also nominated for an Academy Award, but despite its high quality, it may not have won the award because of its subject matter. "How do you live?" Miyazaki said of the film he is currently working on. His gift is to his grandchildren.

Miyazaki's animated film "Howl's Moving Castle" has been voted one of the best films of the 21st century by most critics. Miyazaki's imagination in narrating stories with strange characters, from strange creatures to talking animals and wizards, combined with his extraordinary talent in portraying these characters, ultimately creates a world in front of which he opens his mouth in astonishment. "When the Wind Blows" is more faithful to the human world among Miyazaki's animations, although in the same animation you can find traces of his unbridled imagination in the scenes of Hirokoshi's dreams about the Italian inventor. But I think if you want to be friends with the world of Miyazaki, watching "Princess Mononoke", "Howl's Moving Castle" and even sweet anime like "Ponyo", the latter of which has less horror than the rest of the Miyazaki animations, are more attractive options. . Miyazaki is one of the names who was able to introduce Japanese anime to the whole world and present it not only as a food for children and teenagers but also as an art form for adults.

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