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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Movie Review; Millennial generation nostalgia (on the occasion of the 20th anniversary)

BingMag.com Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Movie Review; Millennial generation nostalgia (on the occasion of the 20th anniversary)

The unveiling of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone in 2001, without exaggeration, changed the lives of many young people of the Millennial generation. The release of the movie Pottermania, which began among the readers, reached an unprecedented level of popularity and introduced millions of children to the magical world of Harry Potter, and at least until 2011, when the last movie in the series was released, Harry Potter. Be a big part of their lives. In some cases, perhaps their whole lives.

Also, alongside Harry Potter, the remarkable success of the Lord of the Rings trilogy led to it being circulated on the modern fantasy coin, the epic fantasy, and the two together a cultural wave. They started a great revolution in the early 21st century, which can only be described as the "Renaissance of speculative works", a renaissance that was felt with all its might in Iran. It was a really nice atmosphere that existed among Harry Potter fans in the 2000s. When we talk about Patermania, we are not talking about cross-cutting; We are talking about the deep interests that the hearts and souls of people have been involved in for years. By comparison, we can only mention Bethlehem in the 1960s or Kyapupmania in the 2010s, with the difference that this level of collective interest was created not by music or sports, but by literature and fiction, and this made it even more special. Being in the atmosphere of Patermania was one of the greatest pleasures of the millennial childhood and adolescence. Future readers may read Harry Potter and enjoy it, but they do not understand why it once made so much noise. Unfortunately, this is a secret that only the millennial generation will know; The joy of experiencing a collective reunion that is repeated only once in each generation.

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BingMag.com Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Movie Review; Millennial generation nostalgia (on the occasion of the 20th anniversary)

Now that we look back, the key role of the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's film in creating such an atmosphere becomes more apparent. If Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone made a bad movie out of the water, or even for a few small flaws, this cultural wave would hit the barrier and stop. In any case, Harry Potter would find success among the book-reading community, but it would not become such a transformative cultural phenomenon, because, unfortunately or fortunately, these days, visual media are needed to launch a major cultural wave.

We have seen many times how when the first film does not have a perfect performance series, during a butterfly effect, the subsequent films become weaker and weaker over time until the film studio decides to cancel the making of the sequels. One of the series that ended up with this was Percy Jackson, who, ironically, was directed by Harry Potter director Chris Columbus. The first film did not have an ideal performance, so after the second film, they were given the opportunity to make the next films. As the saying goes: "The first brick is the crooked architect, until Soraya goes the crooked wall".

Just one wrong decision is enough to doom the other works in the collection forever. But Chris Columbus' decisions for the first Harry Potter film were less than correct. The cornerstone that Columbus laid in this film was so strong that the series remained successful after 10 years and was transferred to three other directors, despite the omissions and changes of future films (which, to be fair, because of the volume Books were inevitable) The general opinion is not that there was a great deal of scandal. Before the series was the choice of actors. There is probably no other adapted film series in history whose casting is so correct that even the smallest characters are attractive.

Magic Stone actors are a combination of novice and unknown actors and a Is a series of the most acclaimed and top-notch British theater and tele-theater actors; Like Maggie Smith (as Professor McGongal), Alan Rickman (as Professor Snape), Richard Harris (as Dumbledore) and Robbie Coltrin (as Hagrid). One of the conditions of G.K. Rowling used British actors to adapt her books to the film, and fortunately, seeing the great acting of the British actors and the English atmosphere of the film, we can see why Rowling insisted on this.

BingMag.com Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Movie Review; Millennial generation nostalgia (on the occasion of the 20th anniversary)

Among the child actors, Daniel Radcliffe (as Harry Potter), Emma Watson (as Hermione Granger), Rupert Grint (as Ron Weasley) ) And Tom Felton (as Draco Malfoy) are very close to their characters in the book and sit so well that they open their way to the imagination of the readership, and you may imagine their faces instead of the characters as you read the Harry Potter books. 15 Harry Potter-like films for lovers of the wizarding world Chris Columbus, thanks to his patient character and good relationship with child actors (which is probably a gift from his experience In directing, he is left alone in houses 1 and 2) and has played an important role in getting good acting from child actors in the film. According to behind-the-scenes interviews, everyone was happy to work with Columbus, noting that he taught the child actors a lot that not only kept them out of the movies and acting (which happens to many child actors), but also themselves in the future. Professionally pursue this field.

A flawless adaptation

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's book seems easy to adapt, as its story structure is flawless (Ie it has a calculated starting point, middle and end point) and has an extraordinary narrative tone:

1. Harry is a lonely boy living in the world of ordinary people. Her aunt and cousin treat her badly.

2. Hagrid suddenly enters her life and informs her that she is a witch and saves her from the stagnant and dull world of her aunt's house.

3. In Diagon Alley, Harry gets acquainted with the world of witches and finds new friends and realizes that he is a celebrity in this world.

4. Harry goes to Hogwarts and learns magic lessons over time.

There he becomes acquainted with the danger lurking in the ambush of a dark lord named Voldemort and realizes that Voldemort's weakness is his own.

6. At the end of the book, he encounters Voldemort.

In addition to being faithful to this structure (for which there is no logical reason to change it), the film remains faithful to all the intriguing details with which Rowling fills his world. The wizards' formal robe design, Quidditch uniform, Hogwarts Castle and Forbidden Forest are very faithful to the book's original atmosphere and convey the magical atmosphere of the book world in the best possible way to the silver screen.

Of course, the film is 100% It is not faithful to the book and there are differences. Some scenes have been removed: such as the scene where Harry and Hermione leave their room in the middle of the night to send Norbert, Hagrid's dragon, to Charlie, Ron's brother; Or what is the potion in the final quiz section of the story to get to the last room where Quirrell and Voldemort are waiting for Harry. Some scenes have also been moved. For example, he sees Harry Malfoy for the first time on Diagon Alley, but in the film, their first meeting takes place at the moment of arrival at Hogwarts. Or, for example, in the scene where Harry and Ron and Hermione meet for the first time on the train, Neville Langbatham is also between them, but in this scene there is no news of Neville from the movie.

BingMag.com Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Movie Review; Millennial generation nostalgia (on the occasion of the 20th anniversary)

Most of the changes and omissions in the film do not seriously damage the story compared to the book, and some of them are even cinematically defensible. For example, in the scene of Harry entering Diagon Alley, the space and scenery are designed so that the viewer is immersed in its magical and strange world, and this is done well. If Malfoy were present in this scene and, like in a book, said something derogatory about Hagrid, the magical sense of the scene he was trying to create would be damaged. Or, for example, in the scene where Harry, Hermione, and Ron meet for the first time on the train, they are highlighted as the film's three main characters, while Neville's presence in that scene might interfere with the transmission of this point, especially to a less sophisticated audience. Is the main film.

In general, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone is the best Harry Potter film as an adaptation. Of course, this may not be a fair comparison, as Harry Potter books became more and more voluminous over time, and of course it became more difficult to make a two-hour film. From the fifth book onwards, there was really no way to make a faithful film of books. However, the main achievement of this film is not just staying true to the storyline of the books, but also the soulful reconstruction of its events, which is clearly behind the taste and interest.

A film full of magic strong

Let's ask a millionaire question: Why did Harry Potter achieve this level of success? What were the features of the first book and movie in the series that made millions of people around the world so fascinated by it?

Although this question can be answered with a long and formulated list, but these reasons They do not do the right thing. Because Harry Potter was not just a work of high quality that caught the attention of its audience. Harry Potter established a deep and emotional connection with his audience and created dreams and fantasies in their minds (like receiving a letter from Hogwarts!) That could not be explained by the formula for writing a good story.

Finally, the answer to this question The concept of "magic" is relevant. Harry Potter has a "magical" atmosphere. It does not just mean the presence of magic in the story, but the flow of a sense of magic in its fabric. The world of witches is all that is not a real world. Even the characters are all more engaging and intriguing than one might imagine in the real world, as if Rowling were describing human archetypes in a way that the everyday life of the real world did not exhaust their souls.

BingMag.com Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Movie Review; Millennial generation nostalgia (on the occasion of the 20th anniversary)

Rowling, thanks to her skill in writing melodic and sarcastic dialogues, has made all the characters look alive. On the other hand, their delicate interaction with the world of magic has made none of them, while believable, have a dry personality. Mali Weasley, for example, has all the characteristics of a devoted housewife, but a housewife who cleans her house with magic spells! How can he be seen as a devoted, dry mother? The magical world of Harry Potter makes even a simple character like him - who was a simple character in a realistic story - amazing, weird and fresh.

Those behind the film are well aware of the book's strengths. , Because this magical atmosphere in the film is implemented with full force and its existence can be attributed to two factors:

1. John Williams Music: By far the most important factor. An amazing feature of music, in the sense of the whole, is that it conveys a particular emotion or concept with such precision that perhaps thousands of words cannot have a tenth of its power. In one of the YouTube videos, the famous godfather song was described as a "family memorial that has been passed down from generation to generation" and this description was surprisingly accurate.

2. Characters and non-CGI makeup: Characters and any special effects that are manually applied to the film are very much in line with the mood of the book. Among them are the makeup goblins of Bank Gringatz and Professor Filius Flitwick, who both star in Warwick Davis. The design of Diagon Alley is exactly what it should be: the dinner market for witches, and the design of the Hogwats and its holes and crypts is exactly what a thousand-year-old castle is all about. The scene in the film, in which the new students are sailing to Hogwarts, is one of the most beautiful scenes in all eight films, and it conveys well that we are entering a world we have never seen before.

BingMag.com Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Movie Review; Millennial generation nostalgia (on the occasion of the 20th anniversary)

BingMag.com Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Movie Review; Millennial generation nostalgia (on the occasion of the 20th anniversary)

However, the film's weakness, which over time has shown its expiration date, is the film's CGI special effects. From the Quidditch scene, it is clear that the film industry is not yet fully prepared for CGI humans. The film's CGI characters, such as Troll in the Bathroom, Forbidden Jungle Centaurs, and, of course, Voldemort, all of Professor Quirrell's behind-the-scenes looks artificial and seem to have emerged from the video game scene of the time. Of course, none of them are bad enough to ruin the movie viewing experience.

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This review was written from the perspective of someone who spent his childhood and adolescence with Harry Potter, and the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone movie that introduced him to the series. In this sense, the article may not have been written objectively and impartially. However, when a hobby is a part of your life, an objective examination of it betrays the feelings it has created in you. Twenty years after the film's release, however, no famous review has been released that beats the film and questions its success.

Still, everyone who has seen it , Is well-known on the Internet, and even one of the general opinions about the Harry Potter films is that the first two films in the series, directed by Columbus, are the most magical films in the series, and from the third film onwards, the films took a different path. As the story got darker and more complicated, it was inevitable, but fans of the series can not be expected to sometimes miss the atmosphere of the first two films and the deep nostalgia hidden in it. Fortunately, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and its legacy, after twenty years, remain strong and spectacular. Director: Chris Columbus
Actors : Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Alan Rickman, Maggie Smith and
imdb to movie rating: 7.6 out of 10
Metacritic rating: 64 out of 100

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's movie review is the author's point of view and necessarily the position BingMag is not Mag.

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