8 films shared by Tim Burton and Johnny Depp; From “Sweeney Todd” to “Edward Scissorhands”

Tim Burton has been the creator of an important part of cinematic dream and fantasy for nearly four decades. In a world where many consider fantasy cinema to be just fun works made to pass the time, he took a step towards making films that use imagination and dreams to tell the truth of the world; For this reason, his films became popular very quickly and were praised by the cinema audience and the critics alike. On the other hand, from the very beginning of his career, Johnny Depp seemed to be the right actor to appear in the world of imagination and dreams. From his short role in the movie "A Nightmare on Elm Street" where he struggled in a terrible nightmare to the works he later played at the peak of popularity and fame, he never forgot the worlds of fantasy and dreams. He did not completely immerse himself in realist cinema. In this list, all the collaborations of this director/actor couple have been examined.

BingMag.com 8 films shared by Tim Burton and Johnny Depp; From “Sweeney Todd” to “Edward Scissorhands”

Tim Burton has been the creator of an important part of cinematic dream and fantasy for nearly four decades. In a world where many consider fantasy cinema to be just fun works made to pass the time, he took a step towards making films that use imagination and dreams to tell the truth of the world; For this reason, his films became popular very quickly and were praised by the cinema audience and the critics alike. On the other hand, from the very beginning of his career, Johnny Depp seemed to be the right actor to appear in the world of imagination and dreams. From his short role in the movie "A Nightmare on Elm Street" where he struggled in a terrible nightmare to the works he later played at the peak of popularity and fame, he never forgot the worlds of fantasy and dreams. He did not completely immerse himself in realist cinema. In this list, all the collaborations of this director/actor couple have been examined.

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As it was said, Tim Burton played a major role in raising the fantasy genre and its importance today. He has created a colorful world where nightmares and dreams mix and the result is something beautiful that can only be found in original works of art. Many, even if they take fantasy cinema seriously, consider it popular art, which has a fundamental distance from "high art". But isn't the main subject of high art the discovery of man and humanity? From Leonardo da Vinci to Beethoven, didn't they talk about human enthusiasm and put the human world under the microscope? So why can't a movie like "Edward Scissorhands" or "Big Fish" which deeply talk about such things and all of them are made in a beautiful complex and universal layer of artists, be attributed to high art?

The truth is that the intellectuals of the 20th century have been very indebted to leftist thinking. This issue has prevailed even in the West, and the intellectuals of the Western world, due to their dependence on these ideas, basically considered realism to be a necessary part of art and attacked and wounded anyone who created a dream. Film criticism, as an intellectual profession, was no exception to this rule and was heavily influenced by leftist ideas, attacking visionary artists and labeling them as entertainers. Of course, this rule definitely did not include everyone, and there were those who escaped from these thoughts here and there and did not interfere with ideology in their judgment of a work of art. But in any case, those ideological thoughts had their impact and disappointed many dreamers.

Now a long time has passed since that time and the value of the work of someone like Tim Burton is very clear. He went on a path that maybe twenty or thirty years before him could not have been imagined, and in this way, an actor sat next to him who, more than any other actor in the history of cinema, tied his cinematic persona to the world of fantasy. Johnny Depp was never a typical American hero actor. In the list of works of his career, there is no mention of the role of men of all skill. Even when he's playing a role like John Dellinger in Michael Mann's Public Enemies, his emotions overwhelm his abilities. He always appeared in the role of vulnerable men and showed them so sweetly on the screen that there are few similar examples in the history of cinema.

Among his roles, unlike many of his contemporaries, there are diverse characters; From a suspicious gangster in Donnie Brasco, who even admired his co-star, the great Al Pacino, to a clumsy but extremely good-hearted thief in the Pirates of the Caribbean series. of the Caribbean). Although his persona is mixed with humor and of course awkwardness, it cannot be denied that he shines in the form of serious men. Because of all the things that have been said, I consider Johnny Depp to be one of the best actors of the last 34 years of cinema, and I can't believe that he still doesn't have a golden Oscar statue in his collection of honors; Maybe the members of the academy are still sleeping in the wind of those rusty thoughts and do not take fantasy cinema seriously, and for this reason, they have withheld their votes from this symbol of dreaming.

8. Dark shadows

BingMag.com 8 films shared by Tim Burton and Johnny Depp; From “Sweeney Todd” to “Edward Scissorhands”

  • Other actors: Helena Bonham Carter, Michelle Pfeiffer and Eva Green
  • Product: 2012, USA and Australia
  • IMDb rating for the movie: 6 2 out of 10
  • Rating of the film on Rotten Tomatoes site: 35%

Tim Burton rarely makes a movie that is all bad. Agree on it. Even in his not-so-good movies, he has mentors that he does not fall below. Therefore, his works always received minimal praise or finally divided the audience into two groups for and against they did. But a consensus was formed about the movie "Dark Shadows" and everyone said that it was bad.

Of course, they were right. In the movie "Dark Shadows" there is no news of that brilliant intermingling of a dream story with the hidden reality behind that story. It's as if Tim Burton had lost his magic wand that would make anything look artistic, and went about making this one without it. In this film, there is no news of a one-hand story, nor digging into the treasures of cinema history and borrowing from them, they have found their right place.

For example, you can borrow images and film frames from the cinema school. He observed expressionism everywhere in the work. The story of a haunted vampire, which has a bitter background, mixed with passionate love, clearly reminds us of the horror cinema of the 1930s on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. But this borrowing from the history of cinema to create a one-handed postmodernist world did not work like Tim Burton's brilliant works, and the result is a film that is ultimately entertaining and can provide a good two hours for its audience, that's all.

One of the characteristics of the film is mixing comedy with elements of the horror genre. Here, the world of Gothic horror cinema is played so that Tim Burton can laugh and joke out of our cinematic fears. When we read the synopsis of the movie, we can't imagine that this movie is anything but a violent movie, but from the beginning, Tim Burton's visuals tell us otherwise. Johnny Depp, despite his funny face, is more of a parody of Dracula and vampires than a predatory creature that just lives. And this incomplete building loses its way and cannot reveal a bit of its charisma. On paper, her role in Dark Shadows lives up to a full-fledged brilliance. No one better than him can appear in the form of such a strange creature, but when a film is confused, even a great actor like Johnny Depp loses his way.

"In 1752, a boy named Barnabas, along with His family immigrated to America from Liverpool, England, and soon developed and became rich. Barnabas breaks the heart of the family servant, who is a hard-hearted witch, and slaps his hand on her chest. That witch kills Barnabas' family in retaliation and turns Barnabas himself into a vampire. After learning about this, the townspeople bury Barnabas alive. Now 220 years have passed since then and Barnabas can be free again. But...

7. Alice in Wonderland

BingMag.com 8 films shared by Tim Burton and Johnny Depp; From “Sweeney Todd” to “Edward Scissorhands”

  • Other actors: Helena Bonham Carter, Mia Wasikowska, Anne Hathaway and Alan Rickman
  • Product: 2010, USA
  • IMDb rating for the movie: 6.4 out of 10
  • Rating of the movie on Rotten Tomatoes site: 51%

The movie "Alice in Wonderland" It was one of Tim Burton's films that divided the cinema audience into two groups, those who were in favor and those who were against. Tim Burton is one of the best people to direct the world that Lewis Carroll created in the book of the same name. In his book, reality and dream are mixed as if there is no other truth. By writing such stories, Carroll tried to convey the deep concepts he wanted. But his world still remained suitable for children and made it enjoyable for young audiences.

Later years and with the advent of cinema and the start of companies such as Walt Disney, this famous story He left the cinema; Of course, mostly in the form of animation. Because this fictional world with that magical atmosphere and full of color, light and fantasy was more than anything suitable for this type of cinema. In such a frame, it is natural that a great fantasy creator like Tim Burton cannot pass this story safely.

But the work made by Tim Burton in the same story line also has obvious differences with Carroll's book and movies like Anime Machines. Disney has; His adaptation of this book has become a dark and bitter movie, which although here and there you can see signs of Burton's usual humorous playfulness, but in the end it is a fantasy movie that does not want to be suitable for children.

Burton has tried and succeeded in turning his film into a work about the constant struggle between good and evil and connecting the book's world full of color and light to a dark story that has an ominous shadow weighing on all its faces. So it is not strange that the fans of that old world and the chest of that first-rate English writer do not welcome the work created by Burton. Of course, on the other hand, there were those who rightly pointed out that one should not expect anything else from a writer-director like Tim Burton; They knew well that such a director passes every story through his own mental filter and finally creates a work that bears his personal signature.

This difference goes back to Burton's choice to make the story in an adult mood. We all know that the book is the source of adaptation to childhood wishes pays and talks about the responsibility of a person; Because sometimes a dream can tell the truth more than the real world. Burton, however, links this entry into the era of responsibility to the adult world and the responsibilities of this era. In this world, the world is definitely darker than childhood and sometimes dreams turn into nightmares. Therefore, it is natural that the film is darker and more bitter than other works based on Lewis Carroll's famous book.

Although Johnny Depp has a secondary role in this film, he still attracts all the attention. All the actors present in the film are under his shadow, and for this reason, when he appears in front of the filmmaker's frame, we are faced with a fresher effect. Perhaps one of the film's weaknesses comes back to this issue; Because when Johnny Depp is not present, the film has a boring feeling and makes the audience tired.

"Alice is a girl who entered the wonderland once when she was 7 years old and still dreams of those days. 13 years later, he meets the same rabbit who first introduced him to the wonderland at a party. She leaves the party that is supposed to lead her to meet and marry Lord Heinrich and falls into a well following a rabbit. Alice enters Wonderland for the second time in her life. But this time there are some differences...

6. Charlie and the chocolate factory

BingMag.com 8 films shared by Tim Burton and Johnny Depp; From “Sweeney Todd” to “Edward Scissorhands”

  • Other actors: Freddie Highmore, David Kelly and Helena Bonham Carter
  • Production: 2005, USA, UK and Australia
  • IMDb rating to Movie: 6.7 out of 10
  • Rating of the movie on Rotten Tomatoes site: 83%

The story of "Charlie and the Factory" Like the story of "Alice in Wonderland", "Chocolate Making" is the work of a director like Tim Burton. There are similarities in these two worlds that make me make this judgement. Here, like that book by Lewis Carroll, the reality of the children's world is depicted in the form of a story full of color, light and fantasy, so that both children and adults can enjoy reading it. This book was written by Roald Dahl, who is one of the best authors in the history of dealing with the truth in the context of children's stories. Roald Dahl's work is about family values and human love. This theme is something that is present in all of Burton's works, even in his dark works. In this one, there is a boy at the center of the drama who suffers from poverty despite the benefit of a good family. His love for chocolate has been affected by this poverty. The director uses this interest to tell about the pure truth, that is, about human values.

On the other side, there is the story of a factory, which is just opposite to that boy. Despite owning a rich wealth, he is deprived of the blessing of love and has no one in the world. The confrontation between these two during the drama will make both people achieve their desires and the factory owner will understand that all the chocolates in the world cannot fill the place of a deep human relationship. Put that chocolate, anything else. So the symbolic story of Roald Dahl and of course Tim Burton gives life to metatextual interpretations and telling about different things. This story is so interpretable that it can even go beyond the personal and individual aspects and find political and social effects.

But I imagine that all of this is influenced by the creation of the fantasy atmosphere desired by Tim Burton. . While watching the movie, more than anything else, the colors, lights, clothes of the characters and their makeup attract attention. After finishing the first movie, the audience remembers these images with warm colors. Although this is one of the features of Tim Burton's cinema, if there is a problem with the film, it is the visual effects not being resolved in the heart of the drama and playing its own separate instrument. Well, this is the bane of any fantasy movie that cannot properly create its fantasy world so that the audience can believe all its colorful and unrealistic aspects.

"Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" is like all The joint films that Tim Burton and Johnny Depp have worked together benefit from a great Johnny Depp. Although here, like in the movie "Alice in Wonderland", his presence on the screen brings the work to life, but the difference in the quality of the film when he is present and not present is not such as to make the work fall. That's why I put this one in a higher position.

"Charlie is a poor boy who likes chocolate a lot. Despite his poverty, he enjoys spending time with his family, but he can only eat chocolate once a year. Willy Wonka, the owner of a large chocolate factory that is famous all over the world, decides to find an heir to succeed him after his death. Since he has no relatives, he puts five golden tickets in five chocolates so that the holders of those five tickets can participate in a competition as competitors; The winner will inherit the factory. One of these five children is Charlie...

5. Sleepy Hallow (sleepy hallow)

BingMag.com 8 films shared by Tim Burton and Johnny Depp; From “Sweeney Todd” to “Edward Scissorhands”

  • Other actors: Christina Ricci, Miranda Richardson, Michael Gambon, Jeffrey Jones , Christopher Walken and Christopher Lee
  • Product: 1999, USA
  • IMDb rating for the movie: 7.3 out of 10
  • Rating of the movie on Rotten Tomatoes site: 70%

Tim Burton always mixes his fantasy stories with a scary illusion. But this time it has a really scary story to tell. This movie is also an adaptation inspired by a story written by Washington Irving called "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow".

There are many fairy tales in history. These stories always speak of a deep fear that changes according to the culture of each region. Every culture has some of them, suitable for every age. In many such stories, a man enters a place where a girl is either imprisoned or living a bitter life. The man rushes to the girl's aid and saves her after falling in love with her and facing many dangers. From now on, these two people live happily together. These old stories are full of elements of horror cinema; Creatures like strange monsters and of course bad men and women who take advantage of the girl in the story.

On the other hand, there is a type of stories that we know as Gothic literature. In these stories, there is a woman at the center of the drama, who is trapped in a labyrinth that is generally made by hard-hearted men. These men were supposed to be those ideal lovers but they have become monsters who harass women. In some other stories like this, there is a vampire who is interested in a woman and wants to possess her no matter what. Another type of storytelling has emerged, which we call detective literature. In these stories, a detective to solve a mystery faces a dark world that is full of hidden corridors and gives news of a world full of dirt and evil that nests under the surface skin of the city. The story of the movie "Sleepy Hollow" is a pleasant combination of these three different types of storytelling, and the author of the book and of course Tim Burton have been able to turn it into good works.

Johnny Depp plays the role of a detective in this movie. At the end of the 18th century, he steps into a village that is under a terrible spell. The villagers are dealing with a headless creature that is looking for its lost head, and this is in conflict with all the beliefs of the detective who lives in a rational world and believes in his own reason. During the drama, this detective not only believes in the existence of the spell, but also becomes the most qualified person to deal with it. This detective can be considered a clever metaphor for those who are not interested in fantasy cinema, but have become interested in it after watching Tim Burton's films. Take Mr. Johnny Depp, who is by no means the all-round hero of such movies, to a great like Christopher Lee, whose presence is obviously a tribute to the horror cinema of the past. Of course, Christopher Walken also has a formidable presence in the film and when he appears on the screen, he takes over the entire frame. Michael Gambon has also always shown that he is capable of bringing to life people who are always half-cocked.

The movie "Sleepy Hollow" is next to the movie "Bram Stoker's Dracula". Francis Ford Coppola's work is one of the best Gothic horror films of the 1990s.

"A detective named Ichabod is sent to a village called Sleepy Hollow by a judge because of his lack of belief in supernatural events, which is the case of a number of murders. solve a series. People believe that the legendary headless horseman came back and resurrected because his head was found. The detective enters the village and is accepted by the Van Tessel family to stay there during his investigation. Ichabod falls in love with the daughter of the family, while her father appears to be involved in the murders. A new body is found, but...

4. Corpse bride

BingMag.com 8 films shared by Tim Burton and Johnny Depp; From “Sweeney Todd” to “Edward Scissorhands”

  • Other voice actors: Helena Bonham Carter, Emily Watson and Albert Finney
  • Product: 2005, USA and UK
  • IMDb rating for the movie: 7 3 out of 10
  • Rating of the movie on Rotten Tomatoes site: 84%

The movie "Dead Bride" is an animated movie starring Johnny Depp. He is the main voice actor. It is natural for a director like Tim Burton to create an animation work with that amount of imagination and dreams in his films. It is natural that this animation is different from those usual animations that have a children's world and color, light and beauty are their main characteristics. This is how Burton created an animation that has both a bitter story and takes place in a dark world. To get close to the bitter mood of the drama, Tim Burton adapted all the visual aspects of his film It has created this bitterness and full of bright shadows.

But if you think that Tim Burton's breaking of habit ends here, you are wrong; He has created his story between two completely different worlds: the world of the dead and the living. But it is contrary to the imagination of this living world, which is depicted as a scary place and there is no light in it. The world of the dead is full of happiness, joy and kindness, while the world of the living is full of hypocrisy and fraud.

In such a framework, the director puts two characters from these two different worlds together A living man who clearly looks like Johnny Depp meets a dead woman who resembles Helena Bonham Carter (his voice actress and Tim Burton's then-wife) in the real world. The bride is from the world of the dead and is an alien with pride and arrogance, while the man, like the world of the living, does not benefit from the enthusiasm of life and lives in despair.

"Dead bride" can be another variation. He knew about the story of the movie "Alice in Wonderland". Unlike that story, here a young man enters a fantasy world through which he can overcome his fears and accept the truth of the new world. This world, like the imaginary world of "Alice in Wonderland", is full of strange creatures and of course it has its own bitterness, but these bitterness is mixed with the ideal love of a woman for the main character, which turns the film into a romantic work. In the future, the world of the dead mixes with the world of the living, and a more beautiful world is formed from their encounter, in which the main character can reach his true lover and the dead bride can finally see the color of peace.

It was said that the world The dead are full of light and beauty, and the dead are also engaged in celebration and joy. On the other hand, the world of living human beings is full of bitterness and hypocrisy that does not shine any hopeful light on it. These two different shows of two types of life can be attributed to Tim Burton's great interest in fantasy; Because he considers the world without dreams to be cold and soulless, and he finds living in the world of illusions and fantasy more pleasant; Although, like the world of the dead in this film, this charm is mixed with a little fear. He loves the girl passionately but cannot read the text he memorized completely on the wedding night. The priest tells her that there is no marriage until she can eloquently recite the text in question. Victor goes to the forest at night and while he is reciting the text desired by the priest, he inserts the ring into a branch sticking out of the ground; The branch comes alive and Victor sees that she is a girl named Emily

3. Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

BingMag.com 8 films shared by Tim Burton and Johnny Depp; From “Sweeney Todd” to “Edward Scissorhands”

  • Other actors: Helena Bonham Carter, Alan Rickman, Timothy Spall and Sacha Baron Cohen
  • Product: 2007, USA and UK
  • Once again, Tim Burton is used to breaking down and has mixed the world full of color and freshness of the musical genre into a scary world with a bloody killer as if straight out of a slasher movie. Here, Johnny Depp sings for the first time and plays the role of the main character, the killer. His acting along with the ups and downs story of the film has made this hard-hearted killer arouse the audience's identification.

    The movie "Sweeney Todd" is another adaptation in Tim Burton's career. Stephen Sandheim and Hugh Weller wrote the original story, and Tim Burton, who had loved it since childhood, finally got around to it as an adult. The era of Queen Victoria in England, with its special architecture and the rise of urbanization after the industrial revolution, is the right time to tell scary stories. Just as many crime legends and detective stories have come from that era and told the story of men and women who live in a multiple terror.

    Tim Burton also takes his fantasy world to that era and It creates a frightening picture of the ruling class system. He introduces the main character as a victim of the executioner's system, which is represented in the form of a judge. With the authority he has, the judge has made a man into a psychotic being who takes sacrifices to compensate for his complexes. His victims are actually victims of the anger that this man has from the system ruling England at that time; For this reason, the audience is not completely disgusted by this man and sometimes understands him. In addition, Tim Burton is careful to create a devil from the negative pole of the drama, which is the judge.

    In the meantime, there are some oppressed characters who are trapped in the clutches of this system. One of them is the daughter of Mr. Barber or the murderer. This girl can be seen as a symbol of crushed human emotions in life under such a system. He is either imprisoned in the hospital or in the judge's house, and even when his father rushes to help him, he still does not face it calmly. It is as if a cycle of unhappiness has been set in motion that has gripped everyone and there is no escape from it; To This is the reason why the behavior of the characters in the end is like the wading of those who are caught in the swamp and are getting closer and closer to drowning. . Despite the fact that he had no experience in singing, he was able to shine and play the role of Johnny well. This game also brought him a Golden Globe award. Helena Bonham Carter's performance is also good. Although he didn't receive an award for this performance, he always stands next to Johnny Depp and, in a great collaboration, turns the film into an unforgettable work for the audience. After 15 years, he returned under a pseudonym to take revenge on the judge of the city. Judge Turpin banished him 15 years ago for a bogus reason. Sweeney returns to his former residence and discovers that his daughter has been kidnapped by the judge and is now his prisoner. His wife committed suicide at the same time. He opens a hairdressing shop with the help of a woman named Lovet who owns a bakery in the same place. Sweeney is devising a plan to drag the judge to his barbershop and kill him, but...

    2. Ed Wood

    BingMag.com 8 films shared by Tim Burton and Johnny Depp; From “Sweeney Todd” to “Edward Scissorhands”

    • Other actors: Patricia Arquette, Martin Landau, Bill Murray, Sarah Jessica Parker and Jeffrey Jones
    • Product: 1994, USA
    • IMDb rating for the movie: 7.8 out of 10
    • Rating of the movie on Rotten Tomatoes site: 93%

    Cinema lovers must know the name of Ed Wood have heard He is a famous director in the history of cinema. Although this fame is not at all a fame mixed with admiration. In fact, this fame is due to notoriety; Many know him as the worst director in the history of cinema. It is in this context that some of his films such as "Plan 9 from Outer Space" are called the worst films in the history of cinema; A work that has become a famous and even a cult film today and has gained fans for its rawness.

    Tim Burton took the story of this man and made a film that more than any of his films with the real world. There is a bond around me and you. Although this one still cannot be considered a realistic film, there are no more strange creatures and exotic places. In order to make his story feel like old movies, the filmmaker has organized everything similar to the same movies. First of all, "Ed Wood" is a completely black and white work, the locations have the same atmosphere as the locations of the Hollywood studio system and seem to be happening in the same fake places. There is a bit of fantasy logic in the relationships of the main character and his behavior, otherwise the rest of the story has nothing to do with Tim Burton's favorite fantasy cinema. We are on the side that is afraid of something. He has a dream and wants to achieve it. It's a filmmaking dream, imagining that he could be another Arsen Welles in his youth for American cinema, and make the world wonder and admire him. But exactly the opposite happens to him and he sits in a completely opposite position compared to Arsen Wells.

    The story of "Ed Wood" is the story of all dreamers who cannot achieve their dreams for any reason. Here, the main character, Mr. Ed Wood, a hardworking person, is introduced. But his problem is not having enough talent and artistic taste. He doesn't have a major in filmmaking, but he doesn't fit in and does his job. Tim Burton gives him credit for this effort and even respects him. That's why the movie is so heartwarming.

    All of us have had big dreams in our lives that we have given up for any reason. But Ed Wood is not like that and he is trying to achieve that dream. Although he is not successful in doing it, Haddaq never blames himself for not trying. For this reason, at the height of his stupidity, such an attractive character has been created that the audience will fall in love with. There is a great sense of humor throughout the drama, which puts a permanent smile on the face of the audience.

    Johnny Depp at the peak of his youth has been able to identify with this mysterious man. He has played the antics of his character well and has been able to give a believable color to his wanderings in the Hollywood studio system. These fumbles and failures are the essence of Tim Burton's film, and if the actor can't bring it to life on the silver screen, the end result will be a failed work.

    "The 1950s. Ed Wood is a young man who wants to be Hollywood's next Arsen Welles. He thinks that like that great director he has the necessary talent for this brilliance. So, in collaboration with Bela Lagosi, the famous actor of horror films in the 1930s, who is forgotten in his old age, imposes himself on the studios in order to make his film. But he has no talent for this. until..."

    1. Edward scissorhands

    BingMag.com 8 films shared by Tim Burton and Johnny Depp; From “Sweeney Todd” to “Edward Scissorhands”

    • Other actors: Viona Ryder, Vincent Price and Cathy Baker
    • Product: 1990, USA
    • IMDb rating for the movie: 7.9 out of 10
    • Rating of the film on Rotten Tomatoes site: 90%

    Almost 32 years have passed since this film was made and it is still the best collaboration between Johnny Depp and Tim Burton. He is an actor/filmmaker. In general, "Edward Scissorhands" can be considered Tim Burton's best film, along with "Big Fish"; Somewhere higher than his Batmans. A film full of hesitation and regret that can make its audience feel different emotions. It's as if all those involved in the film made it with all their feelings and gave everything they had in their pockets.

    On the other hand, this is the film that made Johnny Depp's name known all over the world. He was not well known before "Edward Scissorhands" and he had played a role in various films and then suddenly he was an international star who could make blockbuster movies with his presence. But Johnny Depp consciously withdrew from mainstream cinema and continued to work with those who had something to say in the world of cinema. This is despite the fact that just one year before, Tim Burton gained world fame for the movie "Batman" and was considered a respected director. Interestingly, Tim Burton also wanted to work with a great and famous actor and even the name of Tom Cruise, who had achieved great fame after the movie "Top Gun" and collaborated with great directors, was considered as an option. .

    The story of the film is the story of a creature named Edward who was created by a scientist. Thus, this work can be considered a romantic variation of the horror story of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. This creature is found by a kind-hearted woman and goes to the city. Because it has scissor-like hands, it can help many with tasks such as flower arranging or hairdressing. But he also has flaws like any other human being; These flaws are still his hands that can cause unwanted harm to others.

    Tim Burton uses this issue and creates a world where all people accept others as long as they benefit them. . In fact, no one likes Edward because of his human emotions and who he is, and everyone goes to him because of his abilities. As soon as it comes to his human emotions, they reject him because of the same defect and do not consider him worthy of human life at all. Edward is a foreigner to the people of that group all the time and remains a foreigner and that is why the film seems so hesitant and full of regret.

    Especially that Edward is in love with a girl and loves romantically. Love in Tim Burton's films has a poetic form and has no physical meaning at all, and that is why his characters live in a void and rarely reach their beloved. Even in a film like "Dead Bride" where the male character of the story meets his lover, there is a dead girl in love who must sacrifice her love for the happiness of her lover. has it; In the end, Edward has to leave his lover alone to continue his life without her and be happy. Edward lived with people for a few days but found them too bitter to stay with them. So, in his solitude, he lives with the memory of his beloved and with every snowfall, he reminds her of that girl.

    Tim Burton considers "Edward Scissorhands" to be his most personal film.

    " Peggy is a woman who is not satisfied with her life. One day, he goes to a palace near where he lives, which has been abandoned for a long time. There he finds a creature named Edward, the creation of a scientist who died before running out of hands. For this reason, Edward's whole body is humanoid except for his hands and fingers, which remain like scissors. Peggy brings him home and introduces him to her family members. Edward has a crush on Peggy's daughter, Kim, but...

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