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Game of Thrones Theory; Ned Stark is still alive

BingMag.com <b>Game</b> of <b>Thrones</b> <b>Theory;</b> <b>Ned</b> <b>Stark</b> is <b>still</b> alive

Ned Stark is probably still alive. Fans of the series were shocked that the main character of the series was killed suddenly and only after 9 episodes.

"Game of Thrones" used to remove prominent and popular characters during its eight seasons, and Only a handful of them survived to the end of the series, but several characters who appeared to have died were brought back to life or later turned out not to have died at all, so it was always thought that the death of one character was so great that It does not seem to be serious and permanent.

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Ned Stark was tried for his crimes against the monarchy in Episode 9 of Game of Thrones. After discovering the truth about Cersei's children, Ned tried to overthrow King Jaffrey, but Little Finger betrayed him and he was imprisoned. Ned found himself in a situation where he either had to admit his mistake or his daughters were in danger, so he gave up his dignity and confessed to betrayal. Cersei had promised to let Ned join the Night Watch, but the capricious king, Jaffrey, told Cersei that he and Sansa had a soft, feminine heart and ordered Eileen Payne to execute Ned. The dumb executioner, using the Stark family's large sword, Ace, beheaded Ned with one blow and presented it to all who had gathered there.

There is no doubt that Ned died that day. Lost himself but was his death real? The execution seemed real, but there is enough evidence in the Game of Thrones series and the book The Song of Ice and Fire that he may still be alive.

Execution is proof that he is alive He

BingMag.com <b>Game</b> of <b>Thrones</b> <b>Theory;</b> <b>Ned</b> <b>Stark</b> is <b>still</b> alive

Lord Varis was the first to He met Ned while he was in Red Cape black holes. Varis' intentions and motives were often unclear, and he sought to continue in the shadows and remain an ally of those in power. Everything he did was either to maintain his appearance or to serve the kingdom, but it seemed that his going to the dungeon did not meet any of these criteria.

Probably if Cersei knew that he was going to The visitor went to the dungeon, where he was treated harshly. The Lannisters were always ruthless with their opponents, and we saw this in the shocking events of the Red Wedding, in which Cersei was one of the most vengeful. Obviously, Varis understood this danger. Before visiting the dungeon, he disguised himself and, in order to remain anonymous, disguised himself as a gray-haired prisoner, and did all this for himself.

Lord Stark was naive and Sharafmand believed that Cersei would keep his word, but in fact it was hard to believe that someone with an assistant like Varis would not anticipate that Jeffrey Lannister, given his previous record, would definitely decide to execute such a notorious traitor. The only way Varis could gain anything from his interactions with Ned was to save him from execution, to keep him as a powerful ally, and to replace him with a supporter.

Perhaps The secrets of varicose veins lead to escape

BingMag.com <b>Game</b> of <b>Thrones</b> <b>Theory;</b> <b>Ned</b> <b>Stark</b> is <b>still</b> alive

varices as a slave in Liz was born and traveled with a group of different people for years until she was sold to a warrior, who eventually castrated her and let her die. Determined to survive, Varis began to sell himself to powerful men, and set up his empire with pockets and a network of small birds with Ilirio Mopatis. He often talked about the skills he had acquired during this period of his life, and these skills would certainly be useful in this particular situation.

It seemed before Tyrion, Tywin Lannister, and Shi Varis (at least in the appearance of the series) did not intend to accompany Tyrion on a trip to Asus. Varis joined Tyrion when he realized that the plan was broken and there was no way to hide his involvement. It was unlikely that he would do this risky job that would endanger his position in any way, but that was the only possible way to maintain his position.

A group of dwarfs went to Kings Landing for a purple wedding, but surely They could not appear in court for murder. So their presence seemed a bit coincidental. Varis also apparently replaced Egan Targaryen with Young Griff, a child he had bought from a tannery in Flebatham during Robert's rebellion, rescuing Egan from the siege of Kings Landing that led to the massacre of King Iris II and his family. Varis had the tools, motivation, and experience to save Ned Stark from execution, and Varis had a political reputation and skill as a warrior, at least in the short term, and potentially far more than Egan or Tyrion. Given the imminence of the Throne War, the allied Lord Winterfell seemed so valuable that Waris should not have lost him. img src="https://bingmag.com/picsbody/2112/31/15537-4.jpg" alt="BingMag.com Game of Thrones Theory; Ned Stark is still alive" loading="lazy">

There are a handful of clues in the Book of Ice and Fire that show that he was actually executed instead. When Jeffrey took Sansa to see his father beheaded on the walls of the King Landing, Sansa believed that the head did not look like Lord Eddard and did not even look real. Of course, this reaction to seeing a deceased loved one, especially someone like Ned, is somewhat normal, but Sansa was not the only one to believe so. When he saw them, he immediately thought to himself, "This is not Ned, this is not the man I loved, he is not the father of my children." Two members of the Stark family who saw the remains of Ned's body immediately denied that it was real. Caitlin handed the bones to others to bury in Winterfell's tombs, but they have not yet arrived. By the time his bones reached the north, Victorion had captured the death of Cain, and Theon Greyjoy continued to control Winterfell. So the remnants of Ned are probably lost in the tumult of the Ironborne invasion. The disappearance of the Ned remains and the Stark family's refusal to accept reality could be a reason to return to George Martin's story.

Hiding with an old friend

BingMag.com <b>Game</b> of <b>Thrones</b> <b>Theory;</b> <b>Ned</b> <b>Stark</b> is <b>still</b> alive

It's hard to know where Ned went after escaping from Kings Landing. Ned was a highly respected character for most of his life and had many friends and fans throughout Westeros. So there are many people he may seek refuge in. Maybe he went north in search of his brother, Benjen, or maybe, like Tyrion, he moved to Asus and joined the faceless men.

Nothing is certain, but most likely they are with an old friend. Himself, Howland Reed is gone. Reed is mysteriously absent from both Game of Thrones and Ice and Fire Songbooks, but he sends his children to support Bran, and he is the only one who knows the truth of the lineage of the soul, and it is logical that Get help from him as your oldest and most trusted companion and friend. It goes without saying that Howland's territory is a safe place for Ned, and he can live there for a long time without any doubts. Unfortunately, Game of Thrones ended without Lord Eddard Stark, but he might still appear in the final two books of The Song of Ice and Fire.

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