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Friends and Seinfeld series competition; Which one really wins?

BingMag.com Friends and Seinfeld series competition; Which one really wins?

The rivalry between friends and Seinfeld has revived with recent changes in the broadcast status of both series. So let's see why these two series are often compared and which one is the real winner. Absence is still a popular collection of critics. Meanwhile, friends celebrated their 25th anniversary in 2019, and the series is still recognized as an influential work in today's culture.

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It is one of the most watched TV shows of the 90's and after. When the series aired on Netflix, it consistently topped the list of most-watched series, a sign of the series' enduring appeal. When HBV Max was launched, it spent more than $ 425 million to receive friends' broadcasting rights, hoping that the various episodes, as well as the special reunion section, would be a major breakthrough for the fledgling broadcast service. Instead, Netflix licensed Seinfeld to air another full-length comedy from the 1990s to fill the void left by the service's nostalgic series. The move once again sparked a debate over comparisons between the two series, sparking discussions about whether Seinfeld is a good alternative to friends and which series is better.

These events of the 1990s debate Introduces Miladi to the modern world and shows the lasting quality and popularity of these two TV series. There are several reasons why friends and Seinfeld are rivals, and ultimately, given certain factors, there is a clear winner.

Why friends and Seinfeld are rivals >

BingMag.com Friends and Seinfeld series competition; Which one really wins?

Seinfeld and friends are often compared, but why is that? The two series are actually very different emotionally. Seinfeld seems to be a series that has no specific subject matter and in which the characters do not learn or grow. Friends, on the other hand, have a hangout and warmer atmosphere, with clearer storylines throughout the seasons and throughout the series. However, there are enough (albeit relatively superficial) similarities between them that make them rivals.

Both Friends and Seinfeld tell the story of a group of friends who live in New York City. They follow and describe their relationships, jobs and public life in detail, and an apartment is the main scene and space of both complexes. They even have a common world in appearance and have obvious links to your crazy old series (both are a kind of crossover of this series). In addition to all this, it should be noted that they were broadcast simultaneously and aired on Thursday night as part of a television program on the Anubis network, and are two of the most popular sitcoms of the 90s (and the biggest sitcoms in history).>

Different approaches of friends and Seinfeld on similar topics help to better compare the two collections. Seinfeld has a different humorous style and a more sardonic and pessimistic worldview than his friends' emotional charms, and prefers to rely on his own characters. Both series have gained a lot of fans over the years and after the end of their television broadcasts, and they are a big part of the history and culture of the society. Therefore, the discussion about their quality and characteristics has never stopped. Even Jerry Seinfeld has previously accused his friends of imitating Seinfeld (albeit half-jokingly), and the debate is still a point of contention among fans, but who really wins?

Seinfeld in the decade 90 AD defeated friends

BingMag.com Friends and Seinfeld series competition; Which one really wins?

Seinfeld and his friends were the biggest sitcoms of the 90's, and while each had a large fan watching their favorite series on the NBS, it was Seinfeld who won the battle. Seinfeld began in 1989, but it was not until the early 1990s that it seriously took its audience to an incredible level, becoming not only the most popular sitcom of the time, but also one of the biggest TV series in general. In Season 4, when the series was fully developed, it averaged more than 20 million viewers, but it was only a few years later that it became a giant.

Seinfeld Season 5, which aired in the television year 93-94, averaged nearly 30 million viewers and was the third most-watched series, according to Nielsen. 1993 was Seinfeld's last year before friends began airing on Anubis, but then, instead of making new things more popular, it was Seinfeld that got bigger and bigger. From 1994 to 1998 (when it aired), Seinfeld was always among Nielsen's two most-watched TV series, alongside the Emergency Medical Service, and even topped the charts at two points in time.

Overall, Friends series wins

BingMag.com Friends and Seinfeld series competition; Which one really wins?

Seinfeld defeated friends at the time and is now best known as a critically acclaimed work with a score of 89 on the site Raton tomitosis, compared to the score of 78 friends, indicates this. Seinfeld is generally critically acclaimed and his screenplay is always acclaimed, but he cannot compete with the popularity and enduring cultural influence of friends. Twenty-five years later, Friends is still one of the biggest TV series in the world, and there is no sign of a decline in its popularity. Keeping Friends paid until 2019, the series received much more attention. Yes, $ 100 million for one year only. The $ 425 million contract with HBO and Max shows that Friends is still making money. Netflix paid even more ($ 500 million for 5 years) for Seinfeld, but time has shown that Seinfeld has clearly not been a good replacement for friends. Seinfeld failed to replicate the same number of hits as its original Hulu service, and is unlikely to have the same success as friends on Netflix.

Friends' legacy is everywhere. There are large festivals dedicated to them, in which people come together and buy and sell related products. In the recent special episode of Friends, the big celebrities who became famous with this series came together. Friends has also had a much greater impact on people outside the United States, largely due to the availability of broadcast services and more engaging portrayal of New York life through the series. As the film blossomed in the new century, it has a nostalgic appeal to the generation born in the 1980s and beyond, which has made the series a mainstay of their humor and social media conversations. That you think Seinfeld is better than your friends is your personal opinion and respected, but Friends is certainly a bigger, more popular TV series that never seems to end, and that makes it a winner in the long run.>

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