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General Hospital; The longest serial made in history

BingMag.com General Hospital; The longest serial made in history

Has it ever been strange and unacceptable for you that the story of some series has been long and long? We have to say that in the world serialization industry, there are works called Soap Opera. The term refers to a soap opera that has entered the vocabulary of the serialization industry since the 1930s, and in fact refers to serials that are followed by several drama stories and adding a lot of foliage to the stories. The term soap opera is also rooted in the fact that radio show makers in those years extended their series unnecessarily to get more commercials, most of which were soap operas. This term actually has the same meaning as combining water to film and serial, which we use in Persian. Now it is interesting to know that a series is being broadcast in the United States that has been registered in the Guinness Book of Records for its long name and is one of the most famous collections in the category of soap operas. The name of this series is "General Hospital" and despite its great fame and popularity among the American people, it is not well known in other countries.

In this article, we want to make this the longest TV series made during It's history, let's get to know more.

General Hospital series; A Combination of All Stories The BBC started in the United States, and after five years, Walt Disney Company has produced it to this day. By March 2020, which coincides with April 2016, 14,580 episodes of this series were released and its production and broadcasting was stopped until the summer due to the epidemic of Corona virus. But it resumed production in the summer, and it's been a year since the new episodes of the series aired on EBS TV in its 58th season.

"General Hospital" is not a night series, but For more than half a century, it has always aired at 1pm, 2pm or 3pm, but it has always had its own audience and has won numerous awards at domestic American television festivals. In the early years of the show, the duration of each episode was 30 or 45 minutes, but since the mid-1970s, each episode of the series has aired for an hour.

The subject of this series is about a The public hospital and its staff live in a town called Perth Charles. This series not only deals with the problems and illnesses of the patients of this hospital, but also the stories of the series are a combination of criminal, emotional, romantic and even humorous topics. Of course, in the early chapters of "General Hospital," the stories focused only on Dr. Hardy and a nurse named Jesse, who worked on the seventh floor of the hospital. But over the years, the stories have taken on more roots and have entered the lives of hospital staff and families living in Perth Charles.

Despite the long-running popularity of the long-running series. So far, three spin-offs from "General Hospital" called "Perth Charles", "General Hospital; Night Shift "and" General Hospital; "Twist of Destiny" made. In 2013, most of the cast of the series gathered around and celebrated the 50th anniversary of the production of "Public Hospital", which was covered by many media outlets around the world. The creators of this series have never talked about stopping the construction of "Public Hospital" and it is possible that this series will be made and will be broadcast every day as long as EBS exists.

Hundreds of people for one purpose

BingMag.com General Hospital; The longest serial made in history

Elizabeth Taylor is one of the actors in The long series of General Hospital has had an honorary presence.

The production team and actors of the series "General Hospital" is one of the interesting features of this series. During the 58 years that have passed since the production of this series, 9 different producers have invested and made this series. The series' writers have changed 45 times, some of them writing screenplays in different seasons alone or with other writers.

Despite the high volume of stories and production time, but in all these years Only 13 different directors have directed the series in different seasons. The exact number of actors in this series is not known, because this series has hundreds of main and sub-characters that many of the actors in these roles have died and many actors have been replaced for one role. On the other hand, every year, according to the stories, the number of characters in the series is increased. Some of the actors of this series have been collaborating with this series since the early nineties and for over thirty years, and if you visit the series 'website, the names of the actors are written according to the decades of the series' broadcast. But the story of Leslie Charlson's presence is different from all the actors in the series.

In addition to fixed and changing TV actors, some famous movie personalities such as Elizabeth Taylor, Demi Moore, Ricky Martin and have also appeared in episodes of this series as guest actors.

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