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9 films that destroyed the reputation of real people; From "Titanic" to "Social Network"

BingMag.com 9 <b>films</b> <b>that</b> <b>destroyed</b> the <b>reputation</b> of <b>real</b> <b>people;</b> <b>From</b> 'Titanic' to 'Social Network'

films based on the lives of real characters are responsible for their credibility and status and should show a true picture of them as much as possible. But filmmakers usually have a lot of freedom of action and can play with historical facts and change real characters and characters to their liking to make their story more interesting and better.

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Of course we all know that "fiction" movies are not going to show us one hundred percent reality, and they always involve aspects of the dramatic component, but usually the image that a feature film does. The more a character shows us, the more it stays in our minds. Especially as directors are enchanted by color, light and music, and popular actors and characters with their memorable role-playing make a big impact on us. Which is often the case) and do not constantly remind themselves that reality is probably something else, a movie can ruin the background and credibility of a real character.

They have destroyed it, now intentionally or unintentionally. In cases where the character in question is alive, he himself has reacted to the adventures in the film, and in the case of characters who are no longer out of this world, their families have protested. In some cases, the case has even been sued and sued.

9. Richard Jewell

BingMag.com 9 <b>films</b> <b>that</b> <b>destroyed</b> the <b>reputation</b> of <b>real</b> <b>people;</b> <b>From</b> 'Titanic' to 'Social Network'

  • Product: 2019
  • Director: Clint Eastwood
  • Cast: Paul Walter Hauser, Sam Rockwell, Olivia Wilde
  • IMDb users rate for movie: 7.5 out of 10
  • Raton Tomitoz rating: 77%

one of Clint Eastwood's recent true-to-life films have sparked controversy over his portrayal of Katie Scruggs (Olivia Wilde). Scrooge was the first reporter to report that the FBI had identified Richard Joel as a bombing suspect.

) And it looks like the reporter is used to having sex by getting the information he or she wants. There is no evidence of Scrooge's behavior like this, and the film is a complete misrepresentation of information. They use their appearance to get the first category information. The fact that Scrooge himself died of a drug overdose in 2001 further complicated matters surrounding the film. They questioned the character of this reporter and damaged his credibility, which was also strange considering the subject of the film and its story. "Richard Joule" is supposed to tell the story of a man whose reputation was tarnished by false accusations, and the film itself damaged someone else's reputation during the narrative.

There have been discussions online, but most people who have seen Eastwood have probably accepted his adventures as "truth".


BingMag.com 9 <b>films</b> <b>that</b> <b>destroyed</b> the <b>reputation</b> of <b>real</b> <b>people;</b> <b>From</b> 'Titanic' to 'Social Network'

  • Product: 2015
  • Director: Tom McCarthy
  • Cast: Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton, Rachel McAdams
  • Score IMDb Users to Movie: 8.1 out of 10
  • Raton Tomitoz Score: 97%

"Spotlight" Winner The Oscar also won Best Picture, telling a shocking story about priests who sexually abused children. Jack Dunn (Gary Gallon). In the scene where we see him, Walter Robinson (Michael Keaton) and Sasha Pfeiffer (Rachel McAdams) ask him questions about sexual harassment, and Jack Dunn seems to take a stand on the issue and does not want them to be pursued too much, even in Somewhere he says the two reporters want to force a controversy and write an untrue report. And he has collaborated a lot. He eventually filed a complaint. But Robinson and Pfeiffer responded by saying that Jack Dunn used all his strength to maintain his college reputation and prevent the news From leaking. And donated money to a number of charities called Jack Dunn. The statement said: "We recognize the claim that Mr Dan was not part of widespread secrecy. "It is clear From his actions to defend the victims that he was concerned about resolving the crisis and deeply concerned about the victims of the accident." His legal career will not make him forget the horrific experience he went through with the false accusations of the Oscar-winning film.

Given that millions of people around the world have actually seen "Spotlight" and very few of his legal adventures They know, it can be concluded that Jack Dan's reputation has never been restored.

7. Bonnie and Clyde

BingMag.com 9 <b>films</b> <b>that</b> <b>destroyed</b> the <b>reputation</b> of <b>real</b> <b>people;</b> <b>From</b> 'Titanic' to 'Social Network'

  • Product: 1967 >
  • Director: Arthur Penn
  • Cast: Warren Betty, Fei Danawi, Jane Hackman
  • IMDb users rate for movie: 7.7 out of 10
  • Raton Tomitoz rating: 89%

"Bonnie and Clyde" is the story of two famous lawbreakers whose names you all know. But the point that made the film on this list is the way in which the police officers are portrayed, as most of them are portrayed as evil and inherently caricatured.

This is most evident in Frank's character. Hammer, who was a real Texas ranger, shows up. In this film, the character of Frank Hammer is portrayed as a stupid and filthy man, and he seeks revenge only because Bonnie and Clyde have humiliated him.

Of course, according to the approach of the story. And that he narrates everything From the point of view of Bonnie and Clyde was nothing but portraying Hammer as an evil and evil character. But in reality, Hammer was a very high-profile law enforcement officer who bore no resemblance to the cartoon we see in the film.

After the film was released in theaters, the Hammer family left Warner Bros. Studios for false slander. They sued and received compensation in 1971.

A few years ago, Netflix made a film called "Highwaymen," starring Kevin Costner as Hammer, giving a more realistic picture of the law enforcement officer. Showed.

6. The Imitation Game

BingMag.com 9 <b>films</b> <b>that</b> <b>destroyed</b> the <b>reputation</b> of <b>real</b> <b>people;</b> <b>From</b> 'Titanic' to 'Social Network'

  • Product: 2014
  • Director: Morton Tildom
  • Cast: Benedict Cumberbatch, Keira Knightley, Matthew Goode
  • IMDb users rate for movie: 8 out of 10
  • Raton Tomitoz rating: 89%

"Imitation Game" It portrayed the life of Alan Turing and won the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay, but provoked much criticism because many believed it ignored parts of historical events.

One of the characters who seems to have been misrepresented. , Is the commander of Alastair Denniston (Charles Dance). Supervisor Alan Turing oversees the construction of the decryption device. The real Denniston, on the other hand, did the exact opposite of what we saw in the movie and had a lot of Turing side. Apparently, the filmmakers deliberately made him play the role of the negative character in the story. Otherwise, why did they choose Charles Dances for him?

The Danston family was so upset with the way he was portrayed that they wrote a complaint to the Daily Telegraph: "It shows the importance of Alan Turing, but it's sad that part of the picture is shaped by the negative portrayal of Alastair Denniston." To show the difficult situation of working under such pressures and to say that there are always serious differences of opinion. He also mentioned Denniston as one of the greatest heroes.

Will people remember this apology? Or the image they saw of Danston with the brilliant role-playing of Charles Dance?

5. Cinderella Man

BingMag.com 9 <b>films</b> <b>that</b> <b>destroyed</b> the <b>reputation</b> of <b>real</b> <b>people;</b> <b>From</b> 'Titanic' to 'Social Network'

  • Product: 2005
  • Director: Ron Howard
  • Cast: Russell Crowe, Renee Zellweger, Paul Giamatti
  • strong> IMDb users rate for movie: 8 out of 10
  • Raton Tomitoz score: 80%

This exciting sports drama And the charming Ron Howard, an emotional and moving story by boxing champion James J. Braddock narrates, but when it comes to Braddock's last rival, Max, Things get complicated.

In this film, Max Barr is practically a superficial caricature and a one-dimensional version of his real version, which appears only to make the story of our hero James Braddock more inspiring and engaging, and therefore negatively exaggerated. And it 's dangerous and inherent.

But in reality, it was very popular with boxers who were in their heyday. Although he actually beat and killed one of his rivals in the ring with severe blows to the hand, he is said to have been upset and depressed for years because of this incident and was constantly sending money to the family of the deceased boxer.

Max Barber's "Cinderella Man" is portrayed as a ruthless animal man, because Braddock's victory would not have had such a profound effect on him if he had been seen as a kind, loving, and fair man. We had to see an evil villain in front of our oppressed and suffering hero to finally cheer for his success.

4. The Elephant Man

BingMag.com 9 <b>films</b> <b>that</b> <b>destroyed</b> the <b>reputation</b> of <b>real</b> <b>people;</b> <b>From</b> 'Titanic' to 'Social Network'

  • Product: 1980
  • Director: David Lynch
  • Cast: John Hurt, Anthony Hopkins, Annie Bancroft
  • IMDb users rating for movie: 8.2 out of 10
  • Raton Tomitoz rating: 93%

Male Unlike other films by David Lynch, the film has a straightforward story and relies more on the emotional burden of the situation, and in this sense is a different effect on the director's career. In this film, Lynch shows an empathetic and bitter image of a disfigured man named John Merrick, who is known as the man of the movie. John Hurt was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor for his role as Merrick. Mr. Bates (Freddie Jones) is a circus performer and a greedy, abusive, psychotic, and alcoholic man. But contrary to what we see of him in Lynch, the Norman family has claimed that he treated human Merrick and had no problem with alcoholism.

In 2008, his granddaughter Monti said in an interview: "We are saddened that my grandfather was portrayed as an unpleasant and ruthless person in the film. My grandfather never mistreated Merrick, he cared for him. "My grandfather was against drinking alcohol, contrary to what the film showed, he was not constantly intoxicated."

3. Blind Spot (The Elephant Man)

BingMag.com 9 <b>films</b> <b>that</b> <b>destroyed</b> the <b>reputation</b> of <b>real</b> <b>people;</b> <b>From</b> 'Titanic' to 'Social Network'

  • Product: 2009
  • Director: John Lee Hankham
  • Cast: Sandra Bullock, Quinton Aaron, Lily Collins
  • IMDb users rate for movie: 7.6 out of 10
  • Raton Tomitoz rating: 66%

Sports drama may have earned Sandra Bullock the Academy Award for Best Actress, but American footballer Michael Ohr, about whom the film's story is based, has sharply criticized the film, saying it has damaged its credibility.

Role Ohr was played by Quinton Aaron and he did it fairly well, but Ohr believed that the film exaggerated parts of his life that had nothing to do with the reality of his life. Among other things, he has been portrayed as a fool and has downplayed the role and influence of racism in order to make the film more spectator-friendly.

In this sport, they worked to treat him differently and to give more value and credit to his stepmother than to consider him as the cause and founder of his success. "I'm not going to prove what you owe me, people are looking at me and taking away the credit I got for a movie," Ohr said. They no longer see my skills. Because of these things, I lost my value and reputation, because of something that has nothing to do with my playing field and skills. Nothing like this is being said behind my back and I doubt whether I am a good player or not, it has nothing to do with my performance. That's why I don't like that movie. This movie has made people pay attention to things other than my game. I got tired of this movie and the situation it created. "I came to play football and everyone is looking for something else."

2. Titanic

BingMag.com 9 <b>films</b> <b>that</b> <b>destroyed</b> the <b>reputation</b> of <b>real</b> <b>people;</b> <b>From</b> 'Titanic' to 'Social Network'

  • Product: 1997
  • Director: James Cameron
  • Cast: Kate Winslet, Leonardo DiCaprio, Bill Paxton
  • Score IMDb Users to Movie: 7.9 out of 10
  • Raton Tomitoz Score: 75%

Movie "Titanic" James Cameron, no matter how technically and commercially unparalleled a success, lags behind in history and loyalty to events, especially because of the image of William Murdoch (Ivan Stuart shows

In the film, Murdoch panics during a drowning roar to escape the sinking ship and shoots two men to restore order. He shoots himself in the head.

One of Murdoch's relatives, after seeing the Titanic, publicly objected to James Cameron's misrepresentation, saying it was just a rumor that had never been substantiated. Following this incident, Scott Neeson, one of the producers of Fox Studios, went to Scotland to personally apologize to the man and restore his family's reputation.

Cameron himself He reacted provocatively, saying that he never intended to portray Murdoch as a coward, and on the contrary he considered him an honorable and respected man: "I do not think such a commitment and sense of responsibility that this man had can be found today. "He did a lot of heroic and self-sacrificing work when the ship sank, and sent many aboard lifeboats."

But given that the Titanic sold $ 2 billion at the box office, One of the great cultural products, it can be concluded that 99% of people still think that Murdoch was a coward and a murderer.

1. The Social Network

BingMag.com 9 <b>films</b> <b>that</b> <b>destroyed</b> the <b>reputation</b> of <b>real</b> <b>people;</b> <b>From</b> 'Titanic' to 'Social Network'

  • Product: 2010
  • Director: David Fincher
  • Cast: Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, Ronnie Mara, Justin Timberlake
  • IMDb users rating for movie: 7.8 out of 10
  • Raton Tomitoz rating: 96%

Mark Zuckerberg, whom Fincher shows us, is a man who can hardly be loved. He also betrays his best friend because he believes it was "in the best interest of the business." David Fincher's films range From the worst to the best. His relationship with a girl is the issue that has caused the most controversy, and Zuckerberg himself has spoken about it many times. Zuckerberg claims to have created Facebook simply because he enjoys making things. He also said after watching the film that he wished no one had made a film about him until he was alive. Launched, he said that regardless of all the controversy and fringe, everyone sees Zuckerberg's genius when they see the film: "

In any case, given what has happened over the years, and Facebook being revisited for its illegal actions in monitoring users and using their information, it looks like the image that Fincher and Surkin have of Zuckerberg showed in their film that it was not far From reality. Some time ago, Aaron Sorkin announced the possibility of creating a "social network" sequel, and if that happens, Mark Zuckerberg will be in the media spotlight again.

Source: WhatCulture <// a>

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