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The girl who jumped in time (selected anime)

BingMag.com The <b>girl</b> <b>who</b> <b>jumped</b> in <b>time</b> <b>(selected</b> anime)

"The girl who jumped in Time" is an old novel by Yasutaka Sotsui, published in 1967. The novel is very popular in Japan and has been adapted five times so far. But it is safe to say that Mamuro Hosuda's 2006 anime adaptation is the most ingenious and best adaptation of Yasutaka Sotsui's story to date.>

  • Director: Mamuro Hosuda
  • Writer: Satoko Okudra
  • Producer: Medhaus
  • Year: 2006

The reason why Hosoda's adaptation is so clever is that he and Satuko Okudrai, the author, They have an interesting method of adaptation. They have marginalized the main character of the novel and his adventures, and in the same context of the book, they have considered new characters and adventures. The novel's protagonist, Kazuku Yoshiyama, plays a marginal but important role in Hosuda's anime only as the protagonist's aunt. For Makoto, he acts more as a guide and mentor.

The story of this anime is about a seventeen-year-old girl named Makoto Konno who has fun in high school with her best friends. Until one day at school he gets acquainted with a mysterious object and this makes him able to travel in time. He first uses this feature for small changes such as improving lessons and passing exams. But at the end of the story, he encounters a key crossroads and the story of life and death is drawn to the story. This is where Makoto has to make a vital decision.

Like Hosoda's other anime (such as "Children of the Wolf"), he tries hard to bring an unusual and magical story into "The girl who jumped in Time." The story of our daily and real life as human beings. Hosuda's clever move to widen the gap and make his story more effective is that he strongly emphasizes the level of realism of his anime. He tries hard to make the events, adventures, dialogues and even the movements of the characters in the plain tangible, believable and familiar. Thus, when that unreal magical event occurs, the difference between the two worlds becomes more apparent. We also understand this space better. It was as if if something like this happened in our own world, the path would go in the same direction. Hosoda's culmination of this feature in "Bell", his latest work, and there he achieves his intended result well, even though in "Bell", unlike his previous works, this time with two different worlds and We are apart.

Like many stories about the idea of time travel, in "The girl who jumped in Time" Makoto first fulfills the same hidden and evil dreams of his audience, and from this Uses the ability to overcome difficulties in life (such as passing exams and cheating on friends). But again, like other stories like this, Makoto faces a tough challenge in the end, realizing that he must use this feature more intelligently and humanely. This challenge leads him to a deeper understanding of his life and relationships with his loved ones.

Perhaps one of the objections to "the girl who jumped in time" is related to the late story. The fact that someone comes from the future and accidentally gives this feature to Makoto does not read the story as it should. It is true that we are on the side of a science-fiction film in general, but still this sharp plot twist may not be believable for many audiences. As mentioned earlier, Hosoda always tries to add a bit of magic and fantasy to the real world. But in the final parts of this anime, everything becomes imaginary at once. The amount of information provided is also very large and the audience has to digest a huge volume of new narratives and stories at once. Of course, this twist is also present in the source adaptation book. But in a novel, the author is more open-handed and has more opportunity to expand the dimensions of his work, and can easily convince the audience of any irrational event. In a 98-minute film, it is not possible to achieve such a change at such a speed. As if in the book of this section, a story has been narrated with more patience. For example, in the book, the protagonist is in contact with this new character who has come from the future for a month. But in the anime film, this acquaintance and separation takes place in a much shorter time.

Nevertheless, "The girl who jumped in Time" is a warm, lasting and lovable work. This is Hosuda's second experience directing a motion picture, and he comes out of the test very proud, despite all his inexperience and newness. Hosoda worked at Ghibli Studios for a time, and was considered by many to be Hayao Miyazaki's successor. Even for a short time, he was tasked with directing Howell's Moving Castle. Fortunately or Unfortunately, this collaboration did not work out and Hosoda was forced to leave Ghibli Studio. Fortunately, this separation led him to pursue his own career and create first-rate anime that had his own style and ideas.

The film had a limited run at first and was not very successful. . But many fans fell in love with it and the number of its audience increased day by day. This led the distributors to increase the number of theaters and plan to screen it in the West. The film was released in various countries such as South Korea and the United States and sold well. But it was during the awards season that "The girl who jumped in Time" showed its power and won major awards at prestigious festivals and events such as the Sitges Film Festival, the Japan Film Academy Awards and the Tokyo Anime Awards. "The girl who jumped in Time" currently has a score of 7.7 out of 10 on the ImediBey website and 83 out of 100 on the Raton Temitoz website.

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