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Halloween kills on its own ground from a dune (Box Office of the Week)

BingMag.com Halloween kills on its own ground from a dune (Box Office of the Week)

Danny Villeneuve's "The Diamond" topped the box office charts over the weekend leading up to Halloween by defeating the horror film "Halloween Kills"

The most important new film of the week is "Last Night at Soho," directed by Edgar Wright, which was expected to sell over $ 5 million in the United States for Halloween, but Wright's latest film With $ 4.1 million at the US box office and $ 2.3 million in international sales, it was lower than expected and settled for seventh place in the table. In the second week of its release, The Diamond has once again topped the list of best-selling films in the United States. The film grossed $ 15.4 million in the United States last week in 4,125 theaters, and the Mojo box office grossed $ 42.2 million in international box office revenue last week, bringing its total sales after 10 days across the border. $ 293 million, which is a staggering figure considering HBO Max's online showing and the coronavirus world. For this film in Metacritic and Ratnatomitosis, based on 62 and 337 reviews of 74 out of 100 and 83 out of 100, respectively, which shows that Danny Villeneuve's new work is acceptable and good in the eyes of critics. "Dune is not a film that changes Danny Villeneuve's opponents' views on his style of work; People who consider him a hypocritical, dry and too serious director. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post, but this is not a concern for Warner Bros. Rather, we have to deal with the high quality and undeniable magic of the first part of the dune. Aesthetically, the dune is very large and complex. "Hans Zimmer's music is very audible, and Gris Fraser's cinematography is fantastic." The film's sales in the United States have dropped by nearly 40 percent compared to last week, despite the arrival of Halloween, which is very significant. Halloween depicts the continuation of the adventures of Laurie Strude and Michael Myers. In the 2018 film, Michael was trapped and died at Laurie's house. But as fans know, this killer does not get away with a knife easily. The latest Halloween trailer shows Myers coming out the door to go back to crime in a small town. Halloween actors include Jimmy Lee Curtis and Nick Kessel as Laurie Stroud and Michael Myers. And 42 out of 100 have been recorded for Halloween, which shows that we are facing one of the weakest versions of this series in the eyes of critics. "Halloween Kills is very similar to Halloween 2018, and the plot remains exactly the same as the previous film, and the only thing that has improved is the number of characters in the story," the Daily Telegraph's Robbie Colin wrote in a note to the film. p>

BingMag.com Halloween kills on its own ground from a dune (Box Office of the Week)

Twenty-fifth adventure of a gangster from the US box office last week $ 7.7 million has been credited to Metro Goldwyn Meyer, and the Mojo box office has announced the film's gross of $ 473.4 million in international markets to date, bringing its total sales to $ 606 million after 24 screenings. To date, Ratnatomitosis and Metacritic have scored 84 out of 100 and 68 out of 100 based on 303 and 65 reviews, respectively, which is slightly lower than expected. Of the 66 reviews in Metacritic for the 25th James Bond, 42 were positive and 22 were mediocre. Two critics have called "No Time to Die" a poor film. Just as the gang intends to stay away from the conflict for a long time, his old friend and a CIA spy come to him for help in solving an important case. Following this request, the gang's case against a scientist was abducted. In the continuation of the story, we find out that a mysterious terrorist is responsible for this, and the world is on the verge of facing a serious danger that it has never experienced before.

The role of the negative character of the film is played by Rami Malik, and As usual, James Bond must try to stop this evil man and protect the world from possible dangers. Along with Craig and Malik, some of the most famous actors to have time to die are Lea Seido, Naomi Harris, Anna de Armas, Ben Wishaw, Jeffrey Wright, Ralph Fiennes and Christoph Waltz.

Agent 007 is played by Kerry Fukunaga, best known for making the "Real Detective" series. The screenplay was also written by Neil Purvis, Robert Wade, Carrie Joji Fukunaga, and Phoebe Waller-Bridge. It has even won important awards. He has played the role of James Bond more than any other actor, and now he intends to say goodbye to the role of Agent 007 after the twenty-fifth film in the series, which means there is no time to die. Recently, black actress Lashanna Lynch announced that there is no time to die to replace Agent 007 until we finally see the first female Agent 007 in color.

Superhero Anime "My Hero Academy: Mission of World Champions" in The first weekend of its release managed to sell $ 6.4 million in 1581 and reached the fourth place. Directed by Kenji Nagasaki, this anime is the third adaptation of the "My Hero Academy" manga. "My Hero Academy: Mission of the World Champions" has sold $ 29.2 million in Japan to date.

It has been registered out of 100. The official synopsis of "My Hero Academy: The Mission of the World Heroes" states: "The cult of terrorists is destroying the city by releasing a deadly poison that causes people to lose control; "After this incident, Japan's greatest heroes search the world to find and prosecute the masterminds of this terrorist operation." Carnage) sold $ 5.7 million in its fifth week of release, settling for fifth place. "Venom: Let Carnegie Come" also sold well in European countries, and according to the Mojo box office, the superhero film sold $ 205.4 million after 31 days in international markets, bringing its total revenue to $ 395 million. p>

The story of Venom 2 takes place three years after the events of the first part. When Eddie Brock tries to make a name for himself again by writing a report about a mental serial killer named Coltus Cassidy who is on death row. Since Kasdie sees Eddie as a reflection of himself, he refuses to interview anyone other than him. During the conversation, Cassidy incites Eddie Brock to attack and bite his hand, swallowing a symbiote of Venom. Meanwhile, Detective Mulligan, unable to find the remains of Cassidy's victims, asks Eddie for help, and this is the beginning of the film's exciting events.

IMDb has a score of 47 out of 100, 59 out of 100 and 66 out of 100, respectively. "Venom: Let Carnegie Come" tells a story of bold, fast-paced superheroes, unlike other Hollywood blockbusters made in the genre. he does. Venom 2 can summarize all its many events in an hour and a half, and it does not seem like it should have been longer. "I think we need more films like this superhero." But Johnny Aleksinski, a well-known New York Post critic who did not like Venom 2 at all, wrote about Tom Hardy's new film: "Watching Venom 2 is full of suffering; "I do not recommend watching it unless you are a die-hard fan of the character." Henry Chase, starring Carrie Russell, Jesse Pelmons, Graham Green, Scott Hayes, Rory Cochrane and Amy Madigan, grossed $ 4.2 million in its first week in the United States, ranking sixth. The story of the Antlers is as follows: "In a remote town in the state of Oregon, a middle school teacher and his sheriff's brother encounter some mysterious students whose dark secrets reveal the existence of a dark legend to the city."

BingMag.com Halloween kills on its own ground from a dune (Box Office of the Week)

As mentioned above, the most important new movie came to Soho last night This week, it earned $ 4.1 million and $ 2.3 million, respectively, from the US box office and international markets. This psychological film depicts a part of the life of a fashion designer named Elvis, who is strangely able to travel through time and go back to the 1960s. In those years, Alois became acquainted with a beautiful and extraordinary singer named Cindy, but gradually the story takes on a melancholy color and smell, and the good dreams of the past and the beauties of nostalgia fade away, and scary and violent events occur. The cast includes Thomasine McKenzie, Anya Taylor-Joy, Matt Smith, Rita Tashingham, Terence Stump and Diana Rigg. Last night's screenplay in Soho was co-written by Edgard Wright and Christie Wilson, and the music and filming were done by Steven Price and Chong Chung Hoon, respectively. Based on 52 and 216 reviews, a score of 66 out of 100 and 75 out of 100 has been recorded. "Last night in Soho, with all its surprises and ups and downs, shows us that you can do something creative and new in an old style," said Marshall Schaefer, a film critic. Wright has not yet shown all of his abilities as a filmmaker, but it is gratifying to see him strive for progress. Consider the magical anti-nostalgia realism of midnight in Woody Allen in Paris, then combine it with Bergman's female psychoanalysts in Persona, and finally add the color palettes of the Jalo films throughout the work to Wright's new trailer and action film, Last Night Arrive in Soho.

Ron's Gone Wrong comedy and sci-fi animation also performed well in its second week of release, selling for $ 3.7 million at number eight. Films being released in the United States have arrived. Ron is wrong about a clumsy student named Ron who has a special device called a Barney that helps him with his daily activities. Ron makes a mistake in using virtual and social networks, and this affects his life. 79 out of 100 and 72 out of 100 were recorded, which shows that we are facing an acceptable animation in general.

The sales of "Adams 2" animation have decreased by 31% compared to last week. Metro Goldwyn Meyer's new animation, Out of Animation and Creative Welt Media, grossed $ 3.08 million in 2,757 theaters in the United States last week. The animation has sold $ 39.7 million in international markets over the past 31 days, with the Mojo box office announcing a total revenue of $ 92.4 million. Charlize Theron, Oscar Isaac, Kidney Grace Mortz and Snoop Dogg, the Adams embark on a new and exciting adventure, and interesting, funny and unexpected characters await the audience. For this animation, in Metacritic and Ratnatomitosis, based on 16 and 65 reviews, a score of 39 out of 100 and 23 out of 100 have been recorded, which show that we are not facing a significant animation.

BingMag.com Halloween kills on its own ground from a dune (Box Office of the Week)

" The French Dispatch "directed by Wes Anderson last weekend in 788 theaters It came in at $ 2.6 million and dropped one place to 10th in the table compared to last week. The film has also grossed $ 2.59 million in international markets over the past 10 days, making it a good selling point for its not-so-wide release.

Wes Anderson to make this real-life film The staff of The New Yorker Magazine is inspired. The French report tells the story of the staff of a European magazine in a French fictional city who decide to publish a commemorative edition to commemorate three important events of the past decade. These three events are the life imprisonment of an artist, student riots, and hostage-taking.

Wes Anderson's films have always been acclaimed for their unique cinematography and narrative style. Important features of his cinema include the combination of visual fantasy space-making forms and the use of scene colors and central framing. Anderson uses a variety of colors and color combinations in his work, and each scene has a specific set of predefined colors. Anderson's color palette, like his filmmaking style, is intentional. Colors can evoke the audience's feelings and convey a sense of scene to them. That is why there is a special excitement in his works and the combination of these attractive colors with interesting costumes and make-up of the actors creates memorable scenes. As can be seen, the French Report film did a good job of using these formal and visual features, and the critics were very pleased to see Anderson's tenth feature film.

"Amazing images, hilarious scenes and the first-rate cast of Anderson's homage to The New Yorker have made it a complete delight." The film currently has a rating of 73 out of 100 and 75 out of 100 in Ratnatomitosis and Metacritic, respectively.

Halloween Kills 3 8.7 85.8 No time to die
No Time to Die 4 7.7 133.2 My Hero Academy: World Heroes
My Hero Academia: World Heroes 'Mission 1 6.4 6.4 Venom: Let Carnegie Come
Venom: Let There Be Carnage 5 5.7 190.4 Antlers
Antlers 1 4.2 4.2 Last night in Soho
Last Night in Soho 1 Ron went wrong
Ron's Gone Wrong 2 3.7 12.5 The Adams family
The Addams Family 2 French report
> The French Dispatch 2 2.6 4.4

* Sales figure is in million dollars.

Source: BoxOfficeMojo

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