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Has Netflix beheaded original action movies?

BingMag.com Has <b>Netflix</b> <b>beheaded</b> <b>original</b> <b>action</b> movies?

Once upon a time, Michael B., director of "Armageddon", "Pearl Harbor" and the "Transformers" series, was the principal and prominent architect of the blockbuster blockbuster Was. "Ambulance," the director's latest action-packed thriller, proves that since the release of the chaotic movie and the machines that turn into robots, tastes and situations have changed dramatically over time. In the past, they dominated the box office.

"Universal," a trailer for a robbery that spends most of its time in an emergency car, debuted in its first week of release in 3,412 theaters. In North America, he ended his career with $ 7.8 million in sales, a disappointing start for the regional box office, given Michael B.'s brilliant track record of making commercially successful films. Ambulance, which has an R-rated age group, is currently the worst opening of Michael B.'s feature films, behind the $ 20 million comedy-action comedy Suffering and Treasure and his 2016 war film, 13 Hours : Benghazi Secret Soldiers with an opening of $ 16 million. Films that none of them could set fire to in the world of cinema.

BingMag.com Has <b>Netflix</b> <b>beheaded</b> <b>original</b> <b>action</b> movies?

You might say to yourself, 'Hey!">

Some box office analysts believe that the market is crowded these days with works such as Jared Leto's anti-heroic adventure film Morbius. And Sandra Bullock's scandal comedy "Lost City," which got a better place at the box office, went against the sales of "Ambulance." Timing was the most important factor in the opening of the movie "Ambulance". Although Sonic 2 is a family movie, because of its appeal to different generations, it attracted a large male audience from above and below a certain age range. "This has led to a significant reduction in the regular audience of films such as Ambulance and Michael B.'s target community of cinemagoers." It turns out that someone whose previous films had a price tag of more than $ 100 million. (The film studio has spent the rest of its budget on marketing and other work to keep the film on its audience radar). The $ 7.8 million opening for such an important film from a veteran studio, no matter how you look at it, is disappointing. But if the budget for this film was more than that, and like Michael's previous films, it's a nine-digit number, this blow could have been more deadly and caused more pain and suffering.

In the late 1990s. And early in the first decade of the new century, filmmaking was no bigger than Michael B. His films may not be on the list of the best critics of the decade, but he was particularly adept at injecting adrenaline into the bloodstream and turning expensive films that violated the laws of physics into successful and popular films, but these formulas do not work much these days, especially when Netflix often makes movies that seem to pay homage to Michael B.'s filmmaking career. Audiences no longer have to leave home to watch "Guardians of the Long," "The Three Borders," and Michael B.'s own film, "Six Undergrounds," which boasted of big stars and received mostly positive reviews. However, none of them could capture the spirit of their time as much as the "bad boys" or "Armageddon" and remain in the minds of the fans. Later, Netflix Chief Film Officer Scott Stubber acknowledged that "Six Underground" Appeared lower than expected.

BingMag.com Has <b>Netflix</b> <b>beheaded</b> <b>original</b> <b>action</b> movies?

Other News Stars like Bruce Willis are not at the forefront. The stars that once guaranteed the success of movies.

In some ways, Netflix's romantic comedy has led to the making of sensational action movies. With romantic comedies, a huge flood of satisfying stories of two people who see each other for the first time and then fall in love with each other, taught people to lower their expectations and if the film is not very prominent and spectacular, instead of going to the cinema. , Stay home and watch it. "Ambulance" was critically acclaimed and ended with a score of 69 out of 100 in Raton Tomitoz. Those who bought the tickets, 58% of whom were men and 50% of whom were 35 years old or older, were more excited to watch the film, which earned the film an A- rating on CinemaScore. Jake Gyllenhaal and Yahya Abdul Matin II play two adopted brothers who steal an ambulance and take people inside as hostages. " Expensive action was the impregnable fortress of cinema, and only cinemas could afford to screen these important and lucrative films. "But now movies are finding their place on streaming platforms like Netflix, which have the cash and capital to produce such movies." Gives. Sure, superhero stories and video game adaptations can fill movie theaters, but some other genres, like the former cinemagoers and those who are willing to buy tickets, do not shake. action stars who appear only once in every age and industry, such as Harrison Ford, Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis, who walked into a room with Michael B. in "Armageddon" and recently retired from acting, are another driving force behind the box office conqueror films. are not. As evidenced by today's box office winners, films such as "Spider-Man: There Is No Way Home", "Batman" and "Sonic the Hedgehog" are the main sources of familiarity. The genre of horror is another genre that still has a safe place in the box office, and Michael B. has recently had more success in the role of producer of such works; It also produced the "Cleansing" franchise and John Krasinski's "A Quiet Place." David E. "Today's audience wants something special every time," says Grass, who manages the franchise entertainment company. Today the level of expectations is very high ".

BingMag.com Has <b>Netflix</b> <b>beheaded</b> <b>original</b> <b>action</b> movies?

"Bad Boys", while not popular with critics, portrayed the rebellious and thrilling spirit of its time well. . After the start of the new year with the robbery movie "355" in which the female actors have a large presence and move back to back and the religious drama "Salvation of Love", this romantic comedy studio Jennifer Lopez "Marry me" is on the platform Streaming itself has picked up Peakak, which may have prevented it from selling cinema tickets. The second installment of "Song", which has grossed $ 162 million since December, was a turning point for Universal, and seems to be on its prolific summer release list with films such as "Jurassic World: Territory", "Minions: The Rise of Grove". And Jordan Peel's latest horror film, "No," has returned the old studio's investments. Just do not expect Michael B.'s epic action movies to save the studio. Those days most likely went down in history.

Source: Variety

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