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A fun journey into the world of philosophical ideas with Rick and Morty

Over the past nine years, Rick and Morty has proven to be one of the most thought-provoking series ever made. With a fair amount of humor, which is a bit sad, this series also has a huge volume of heavy topics. The adventures of serial characters usually focus on philosophical ideologies rather than scientific exploration. However, various sciences still occupy an important and significant part of this series, where it is related to man himself and his discoveries. This is where there seems to be a deviation from religion and there is more focus on human achievement or even Rick Sanchez's own achievements.
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  • As one of the two main characters in the story, Rickis facing a crisis of psychological damage that he experiences both physically and psychologically. Each of these events, which is accompanied by serious psychological damage, such as the loss of a family in its original world, has turned him intothe anti-social person we are witnessing today. Rickis the lord of his world, with the opposite view that he opposes anything, even the most unknown religion, but with access to everything and everything, he is always pursuing a goal. This animated series is full of such philosophicalissues. This work constantly exhibits existentialist thought processes, nihilistic views, and a bit of absurdity.


    BingMag.com A <b>fun</b> <b>journey</b> <b>into</b> the <b>world</b> of <b>philosophical</b> <b>ideas</b> with <b>Rick</b> and Morty

    Rick may be one of the main personality incarnations of the ideology of existentialism. He exists only for himself and thinks only of himself. However, he has doubts within himself and the ability to be so free in the world. Since Rick has infinite power in his possession, having resources that are first and foremost present, he does not bow down to any power or greater god than himself and is not accountable. Ironically, however, when he enters a deep space and embraces death, Rick prays to God until he finds his way to escape certain destruction, and when he manages to return home, again. He mocks God. What is amazing is that he embraces religion when he escapes death, and after he gets rid of it completely, he turns his back on this way of thinking.

    Rick does a lot of work simply because He can do it. Perhaps one of the most bizarre and ridiculous things about this character happens in the third part of the third season, which is titled "Rick Pickle". Exactly why does Rick have to pickle himself? Perhaps the really complex answer lies behind the idea that he did it just because he could do it and hired a group of people to do it, again just because he can . However, Rick seems to enjoy these unexpected things, because when Rick is not the lord of the world of science, he is a father and grandfather. This seems to frighten Rick, who often tries to end his life or, when left alone with his thoughts, experiences at least one existential crisis.

    In the second part of the season Fourth, Rick and Morty, known as the "Old Man and the Chair," bombard his own toilet, which is like a haven and a temple of thoughts, with various traps he makes to arrest anyone who tries to invade his paradise. However, things get a little more frustrating when the aggressor becomes a kind of incentive for Rick to look good on himself, which inevitably happens to Rick himself when Rick is about to sit on the toilet and as soon as he sits down. , These self-made traps seek to hunt him down. Holograms come to life to ridicule Rick's desire to isolate himself from the world around him. It is ironic that this character's greatest strength is his mind and thinking, but on the other hand it is what he fears most.


    BingMag.com A <b>fun</b> <b>journey</b> <b>into</b> the <b>world</b> of <b>philosophical</b> <b>ideas</b> with <b>Rick</b> and Morty

    From the first season of the series, Rick and Morty have been pursuing absurdist thinking that seems to negate the meaning of life altogether. It seems that the main characters are thrown from one world to change the other world as if someone is filling his gas tank. However, this hurts the souls of both of them. In the eighth episode of the first season, called "Riksti Minutes", Morty confesses to her sister that she is not originally from this world. As soon as they reach this world, they must kill their twin and bury them in the back life. The fact that this high school boy is only a few steps away from his death is a lesson for the whole series. This issue and seeing a vast world of beings who are always in torment, has distorted his understanding of the truth and meaning of life.

    The existence of nothing It is not purposeful. Nothing belongs anywhere. Everyone is going to die. Come sit down and watch TV.

    Short sentences like this have a tremendous impact on the audience from the point of view of the series about the universe. For all that, what strengthens Morty's view is that life actually goes on. Whether or not they are traumatized, these parts are often just resetting them. Life continues unabated in its current state. We may see a course of emotions that last for a short time but are either hidden or buried deep in our subconscious. For this reason, with all these interpretations, everything in nihilism is meaningless.


    BingMag.com A <b>fun</b> <b>journey</b> <b>into</b> the <b>world</b> of <b>philosophical</b> <b>ideas</b> with <b>Rick</b> and Morty

    " Rick and Morty "is no stranger to sequences that create fun and unusual moments with absurdist themes. However, everything in this series has its own meanings. In the sixth part of the second season, entitled "Ricks Must Be Crazy", Rick takes Morty to the inner world of their car battery. Nevertheless, that miniature world and its inhabitants are just like ours, but the only goal of its inhabitants is to provide the power needed by Rick's electrical equipment. They go deep into their own miniature worlds and miniature worlds to expose the capitalist cycle of life so that we can look at our society.

    The ultimate goal of alien animals living in Rick's car battery is To power Rick's car battery. Rick is the god of the world, and he does not eat leeks for them, and in fact he sees them as disposable things. When Rick and Morty get there to see them, he meets the jokers and points his middle finger at them. What does this tell us about our own world? We have from the world around us. While we may not live in a car battery, there is a lack of knowledge about where to seek help from religion, security and knowledge. Rick and Morty acknowledge this ignorance and reject the usual answers, sometimes sinking into their own emptiness but using it creatively and to their advantage.

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