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Hawkai TV series trailer analysis; Disclosure of 25 secrets

BingMag.com Hawkai TV series trailer analysis; Disclosure of 25 secrets

The first trailer of the Hawkeye DisneyPlus series has just been released. The Avengers: The Final Game was the end of many Phase 1 heroes, but Marvel's cinematic work is not over with Hawkeye with Jeremy Renner, and Clint Barton will appear in his own series.

Hawkeye's story after The defeat of Tanus occurs and Barton and his family are finally reunited. The Avengers Robin Hood is sponsored by Kate Bishop (played by Haley Steinfeld) and the two embark on a new adventure in the Marvel movie world. Other cast members include Alaquo Cox as Echo, Ferrari as Kazi, Tony Dalton as Jack Daxon and Vera Farmiga as Eleanor Bishop. Florence Pew will also play the role of Yelena Belova in the series, and most importantly, Lucky, the pizza dog will appear in the series.

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This series It is scheduled to be released on November 24, and to be honest, Clint Barton's return was not as appealing as Vandavision or Loki until Marvel released the first Hawkeye trailer. The new images in this trailer show the Christmas atmosphere, the dynamism of the Barton-Bishop relationship, and what brings the two generations of archers together. The Hawkeye series will be released in close to the two films expected in 2021 (Immortals and Spider-Man: No Way Home), but Marvel movie fans should not underestimate this series.

If we take a deep look at the trailer, we will notice We hear that Hawkeye will be part of the sequel to Clint Barton in The Avengers: The Final Game, the beginning of the future, as well as a place to add another young avenger to Marvel's cinematic world. These are all original impressions of Marvel's first Hawkai trailer.

1. Barton Family Christmas

BingMag.com Hawkai TV series trailer analysis; Disclosure of 25 secrets

Hawkai TV Trailer Clint begins enjoying a meal at a New York party with her three children, Nathaniel, Leila and Cooper. Leila points out that this is their first Christmas together in the last few years, which is obviously true, as the entire Barton family (except Hawkai himself) was hit by a sudden blow from Tanus. But those 5 years have never been spent for Leila. Clint's vindictive duties probably prevented him from vacationing at home even before the sudden blow.

2. Steve Rogers: Musical

The world has always remembered this Brooklyn skinny kid since Steve Rogers dropped his shield at the end of Avengers: Final Game and retired. In previous works such as The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (Museum Ceremony) and Spider-Man: No Way Home (Statue of Liberty with a Shield in Hand), we have seen Captain America honored, and the Hawkeye series has a play called Rogers: Musical. It is in the production program of Marvel Cinematic World and is described as an eternal story for an eternal hero and an incredibly powerful work. This Rogers musical shows more than anything that Marvel is turning Captain America and Iron Man into old Phase 4 figures.

3. Hawkeye is not even his children's favorite avenger

In one of the interesting details of the trailer, Clint seems to take his children to see Rogers: Musical, and it is inferred that Hawkeye is not even his children's favorite avenger. It is not.

4. Kate Bishop is a masked rebel

The first exclusive Hawkai Trailer storyline is presented through a news story about a masked rebel. Clint Barton's actions as Ronin (between the Avengers: Eternal War and the Avengers: The Final Game) seem to have had two moral implications. The world has not yet realized that Ronin and Hawkai are one. Barton has given up his evil garb, but now another masked hero has taken a step forward to show himself in it instead.

5. Why Hawkai leaves his family (again)

BingMag.com Hawkai TV series trailer analysis; Disclosure of 25 secrets

Clint Barton when Tanus arrives , Was under house arrest and returned to the field only because his family life was in danger. With those cases over and Barton returning to normal, fans were curious to know what could bring Hawkai back to the DisneyPlus exclusive series. The trailer answers this question, and the reason for his return is Bishop in the role of Ronin. Clint believes that his vague and dark past has followed him ("I found many enemies when I wore that dress") and sends his children to safety. The archer remains at the forefront to investigate his mysterious bishop and his motivation for confronting New York criminals alone.

6. Hawkeye uses hearing aids

Deafness has been a part of Hawkeye's personality traits in Marvel comic books since the 1980s and then in the last decade, but this feature has not yet appeared in live-action works. Is. The addition of a hearing aid to Jeremy Renner's character in this DisneyPlus series has already been confirmed, and this image clearly unveils Barton's new device. Marvel is trying to diversify the characteristics of its heroes, and Hawkeye deafness is the latest example of this change.

7. Healy Steinfeld's action scenes as Kate Bishop

Barton is looking for someone like her, and the Hawkeye trailer offers a better view of Haley Steinfeld as Kate Bishop. In this scene, Bishop, dressed as Ronin, lurks on a street corner in New York, apparently outnumbering him. Fortunately, this young archer is now a capable warrior and can handle bigger opponents on his own. Steinfeld's action sequences in this series will not be limited to archery.

8. "You're a Hawkeye!"

Interestingly, Marvel's cinematic releases always explore the vast fantasy world of the Avengers. We know that everyone is surprised by Thor's movements, worships Tony Stark and hates Spider-Man. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier also unveiled the legacy of Steve Rogers. Kate Bishop's reaction when she meets Clint Barton proves that even Hawkeye has tremendous fans. Not only does he know Hawkeye immediately, but Kate's excitement proves that he is a true Barton fan. Jeremy Renner has previously explained that his character does not understand Kate's admiration, but this scene shows the dynamic relationship between the two. Kate Bishop is a Hawkeye fan, and her presence in the role of Ronin makes her realize that Barton is the man behind the two characters.

9. Kate Bishop's Shooting Skills

Hawkeye trailer In Kate Bishop's first archery skills show, he shoots a tennis ball on a bell rope and the arrow lands well on the target. Obviously, he is not a beginner, and in Marvel comics, Bishop began learning to shoot after Hawkai (and other Avengers) rescued him from El Matador. In Marvel's cinematic world, Kate may have been one of the kids that Hawkai rescued from the bus during Avengers. This scene also shows well the independence and independence of Kate Bishop. Hawkeye imbues its beams with state-of-the-art technology and explosives, but Bishop is forced to use the materials of his local sports stores. In this scene, unfortunately, his aiming is not completely perfect, and the arrowhead eventually destroys the bell tower.

10. Kate is the World's Largest Archer The archer introduces the world, and his words are like saying in the presence of Thor that you have the juiciest and most charming hair in the world, but Kate does it anyway. Their conversation is a complete introduction to the humor that Haley Steinfeld brings to Marvel's cinematic world. He is very confident and says that some people say that he is the best archer in the world and he has the courage to admit that he is actually one of those people.

11. Clint Barton's wife is still around

When only Clint and her children appear in the trailer at the beginning of the trailer, some fans may be worried about Clint Barton's marital status. Returning to normal life after 5 years and seeing your husband become a bitter-spoken rebel will affect any relationship. It's better for those worried fans to take a deep breath, because this trailer has a short scene in which Hawkai receives a call from his wife and hears from behind the line, "So which wolf are you?"

12. Clown Barton

Clinton Barton used to annoy a lot of bad guys when he was wearing Ronin's clothes, and now it's Kate Bishop who makes them even angrier. In this scene, we see a group of thugs throwing a Molotov cocktail (a kind of explosive) out of a window into a house, and Hawkai (probably himself, because his face is not very clear) drops the bomb with a tennis racket. Like Roger Federer turns back. The big question is who hired these people. Many predict that Kingpin will make his Marvel debut in the series (because these crimes took place in New York). Maybe Tony Dalton (Lalo Salamanca's better to call Saul in the series) will play the role of the swordsman in this series. He is a character who has not been much covered in comics.

But most likely, the person behind these cases is Ivan Banionis. In the 2012 performance of the Hockey comedy Matt Fraction, Banionis led the Draculas in a warm-up suit against Clint Barton. Although this trailer image does not have enough light, it seems that these thugs are wearing warmers.

13. Are the superheroes of the Hawkeye DisneyPlus series really tough?

In this scene, Clint Barton tries to jump out of a building window to a safe area, but it fails, and the interesting thing is that Hawkeye in this sequence is quite similar. The character is tough and nothing special happens to him. Bruce Willis' 1988 classic Christmas movie has a lot in common with the latest Disney Plus Marvel series, including the New Year's atmosphere in New York City, a man trying to spend Christmas with his family, as well as jumping from tall buildings. All Barton needs to look more like Bruce Willis is run around the streets barefoot and wearing a shirt.

14. Hawkai is more comedic than we thought

It is interesting that the Hawkai series (or at least its trailer) has a comedic background. Kate Bishop's character is full of funny movements and dialogues, and her accidental destruction of the bell tower proves that Hawkeye is not a dry and serious series at all in the Marvel movie world. In one of the scenes, we see Clint soothing his wounds with a bag of Pina Clada, and it turns out that Jeremy Renner is using his comedy skills more than ever in this series, and along the way, a younger and funnier student is accompanying him. He is, and this is in the interest of the fans of this Avengers archer.

15. Kate Bishop (sort of) saves Hawkai

BingMag.com Hawkai TV series trailer analysis; Disclosure of 25 secrets

In this scene, Captured by warm-blooded Draculas, Hawkeye pulls himself into a tight corner. Just because of the similar facial hair and position in front of Hawkai, the gangster directly in front of Hawkai seems to be Ivan Banionis himself. In any case, Kate enters the room with a zipline to save Clint and falls right on her face to prove the comedy background of the series more than before. The rescue of Clint Barton from these villains by Kate is another element taken from the Hawkeye Faction comics.

16. Vera Farmiga as Eleanor Bishop

Although the trailer for the Hawkeye series focuses almost exclusively on Clint Barton and Kate Bishop, it also takes a brief look at the selected supporting characters, one of whom is Vera Farmiga as Eleanor Bishop. , Is Kate's mother. Eleanor is a rich man in Marvel comics, and a quick look at the trailer for Farmiga and his appearances shows that his character in this live-action will also be a rich man. In the comics, Kate believed that her mother was dead, but there is no sign of that here, otherwise Eleanor would certainly not have been shown in the trailer.

17. The Battle of the Avengers in the Steve Rogers musical

Those looking for more images from the Steve Rogers musical should be happy, as the Hawkai trailer takes a brief look at the scene. The scene features a song and dance reminiscent of the Battle of New York (Avengers 2012). The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however; The scene itself features Thor, Loki, Steve Rogers, the Hulk, as well as a scientist character, possibly Eric Selwig. Marvel will make good money if the Steve Rogers musical show is released exclusively on DisneyPlus.

18. Lucky, the Pizza Dog

The real star of the series finally appears. In the comic books, Clint accepts a dog named Lucky from Ivan Banionis and takes the dog to a doctor for eye treatment. Hawkai seems to be adapting the same story, because Lucky clearly has only one eye in this picture.

19. Clint and Kate in Live Action

We're not used to watching Hawkeye in a live action, but a scene from the trailer shows Clint Barton and Kate Bishop both in one A small historical representation and live action, they fight with a sword against a group whose members are undoubtedly excited to fight a real avenger. It is not possible to guess what the background of this scene is, but if Hawkeye and Kate Bishop are to use bows and swords at the same time, it is definitely the best choice to create a role and their presence in a live-action scene.

20 . Clint and Kit Wear Formal Wear

BingMag.com Hawkai TV series trailer analysis; Disclosure of 25 secrets

In another scene straight from Comics Fraction Removed, Hawkeye and Kate Bishop are wearing their best clothes to most likely take part in an infiltration mission. Clint wears the same uniform as he jumps from the aforementioned building, as well as when he escapes shooting, in a restaurant, and fights with a mob. It is too early to comment on the purpose of the two men 's mission, but in the comic book story, they go to the opening of a luxury hotel, which is likely to be the target of the criminals they are targeting. If the story of the hockey series is faithful to its original source, this operation could be a gateway for Tony Dalton to enter the Marvel movie world as a swordsman.

21. Hawk i and Kate (on ice) shoot at villains

In a scene from the trailer for Hawkeye, Clint Barton and Kate Bishop Standing side by side next to a collapsed Christmas tree, they fight armed gangs on the Rockefeller Center ice rink. Warm-up Draculas are already among the villains of the series, and this battle, which is at the height of the trailer, shows that there is a bigger anti-hero lurking behind the scenes.

22. Alaqua Cox as Echo

The Hawkeye trailer, just like Eleanor Bishop as Vera Farmiga, has only a brief glimpse of Alaqua Cox as Maya Lopez, better known as Echo. In Marvel Comics, Maya is a Kingpin follower and participates as a pawn in Kingpin's plans to destroy Daredevil. He later becomes a hero and plays Ronin. He is another deaf character in the franchise, and Marvel has confirmed that Echo will appear in his DisneyPlus exclusive spin-off in the near future. Therefore, his role in the series Hawkai is only to prepare the ground for his serious presence in the future. The red light on Echo's face has excited fans, and some see it as the main connection between Echo in Daredevil Comics and Marvel Cinematic Universe.

23. Hawkeye and Kate Machine Chase

In the final sequence of the Hawkeye action trailer, Clint Barton and Kate Bishop (in a black car) are chased by a heated Dracula (in a red car). Barton is driving, desperately trying to figure out which arrows Kate should throw, and this sequence goes back to a scene from the comic where Kate was driving and passing arrows to Clint, but there was no label on the arrows. It caused him to give the wrong arrows to his colleague. The red car is one of the differences between the series and the comics, because in the comic book story, this car is driven by Kate and Clint, not evil people.

24. Dangerous Hawkeye Arrows (and Kate costume)

In this scene, Haley Steinfeld once again shows an aspect of the series' humor. He fires an explosive arrow and then discovers that it was one of the Hawkai rockets. "Trust your brother," reads the note on the van hit. Which refers to the words of the warm-blooded Draculas in the comics who constantly used the word brother to address each other. Hawkeye probably has more dangerous bullets than a flying bomb. Clint Barton has previously used acid bullets, incendiary bombs and light emitters in the Marvel movie world, but his arsenal in the Hawkai series seems to be wider.

This scene was filmed in broad daylight. , Has the best possible view of Kate Bishop's superhero costume in the Hawkeye series. Bishop's dress, which is completely loyal to comic books in terms of color and style, is an evolved version of haokai's dress, and the only significant difference is that there are no holes on the arm and shoulder of the dress.

25. Kate imitates Hawkai's exclusive move

BingMag.com Hawkai TV series trailer analysis; Disclosure of 25 secrets

The superhero's exclusive film was completely copied, but it was not bad for him to try out Hawkai's unique move as well. Hawkeye jumps, bounces, and then shoots in his own motion. . . .

Source: Screenrant

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