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Happening; What do critics say about the winner of the Golden Lion at the 2021 Venice Film Festival?

BingMag.com Happening; What do critics say about the winner of the Golden Lion at the 2021 Venice Film Festival?

The film "Happening" directed by Andrei Diwan won the Golden Lion Award at the 78th Venice Film Festival. Let's take a look at some of the most critically acclaimed feminist drama critiques of the film. The film is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Annie Arnault, which tells the life story of a French student girl in the 1960s who, after an unwanted pregnancy, resorted to illegal and dangerous ways to do so due to the lack of legal and safe conditions for abortion. Goes.

  • The winners of the 2021 Venice Film Festival have been announced; The Golden Lion reaches the French. are. Andrei Diwan's second film has satisfied most of its viewers, but some moviegoers do not like the way the story and characterization of the event are done, and consider it a normal film that has won the Golden Lion thanks to social movements and not cinematic reasons. To date, the film has been rated 100 out of 100 and 81 out of 100 on the Ratnatomitosis and Metacritic databases, respectively.

    Excerpt from the film reviews h2>

    Guy Lodge from Variety

    • Score: 90 out of 100

    Andrei Diwan's second film made with patience and away from haste Is. This film introduces Divan to the world of cinema as a great talent. The event has a subtle performance and tone at first, and gradually adds to the burden of bitterness, violence and realism, and finally sets foot in the realm of horror.

    The protagonist in the face He himself has a sense of hopelessness and mysterious anxiety that, along with his courage, makes him a self-controlled figure. Visually, by using the cool colors of spring and the red colors of pastel pencils in its frames, it tries to stand out from other such films and constantly, but cruelly, constantly reminds the audience of the difference between the world of its central character and the outside world.

    David Rooney of The Hollywood Reporter

    • Score: 80 out of 100

    It is a reflection of French social realism, and for any filmmaker who cares about personal freedoms Give, it will be an interesting work. It is a hard, compassionate, and very honest experience, and it constantly strives with its realistic language to fight against the illegality of abortion in some parts of the world, and this justice has been with the filmmaker for years.

    Jean Brooks of The Guardian

    • Score: 80 out of 100

    This film is based on the autobiographical novel, written by Annie Arnault, which deals the personal and personal trauma and injury of the main character as a It shows a terrifying trailer and the extraordinary performance of Anamaria Vartolomi in the role of Duchess is very remarkable. We are facing a serious, fascinating and honorable film.

    Lee Marshall from Screen

    • Score: 70 out of 100

    Second Film The court is both timely and important. But that does not make it easier to watch the last fifteen minutes. There is some emotional tension in the final parts, and these tensions lead to a very sad ending to the film. Much of the burden of these emotional and fictional struggles has been placed on the shoulders of the young French-Romanian actress Anamaria Vartolumi.

    Interestingly, they competed for the Golden Lion, and in the out-of-competition section, important films such as Danny Villeneuve's The Diamond and Ridley Scott's The Last Duel were released.

Source: Metacritic and RottenTomatoes

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