A guide to buying sharpened pencils for different applications

Did you know that the sharpened pencil was actually invented before wooden pencils? Before people knew how to make pencils out of wood, rechargeable brain tubes were used as the world's first type of pencil. After five centuries of refinement and innovation, today's world is filled with an incredible variety of fun and functional Nookie pencils to choose from.

BingMag.com A guide to buying sharpened pencils for different applications

Did you know that the sharpened pencil was actually invented before wooden pencils? Before people knew how to make pencils out of wood, rechargeable brain tubes were used as the world's first type of pencil. After five centuries of refinement and innovation, today's world is filled with an incredible variety of fun and functional Nookie pencils to choose from.

In fact, we love Nookie pencils. You can probably guess this from the large number of them available in the market. There's an amazing variety of pencils out there, in all kinds of styles, with all kinds of features, and for different purposes.

It's true that any pencil can do the same job for you as a pencil, but if you're one of those people who If you write a lot and for a long time, it is essential to have a tool like a nib that makes your work easier.

If you want to buy a nib, but you are not sure what type of pencil is best, we have some We have a practical idea for you. Choosing the best Noki pencil for you can depend on a lot of things, but we'll help you narrow it down. Whether you're looking for a nib that will help you write thinner and neater or a light pencil that won't tire your hand, we'll help you walk through all the aspects you need to consider to make the best purchase.

Buying guide: what you need to know about Noki pencils

BingMag.com A guide to buying sharpened pencils for different applications

It may seem Buying a sharpener is a very simple task, but we know that if you love to write, these tips will come in handy. Investing in a good Nuki pencil can make your life a lot easier than you think, and here are the features you should consider to get the ideal Nuki pencil for you.

What is a Nuki Pencil? Are there any advantages?

Nuki pencil is an improved and more convenient version of wooden pencil. It's true that pencils are irreplaceable for artists and designers, but for writers, Nuki pencils represent an excellent investment. Provides sharp. In addition, most pencils have a "finger pad" which is a rubbery or rough surface that improves the grip of the pencil and makes it more comfortable and manageable.

Probably still wondering if If you're wondering if investing in a stylus is right for you, here's a comparison chart of the pros and cons. Take a closer look and read on to discover everything you need to know about nibs.


  • You don't need to sharpen pencils, they are always sharp
  • The body of a pencil is more comfortable and ergonomic than a regular pencil
  • A pencil is a long-term investment
  • There are very stylish designs
  • Always ready to use


  • You always You need to carry a pencil tip
  • Their price is much higher than a pencil
  • The thickness of the pencil tip cannot be changed in a nib pencil
  • You cannot achieve the same effects when drawing Get the visual effect of a normal pencil

Nuki pencil for technical drawing or school use; What points should you pay attention to?

BingMag.com A guide to buying sharpened pencils for different applications

The most important thing we want to achieve when buying a pencil. It is practical and convenient. We can group Noki pencils into these two categories to better understand their function: Noki pencils for technical drawing or for school use. While the pencils used in school won't be the best quality, they are ideal for children or people who don't use their pencils very often.

Technical Drawing Pencils: These pencils can be made of metal. or made of good quality plastic and are carefully and durable. The most well-known brands are Faber-Castell, Pentel, Zebra, Pilot, Steadtler, etc.

Nooky pencils for school use: These are generally made of plastic and come in multi-unit packs. They are considered semi-disposable because they are not made to last long and break easily.

However, they are ideal for elementary or high school children who frequently lose their things and require specialized equipment. They don't have, they are ideal. Famous brands include the basic models of Bic, Paper Mate, Smiggle, Pentel and Zebra.

For technical design For school use Gender metal/ durable plastic plastic tip thickness to mm (mm) 0.3, 0.5, 0.7, 0.9, 1.1, 1.3, 1.6, 2.0 0.5, 0.7, 1.3, 2.0 Body color Generally black, metallic or dark colors available in all colors
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Purchasing criteria

BingMag.com A guide to buying sharpened pencils for different applications

Sizable variety There are many sharpened pencils on the market, that's why we want to provide you with the most important criteria for choosing the ideal sharpened pencil. We are sure that with this information you will clear all your doubts. These criteria are:

  • Diameter of the tip
  • Hardness of the tip
  • Diameter of the pencil tip
  • Material
  • Additional accessories

Tip diameter

There are various tip diameters, but the most common are 0.5mm and 0.7mm, although 0.3 mm and 0.9 mm are also very popular. There are even more specific diameters like 0.2mm or 5.6mm for sketch artists, but they are harder to find.

In fact any thickness will work well, the decision to buy is a matter of taste and style. Your writing depends. Here we mention each of the pencil tip diameters that you can find in the market.

0.5 mm This diameter is suitable for people with small handwriting who need more precision in their writing. This line has a fine, pale finish, but leaves a stronger impression on the paper.

0.7mm This nib also provides a very precise line, but does not require the pressure of 0.5mm and Therefore, it leaves less grooves in the paper.

0.9mm is an ideal thickness for sketches, as it is easy to erase without leaving a mark on the paper due to pressure. The line is darker and slightly rougher.

Please note that once you've chosen your nib diameter, you can't change it, as each nib is made for one diameter only. But if you need different diameters to have different line quality, we recommend you buy a nib for each diameter.

If you are in doubt which one to choose, the best thing to do is a 0.7mm. Choose and try it for a few days. If you're not too comfortable with it, you'll know thicker or thinner diameters, as well as thicker lines to highlight notes or draw more interesting things.

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Toughness of tip

BingMag.com A guide to buying sharpened pencils for different applications

Toughness The nib, just like regular pencils, determines how light or dark your line will be. It is measured with a very simple system based on two letters - H is hard and pale and B is soft and black. H means the pencil tip is harder and leaves a very faint line, while the B lead will be softer and darker. Darkness is determined using only even numbers on a scale of 0 to 8. For example, a 2B lead will be slightly black, while an 8B lead will be very black. A 4H nib will be medium hard, while an H will be less hard.

There is also an HB nib, which is a good middle ground between black and hard. If you are in doubt about the hardness of the tip, HB is your best choice.

Diameter of the body of the pencil tip

This is an important factor to consider, because when writing or drawing with a pencil Nokia will greatly affect your performance. Most nibs are about the same diameter as a pen or #2 pencil, plus a fingertip. This is a standard size and is suitable for most people.

However, some pencils offer a larger diameter for people who can't press as hard and it's much more comfortable for them. For other people, such a large diameter affects their nib control and they prefer to apply more pressure for more precision.

In short, if you write in large letters or need a nib that fits in If your hand is soft, you should choose a thick pencil. On the other hand, if you need a pencil that gives you maximum control and precision, you should choose a fine point (standard) pencil. Only you know what you need to achieve the ideal balance between convenience and accuracy.

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Body Material

BingMag.com A guide to buying sharpened pencils for different applications

You can find nibs made of plastic, metal, and even wood. . The best makers make sure that the nib is not too heavy, but too light can have a huge impact on your writing. Here are the main features of these materials:

Plastic: Plastic pencils are the cheapest. Some will have metal tips and/or bright colors. They are ideal for elementary or middle school children. Their average weight is 18 grams.

Metal: The material of choice for design or writing professionals as well as architects. and designers. They weigh between 20 and 30 grams and are usually the most ergonomic.

Wood: They weigh between 9 and 18 grams. They are not very popular in the market, but they are characterized by their stylish design (some look like regular pencils). They are generally not grippy and are mostly purchased for their aesthetic value.

The material of the toe box varies, usually some form of silicone rubber, but it can also be a texture of the same material as the rest of the body. If you have very sensitive fingers, this may not be so convenient.

Additional accessories

Nickey pens almost always have a small eraser, but this is not an important feature to consider. Take it, as you usually need a regular size eraser to clean easily. In fact, the eraser often acts as a cover for the nibs, so it's best not to use it at all.

Besides the eraser and nib, here's another accessory you might find useful. , is a sharpener. This is a great help in shaping nibs of any diameter to achieve a finer line quality. It works like a regular pencil sharpener, but the hole where the tip goes in is smaller and the blade is thinner.

There is another type of sharpener that works like a knife sharpener. You can achieve even better results with this device, but it is a larger object and not so easy to carry. However, if you are not a professional designer or architect, you can work without these accessories. The best sharpening pencils on the market have been selected for different applications, which are introduced below:

ROtring 600 sharpening pencil suitable for technical drawing

Key features

  • Full metal body
  • Brass mechanism
  • Hexagon design
Technical specifications tip size 0.5 mm length 5.5 inches body material and All Metal Clip

You can't talk about mechanical pencils without mentioning the rOtring 600 mechanical pencil. This model is one of the most common options you'll find on the market for technical design, and for good reason. This Nuki pencil has a shiny black metal body with a hexagonal shape that prevents it from rolling around on your desk. There are several options for the rOtring 600, depending on the tip thickness you desire. It also has an eraser and an adjustable tip hardness indicator so you can easily tell which one you're using at a glance. Slip-free rotation with precise tip advance brings you a great experience. However, it's worth noting that this particular model doesn't have a retractable tip, so it's best to carry it in a bag or pouch to prevent it from accidentally slipping into your pocket. h3>Nuki Kuru Toga pencil suitable for school and university

Key features

  • Mechanism: W Speed
  • Non-slip metal handle
  • Made in Japan
Specifications Tip size 0.5mm Length 5.4 inches Material metal handle, metal tip, metal clip, plastic body

If fans come out If you don't want too many nibs every time you want to write, check out the uni Kuru Toga nib pencil. This pencil takes a distinctive approach to nib advancement, relying on a spring-loaded clutch that makes it easy to move the nib forward while writing. Not only does it mean you don't have to click anymore, but it rotates the nib so it can be used on all edges. After a long writing session, the surface of the pencil does not become slippery, nor does your hand feel pain and fatigue, which is due to the ergonomic design of this pencil. Under the cap is a place for a rechargeable eraser, which is nice if you tend to use the small erasers that most mechanical pencils come with. h3>Pentel graph 600 mechanical pencil for general use

Key features

  • Handmade
  • Able to write with the smallest possible tip size
  • Rechargeable eraser
Technical specifications, tip size 0.7 mm, length 4.9 inches, metal and resin material

If you are looking to write with a pencil, classic design Pentel Sharp Carry is a professional and suitable choice for you. This pencil has been around for years and has stood the test of time. Unlike many of the other options on this list, the Pentel Sharp Carry is for use with a cap. The cap protects the nib, making it perfect for pocket carry, but when you're ready to use it, simply place it on top of the pencil for perfect balance in your hand. Doing so also provides access to a button that allows the lead to be advanced. Unfortunately, it only comes in 0.5mm and 0.7mm tip sizes, so if you're looking for thinner lines, you'll need to look elsewhere. The Sharpie also comes in four different colors so you can find the best color that matches your style.

Buy Pentel Graph 600 Noki Pencils Digi-Kala

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