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Halloween kills critics disappointed; A cliché horror film (Venice Film Festival 2021)

BingMag.com Halloween kills critics disappointed; A cliché horror film (Venice Film Festival 2021)

Laurie Stroud (Jimmy Lee Curtis) tells her story in the Halloween movie series (Halloween) 2018 (Halloween Kills), more Gives. Stroud has his own lifestyle and is isolated and his relationship with his family is strained. Halloween is the first part of a trilogy directed by David Gordon Green. David Gordon Green is an American director, producer, and screenwriter whose most notable works include George Washington, All the Real Girls, Snow Angels, The Submarine, Joe, and Prince Avalanche. The Apple Express and His Majesty are also his comedy films.

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Directed by John Carpenter in 1978, they reconnect the stories of various previous films. Halloween became the franchise's best-selling film in 2018, grossing more than $ 250 million worldwide. The audience will welcome it. Halloween scored well on Rattan, and many critics and fans considered the work a welcome change for the franchise. The much-anticipated Halloween Kills sequel is now officially on display at the Venice Film Festival and is set to be released to the public in the near future. July 2020 Greene and Carpenter reveal that the film has been postponed due to the Corona epidemic. The statement explained that they had been working hard on the film and were eager to get the film to the audience as soon as possible, but had to pay attention to the current situation.

According to the annual report of the Film Association Cinema about this entertainment industry, this epidemic, had a negative impact on world cinema. "US and Canadian box office sales were $ 202 billion last year, down 80 percent, with many cinemas closed and most major films delayed during the Corona epidemic," the report said. "If we release the film as scheduled in October this year, we must be ready for a serious commercial failure," the Halloween movie statement read. "After considering our options, we decided to postpone the release date of the film for a year." Now, almost a year later, Halloween Kills was screened at the 17th Venice International Film Festival on September 8 and will hit US cinemas on October 15. In addition, the release date of the end of Halloween movie (next sequel) is set for October 14, 2022, and we no longer have to wait too long to see the latest movie of this trilogy. "

BingMag.com Halloween kills critics disappointed; A cliché horror film (Venice Film Festival 2021)

Jimmy Lee Curtis plays his protagonist, Laurie Strude, who is a babysitter but suddenly becomes a warrior character. Judy Greer as the strange daughter of Laurie, Karen and Andy Matichak as the daughter of Karen (Alison) will also appear in the play. Courtney is depicted. Will Patton and Gabriel Nantambo will play the same roles in the previous film. On Halloween, several characters from the 1978 film also return to the sequel.

Lowry's little kids are basically all grown up now. Tommy Doyle is played by Anthony Michael Hall and Kyle Richards as Lindsay Wallace. Nancy Stephens plays Marion Chambers, a retired nurse. Charles Cyphers also plays Lee Brackett, a former Haddonfield sheriff whose daughter was killed by Myers. In an interview with Empire, Green and McBride explained that Halloween kills start right where the previous movie ended. The first film focused on Laurie's life 40 years after surviving a brutal murder, but Green said, "The new film is more about the chaos of a society."

In the 2018 film, Michael Myers was trapped and He died at Laurie's house, but as fans know, the killer could not be easily stabbed. The Halloween trailer shows Myers coming out of the front door, attacking firefighters, and then begins his reign of terror in a small town. They come together to hunt down this crazy killer. Laurie also leaves the hospital to join them.

McBride explained to Empire: "The events of the film bring together many of the characters in the 1978 film. "They come together to try to kill Michael once and for all and stop this madman." But still, anything is possible.

But with the film's initial release at the Venice Film Festival, critics of various publications have expressed their opinions about the film, and it is good to know a summary of them.


Robbie Colin of the Daily Telegraph:

"Halloween Kills is more like a Halloween movie. "The plot remains exactly the same as the previous film, and the only thing that has improved is the number of characters in the story." This is a true symbol of a watery, thematic film full of moral illusions. "

David Rooney of The Hollywood Reporter:

An overused latex mask is too stretched and badly shaped and no longer suitable for use. "

Owen Gleiberman from Variety:

" This effect is full of chaos and beatings and is never scary. "The film has a lot of parallel storylines that go nowhere and are just drawn in the same way and without a purpose." "The year after the original film was made by John Carpenter, Hollywood director David Gordon Green kills and succeeds in reviving the original title." p>

"It's full of deep and disturbing psychoanalysis, but it's still a successful film in this franchise."/p>

"Everything looks very bad and old. "The creators could have used this historical period in which the horror genre is popular, but they were not very successful." They are terribly moving away from the main line of the franchise and have forgotten the cause-and-effect relationship. "Halloween kills a lot of murders, but why does it really have to happen?" "Generalizing the personal pain of a generation to a sociological phenomenon for the whole city is a good way to continue the story." "This film is a valuable work that has a complex balance and provides enough of what old fans expected, while at the same time reflecting a unique perspective on the overall outline of the Halloween story."

Source: rottentomatoes

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