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Free Man Movie Criticism; Unseen aspects of life in cyberspace

BingMag.com Free Man Movie Criticism; Unseen aspects of life in cyberspace

The idea used by "Free Man" is not so pristine and revolutionary, nor so clichd and repetitive. The creation of an imaginary world in which the protagonist is just a piece of the game and he himself takes it upon himself and tries to change the rules of the game has been used in many works. From "Truman Show" to "Ready Number One Player" and "Ralph the Saboteur" and even "The Matrix", everyone has approached such devices in different ways. But this idea still has a lot of potential. In fact, this is the strong point of "Free Man", the film touches on aspects of the idea that are pristine and fresh, and very similar examples can be found in similar works.

Warning: There is a risk of leaking the story in the critique of the free man film.

"Free Man" is the story of a man named Free Man, who is an uncontrollable sub-character in an open world online game called "Free City". Everything is going well that she falls in love with one of the main female characters in the game. This is where he gradually realizes his identity and the small world in which he lives. When the free man realizes that his little virtual world is on the verge of extinction, he tries to save it with the help of two of the game's main programmers in our real world.

Like "Truman Show" and the rest of the works Similarly, "Free Man" is an entertaining and engaging film, but it inevitably touches on deep philosophical issues such as the power of will. What place do we humans have in this world, what is the mechanism of the world, and what effect can we have on it? There are groups that believe that our world is like a game designed by aliens. Many may not agree with this theory and it is too unbelievable for them, but the "free man" at least in one case puts his hand on something that is accepted by all people in the world, that we humans are small creatures in this vast universe and can not Have no role in the course of events. Again, it is good that the protagonist is determined and changes the world around him, the same can not be done by us real human beings!

There is. He wakes up every morning, greets his fish, orders the same regular coffee, goes to work, and returns home to prepare for a repeat tomorrow. To us, his life seems very simple, small and meaningless. But really, if we look more closely, our own life is not much different from the life of a free man. We do all these things every day and sleep at night to do them again tomorrow. Our lives may be a little more detailed, but the story is the same. Nor can we change this repetitive cycle. Is it possible that we, as a free man, will one day reach this awareness?

Incidentally, this moment of transformation, this important culmination of the film in which the free man realizes what an absurd and repetitive life he's, is one of the film's weaknesses. Basically, love has become the occult help of filmmakers. Wherever they get stuck in the script and do not know how to tell the story, they fall in love, like the ancient Greek playwrights who, wherever they got tired of the play and wanted to finish the story, summoned one of the Greek gods! The free man also falls in love with one of the characters of the game named Molotov, after leaving the duties assigned to him, and this paves the way for the next developments. Although the film tries to provide logical explanations for this change (for example, it is said that he is one of the surviving characters from the previous game of the two main programmers and therefore has the capacity for this change), but still this sudden change seems a bit unbelievable. arrives. Compare that change to the change in Truman's character in "The Truman Show," how cleverly and masterfully all the Chinese introductions and all the sudden shock that gripped Truman after confronting the truth.

<"Free Man" uses a clever device that is not seen in similar films, and this is what distinguishes them. Instead of focusing on a perfect hero who has been in the spotlight from the beginning, the film considers its main character to be a non-playable character who does not matter even in the virtual world. He has only one close friend and his job is to enter the bank where he works every day and when the thieves enter the bank, he lies on the ground and waits for them to leave.

Considered. From a few months ago, those movie promotional posters inspired by famous games could be guessed like this. The "free man" is really very influenced by video games. Using a virtual game is not just a handy idea, the film manages to use the rules and formulas of playmaking in its script narrative. The influence of popular games such as "Giti" and "Fortnite" is quite evident in the film, and traces of other games can be found. The presence of several prominent streamers such as Ninja, Jack Steptic and Pakmin in the film shows that the filmmakers both have a good understanding of the video game space and know how to use this space to their advantage.

But " "Free Man" does not look at games and players so professionally in all fields. Some parts of the film are too simplistic and childish, and are in stark contrast to the professional view of other aspects of the film. For example, the strangest element of the film is the head of the production team of "Free City" called Antoine. Perhaps the purpose of this fantasy and caricature design was to create a suitable enemy for the film's protagonist, but nowhere in the world can such a humble and stupid person be the head of such a talented game-making team.

They are experts who, after years of soiling and tearing clothes, finally succeed in reaching the position of management. But Antoine is a person who knows nothing about game development and has no history of game development at all. The fact that the film, on the one hand, has such an accurate and correct view of online games and streamers and how to increase the fame of a work, and on the other hand, considers such an incredible character as the head of a game studio, is one of the unbelievable and unpleasant aspects of the film. . The coding and simplistic view of filmmakers on the programming and the process of creating a game is also one of the weaknesses that can be seen in almost all movies. We have to get used to them.

"Free Man" is a really good movie. Although in some places it becomes too superficial, in some places it seems too unbelievable, and in some places it seems a little (just a little!) Offensive, but it does a very good job of creating its own intended world and Finish your story correctly. The film very well manages to bridge the gap between the world of cinema and gaming and presents one of the most interesting films related to video games. It is clear that the filmmakers themselves are professional actors and have deliberately resorted to such an idea.
Writer : Matt Lieberman, Zack Penn
Actors : Ryan Reynolds, Judy Kummer, Taika Whitey, Joe Kerry
Summary Story: An ordinary bank employee who suffers from everyday life realizes that he is in fact an unplayable character in an action and open world video game. Now he has to come to terms with the fact that he is the only one who can save the world.
IMDB rating for the film: 7.4 out of 10
Metacritic rating To the film: 62 out of 100

The free man film review is the author's personal point of view and not necessarily the position of BingMag.

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