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Forty years of the movie "ET"; Still a perfect childish nostalgia

BingMag.com <b>Forty</b> <b>years</b> of the <b>movie</b> 'ET'; <b>Still</b> a <b>perfect</b> <b>childish</b> nostalgia

When you have children, you do not know which memories will always remain in your mind. Older people may try to create memories for you in advance with great birthday parties and imposed trips to the outskirts of the city. But the things we remember from childhood include things like lying in the yard at night and contemplating the majesty of the stars, touching the fluffy back of a silkworm, cycling around the house, and endless periods; In fact, they rarely have a pre-planned event in them. Our future memories are good at escaping the controlling gaze of parents, no matter what good intentions these parents have. The film "E. T. The "extraterrestrial being" has an extract of those colorful memories, like an immortal firefly.

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BingMag.com <b>Forty</b> <b>years</b> of the <b>movie</b> 'ET'; <b>Still</b> a <b>perfect</b> <b>childish</b> nostalgia

e. T. Extraterrestrials is one of the best films ever made, and certainly the most subtle film of all of Steven Spielberg's career. The film has the purity of intention and emotional clarity that distinguishes it from all of Spielberg's prolific films. When the film was released in 1982, most critics of "E. T. " They liked him, some even opened their mouths to admire him. For many children born in the 1970s, E. T. " It was my first experience in a movie theater. In later years, countless other people have seen it in different ways (videotape, DVD or stream). And like any other work that is rooted in the culture of a society, E. T. " There are also opponents who call it emotional or superficial.

But now that we look back, at least part of the existence of "e. T. " It's like the cool things we all did outside of school, when we look at the film now, it's a very deep acquaintance, something that is mistaken for a normal work. Because when "e. T. " It was released, there was nothing like it, there was no film so great that it took two parallel paths together: it was a story that children loved, but it was also a work from which even adults could get their childhood feelings. Fears and expectations, and a kind of astonishment in response to all the capacities that the world around us has, and even beyond the planet Earth, and this astonishment stays with us forever.

See Spielberg and (Screenwriter Melissa Matheson, who played a major role in shaping the film's continual spin of pleasure and passion.) How skillfully she portrays the solitary irregular structure of a teenage protagonist named Elliott (Henry Thomas). He is not allowed to hang out with his older brother Michael (Robert McNaughton), he and his friends sit around the kitchen table and play an old fantasy card game. The next point (which we will find out later) is that Elliott's father recently left his wife Mary (De Wallace) and his children forever. Although Elliott, Michael, and their elementary school sister Gareth (Drew Barrymore) try to be his support, they themselves are as confused and upset as their mother. Elliott does not just want a friend, he needs a significant change in his point of view, he somehow needs a broader vision to see the world. Friendship with an alien creature is exactly what he needs.

When you first hump this almost green creature called E. T. We see him in a forest on the outskirts of California (where Elliott lives), looking with curiosity and amazement at the plants and animals of our planet, admiring all that we earthlings take for granted and ignore. His curiosity, portrayed by his procrastination next to a small pine tree, is the reason why he is left alone unintentionally. He has been exploring and drowning in his beautiful fantasies, but his companions have been forced to flee because government agents have been chasing them.

Crossing differences and understanding each other

BingMag.com <b>Forty</b> <b>years</b> of the <b>movie</b> 'ET'; <b>Still</b> a <b>perfect</b> <b>childish</b> nostalgia

Elliott et al. T. (This calm and thoughtful creature with wrinkled skin and big eyes), make a very deep connection and are placed in each other's hearts. This can be considered Spielberg's artistic way of introducing children to the concept of empathy, as well as empathic ideas, which form the basis of all great literary works: crossing deep differences and reaching a point where everyone can live. He understood the people.

A child is a world of secrets, Elliott's friendship with E. T. It is also a secret in the beginning. But the film is also about family, about shared feelings and stress points that either break up a family or bring it closer together. The Elliott family, too, is a broken family when we take a brief look at it. But you came. T. And his inevitable separation makes us talk about the difference between "Broken" and "evolving", reconsider. Oh you. T. He is confronted with Elliott's intense loneliness (and, consequently, with the suffering of his entire family), and with that sense of loss, he feels close because he misses his friends too. For a film, such a meaning is very deep. Why? T. " It has a huge capacity, current thoughts are fluid and free in it, and the lessons it offers never get boring. That's why people who saw it as a child Still remember it. And people who first saw it in adulthood can Still see it again today and discover new things. "Oh you. T. " It is a renewable resource, as alive as a pine tree or a childhood memory. Its seed is sown in time, before we know how valuable those memories will be.

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