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French New Wave movie star Jean-Paul Belmondo has died

BingMag.com French New Wave movie star Jean-Paul Belmondo has died

Jean-Paul Belmondo, a prominent figure in French cinema and an actor in important films such as "Breathless" and "Leon Moran, the Priest" hours ago at the age of 88 He died one year ago. Jean-Paul Belmondo has become one of the symbols of French New Wave cinema over the past decades due to his impressive role in the film Breathless directed by Jean-Luc Godard. Despite his broken nose due to his attractive physique and special face and mischievous smile, he played the lead role in French films for nearly five decades. In addition to Godard and Georges Lutner, Belmondo was able to collaborate with many important European directors during his career, including Claude Lellouche, Alain Ren and Vittorio D'Sica. Influenced

Belmond was one of the most important figures in French cinema until the mid-1980s, starring in more than 80 films. In those years, each of his films drew a huge wave of moviegoers to theaters. Jean-Paul Belmond was an adventurous and pessimistic hero in most of his films. His most famous films are Breathless, The Man from Rio, Fear Over the City, Rebel, Alpagore, Robbery, Solitaire, Hat, Paris Thief, Brain. He was named a "professional." In 1964, The Times named Belmondo the face of modern French cinema. Prior to acting, he was an amateur boxer who owed his special face to his boxing and punching career. Belmond left the cinema almost in 2001 after suffering a heart attack and has only acted in one film since before his death. Officials at the 2016 Venice Film Festival presented him with an honorary Golden Lion after a lifetime of artistic activity, and Belmond said at the ceremony: "I never think about the past. Forward! Forward! Ahead! I am completely devastated. "It would be nice if we could both die together."

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