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The future of the Witcher series: All the works that are going to be produced about this exciting world

BingMag.com The future of the Witcher series: All the works that are going to be produced about this exciting world

The world of Witcher series on Netflix is expanding with more series and movies in which we will see the future of Geralt and other characters. The fantasy genre has different worlds with its own myths, one of the most famous of which is the story of Witcher, created by Polish author Andriy Sapkowski. Witcher is a collection of short stories and novels that became very popular after the development of its video games, and after its film and television adaptation in Poland in 2001 and 2002, the English version of this story was shown in December 2019 on Netflix.

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Witcher Netflix Series And set at different points in time) was a different work, introducing the audience to the three main characters in the story: Geralt from Rivia (Henry Coyle) as the main Witcher, Enfer the Wizard from Wengerberg (Anya Chalotra), and Siri (Fria Alan), the Crown Prince. Sintra, which has its own powers. The broadcasting giant was well aware of what was in Witcher's story and extended it for a second season before the first season aired. The popularity and success of this series has paved the way for other Witcher TV shows and movies.

Witcher's world is vast and full of different characters and creatures. So just one TV series will not be enough to explore them all. An animated feature film called The Nightmare of the Wolf has previously been released, focusing on the background story of Geralt's coach, Wesmir, but other stories are about to be released. During the Netflix Todom virtual event, the airing of more TV shows and movies from the world of Witcher, it was announced that we should take a look at them.

Chapter 2 Witcher series

BingMag.com The future of the Witcher series: All the works that are going to be produced about this exciting world

As mentioned above, Witcher before The release of the first season has been extended for a second season, and this second season will be released on December 17, 2021. The first chapter of Witcher was based on the books The Last Wish and the Sword of Destiny, which are short stories, and the second chapter will enter the main epic, because it is based on the novel Blood of the Genies. Thus, the second chapter of Witcher follows the story of Geralt and Siri on their way to Kair Morhan, an old barracks where wolf school wizards such as Geralt and his mentor, Wesmir (Kim Budnia) were trained.

Siri is trained there with the help of Geralt, Wesmir, and other childhood wizards and friends of Geralt, Skel (Basil Eidenbens), Lambert (Paul Boulion), and Cain (Jason Atour), but that does not mean their problems are over. . Beyond the walls of Cairo Moren, Enfer is captured by Nilfgard's army, and various creatures continue to create chaos, and only a sorcerer like Geralt can help to rectify the situation.

Chapter 3 Witcher

The third season of the series, similar to the second season, was officially extended before the release of season 2. Of course, the details of Witcher's third chapter plan are not clear at this time, as it remains to be seen where the second chapter will take Geralt, Siri, Enfer, and others, but if the authors and producers decide to adapt the books in order, the third chapter should be novel. Cover humiliation time. However, it is worth noting that the second chapter will escape the story of the seed of truth from the book of the last wish, in which Newlen (Christopher Hugh) is introduced. Therefore, the third chapter may also adapt a number of short stories from the books The Last Wish and the Sword of Destiny to further expand the world of this series.

Witcher: The Root of Blood

BingMag.com The future of the Witcher series: All the works that are going to be produced about this exciting world

Netflix announced in July 2020 that it was launching an upcoming TV series called Witcher: Blood Roots. Witcher: The Root of Blood Unlike Wright's Prequel Witcher: The Nightmare of the Wolf, an animated feature set with a background in Wesmir (and the young Geralt), is a live-action miniseries set 1200 years before the events of the original television series. It examines the origins of blood, the origins of witches, and the story of the first wizard, as well as the events that led to the union of the spheres (when the world of humans, monsters, and jinn became one). Witcher: The Roots of Blood are Sophia Brown, Lawrence Ofarn, Michelle Yohe, Lenny Henry, Mirren Mac, Dylan Moran, and Jacob Collins-Levy.

Witcher 's new animated film At the same time as announcing the third season, Netflix revealed that a new animation was being made. The decision was likely made thanks to the success of The Wolf Nightmare, the first animated version of Sapkovsky's story to be critically acclaimed. The details of the story of this new animation are not known. So it could be the continuation of the wolf nightmare (the second season of the series also follows this path with the show and Samir), the story of another character from the main series or a story narrative separate from the main series.

The Witcher family series

BingMag.com The future of the Witcher series: All the works that are going to be produced about this exciting world

Perhaps Witcher 's biggest surprise during the Netflix Todom event was the announcement of a family series in It was Witcher's world. This drew much criticism from viewers who felt that Witcher's world could not be turned into a childish story. But in fact, this is a wise and clever move by Netflix, because the content of the original series is adult, bittersweet, and not suitable for all viewers. It will be available and will bring more fans. Of course, the details of the story of this spin-off series are like a mystery. So it is unclear whether everything will be about Geralt and Siri or whether the series will focus on other characters and softer stories.

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