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The first image of the series shows the last survivor of us, Ellie and Joel

BingMag.com The first image of the series shows the last survivor of us, Ellie and Joel

HBO & Neil Drakeman's The Official Official Picture of The Last Survivor (The Last Survivor of Us) on World Last Day of Us)

Over the past few years, "The Last Survivor of Us" has always been hailed as one of the best games of all time. Ellie and Joel, the main characters of this Nate Dogg studio production, have been repeatedly included in the list of the most enduring characters in the history of video game due to their special personality traits and the transformation they have in the story. HBO intends to bring the ups and downs of our last surviving story to television, and now the first image of the series has been released, showing Ellie as Bella Ramsey and Joel as Pedro Pascal watching a crashed plane./p>

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Neil Drakeman, director of the latest game The rest of us will play a significant role in making the series. On Twitter, he described the appearance and physique of Ellie and Joel as very similar to their video game versions, and in another tweet, he waited impatiently to provide fans with more information about the series.

BingMag.com The first image of the series shows the last survivor of us, Ellie and Joel

The last surviving game of ours was released exclusively for PlayStation 3 in 2013 and started shortly after The eighth generation of video games, a remake of which came to PlayStation 4. This game depicts the first part of Joel and Ellie's adventures, and after a few years of waiting, in the spring of 2019, Sony and NetiDag released the second version of this game to see the consequences of Joel's decisions and selfishness in the first game.

Some players and critics had trouble with the ending and story of "The Last Survivor of Us: Part II" and did not consider the events to be appropriate for the first game and its character type. But in any case, the second part of the last survivor of us was able to sell more than 4 million copies in less than 3 days, and recorded the best sales of the first week among all the games made by Sony. Many players are now waiting for the production and airing of the HBO series to see what unspoken parts of the American network the narrator intends to narrate.

Source: Gamespot

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