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7 great characters created outside of comics for the Marvel movie world

The majority of the characters that appear throughout the Marvel movie world come from Marvel Comics. Given that comics have been around since the 1940s, this makes sense, and there's a treasure trove of fictional people you can use when you need heroes, villains, coaches, side characters, or whatever.

However, sometimes Marvel movies and series require completely new characters never seen in comics, especially when they focus on lesser-known superheroes.

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So over the years, this franchise has introduced a number of completely original characters. They are just as popular as the characters that have grown into comics in recent decades. The characters are very different, but there are seven characters made exclusively for Marvel movies, and they show the value of writers' independence from the original source of sacred comics.

7. Phil Coulson ( Phil Coulson )

BingMag.com 7 great characters created outside of comics for the Marvel movie world

When Shield agent Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) first appeared in Iron Man, no one could have imagined that he would appear regularly in later Marvel movies. Slowly Over time, Coulson not only continued to be present, but also became a distinct figure, proving to be more than just a jigsaw puzzle of the connective tissue of Marvel's first cinematic titles.

Coulson's character was a kind of dignified man who seemed to have seen everything and was aware of everything. Even a confrontation with Asgard, the destroyer defender robot, did not stop him. However, in the movie Avengers, it was revealed that Coulson is the biggest fan of Captain America, and he joined another level of this world. His lovable character and Clark Gregg's bizarre yet comedic acting made Coulson even more attractive, which made the character much more likely to die. There are several main characters in Marvel's cinematic world, but Coulson was the one who not only set the standard for the goodness of such characters, but also showed how the franchise's unique narrative can gradually transform a worthy character into a great character.

6. Darcy Lewis (Darcy Lewis)

BingMag.com 7 great characters created outside of comics for the Marvel movie world

Kat Dennings began her career as a trainee named Darcy Lewis in Thor just a few months before appearing on the CBS television series Two Bankrupt Girls. Lewis was like a comic book character, using interesting phrases in his conversations, and of course his friendship with Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) made fans know that the main role of the Thor woman, in addition to paying attention and expressing interest in the god Thunder, other activities. He's alive too.

Lewis disappeared from Marvel's cinematic world nearly a decade after Thor: The Dark World. Then, this slightly fatter face appeared from nowhere in the series Vandavision and his position was upgraded from an intern to a doctor. Lewis established himself as one of the franchise's top main characters thanks to his enjoyable performance in the life of Sitcom Wanda, which was like a real TV series. The return of this character was unexpected but pleasant and showed how much fun Lewis has.

5. Katy ( Katy )

BingMag.com 7 great characters created outside of comics for the Marvel movie world

One of several characters created for Shanghai and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Katie (Aquafina) was the film's best old friend's superhero, who eventually ventures into Shanghai's adventure and her return to the empire of her criminal father, Accompanied. It is conceivable that the film could have progressed in such a way that Katie was just an ordinary comic character who had to appear in the film in order to strengthen the production process, but fortunately, Shanghai used Aquafina to portray this character for moments. Create different variations for the role.

However, the work went beyond that, as Katie was not created just to provide fun and interesting moments. This character has his own storyline that culminates with his archery skills and the use of this ability to stop a monster demon in the film. His character is a bit complicated. Katie is funny, but at the same time, we have to look at her emotionally.

In addition, the way she dresses, especially her tight-fitting dress and light green pants, is very interesting. The middle scene of Shanghai's final credits showed that Katie will be not only a highlight of Shanghai's adventures, but also a vast legend of Marvel's cinematic mythology. He looks like an interesting character and he will definitely progress well in this world of cinema.

4. Luis ( Luis )

BingMag.com 7 great characters created outside of comics for the Marvel movie world

Scott Lang's character in comics is not very associated with sub-characters. So any movie like Ant Man that focuses on the lame in Marvel's cinematic world has to create a new list of people to appear in the movie as his group of friends. This is where Lewis gets to work. He is a genuine character played by Michael Pena.

Although not rooted in comics, Lewis is well-placed in the world of Ant Man and has created remarkably the most entertaining moments in the superhero's two exclusive films. His desire to delve into the detailed stories of the past is always interesting thanks to Pena's interesting dialogues. This actor plays the role of this character in a pleasant way, so that you can not dislike this man. He was created due to the lack of similar characters in Scott Lang comics, but became a person who has solidified his foothold in the Marvel movie world.

3. Xu Xialing ( Xu Xialing )

BingMag.com 7 great characters created outside of comics for the Marvel movie world

Shanghai's father was not the only one the hero met in the Shanghai movie and the legend of the Ten Rings. He also had to deal with his younger sister, Zhou Xialing (Menger Zhang). This character has just been created, but it is impossible to imagine this film without him. Zhang is very attractive in his performance, and the character's understandable bitterness towards his brother adds an extra complexity to Shanghai's character traits. It's a lot of fun. The post-Shanghai scene was thrilling and showed that the character is still alive and well. However, if the character you saw in this scene was not someone you were attracted to, you would definitely end the film with sadness.

2. Miss Minutes ( Miss Minutes )

BingMag.com 7 great characters created outside of comics for the Marvel movie world

Animated characters are nothing new to the Marvel movie world thanks to people like Tanus or the Raccoon Rocket. However, hand-made animated characters first appeared in the franchise with the appearance of Miss Mintz in the first episode of Loki. Miss Mintz's distinctive appearance, which was more like one of Felix the Cat anime characters than a typical Marvel movie character, immediately caught her attention.

He acted in a way that was digestible to those around him, and in the sequel to Loki, he became a much more complex and interesting person. It turned out that he, who has an innocent voice, behavior and appearance, has a secret relationship with Kong Fateh (Jonathan Major). With this revelation, the clever and cunning character of Miss Mintz became known to everyone. The moral complexity of this character was in perfect harmony with Tara Strong's voice acting. Strong was able to give a special charm to this character by saying each sentence well and without any hassle. Characters with the appearance of hand-made animation are not very common in the Marvel movie world, but the original character of Miss Mintz showed that such characters have more place in this world.

1. Trevor Slattery ( Trevor Slattery )

BingMag.com 7 great characters created outside of comics for the Marvel movie world

In the middle of Iron Man 3, Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) and the audience are completely shocked. In fact, it turns out that the main villain of the film is not the real Mandarin. In fact, he is a character created by Aldrich Killian (Guy Pierce) and played by an actor named Trevor Slater (Ben Kingsley). So far in the film, Kingsley is better than Mandarin as a normal villain, but with this revelation, his performance reaches a new level. The Iron Man villain comic book character is actually a whole new character, and his non-comic character creates a unique contrast to Killian's tragic apocalyptic scenario. Ben Kingsley top is well displayed, very impressive. The character returns to Marvel's cinematic world in an interesting action in the Shanghai film and the legend of the Ten Rings as the captive of the real leader of the Ten Rings. Ten Rings is in fact the same organization that Slater's Iron Man 3 claimed to be the leader of. Slater's presence in Shanghai and the Legend of the Ten Rings is really amusing, especially in his interactions with Morris and when talking about the impact of Planet of the Apes on his interest in acting. No one expected Slater to appear in the rest of the films at the beginning of Iron Man 3, but his appearance in two Marvel movies shows that his character has become a fascinating treasure.

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