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The films of the Iranian Cinema Competition section of the 1400 Fajr Film Festival were identified

BingMag.com The <b>films</b> of the <b>Iranian</b> <b>Cinema</b> <b>Competition</b> <b>section</b> of the <b>1400</b> <b>Fajr</b> <b>Film</b> <b>Festival</b> <b>were</b> identified

Hours ago, the selection committee of Fajr 1400 Film Festival announced the list of films in the Iranian Cinema Competition section.

Many Cinema lovers hoped to see new films by famous directors such as Hooman Sidi, Mani Haghighi, Saeed Roustaei and Vahid Jalilvand in the 40th edition of the Fajr Film Festival, but in the final list announced by the 40th Festival selection committee, there is no mention of these names and the absence of " Night, Interior, Wall Vahid Jellilund's latest work is the most surprising; Because according to some news, the shooting of this Film ended a few months ago and we expected it to compete with other films in the Fajr 1400 Festival for Simorgh.

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On the other hand, despite the request of many filmmakers and Film lovers to screen the Film "The Killer and the Wild" at the Fajr Festival, this year there will be no news of the presence of Hamid Nematullah's sixth Film in this event.


Apart from the big absentees of the 40th festival, the published list includes the names of some curious, interesting and interesting films by famous directors such as Reza Mirkarimi, Masoud Kimiaei and Behrouz Shoaib. Also, according to the names of the directors, it can be said that in the upcoming festival, we will see the presence of filmmakers from three different generations with different views, which is a positive point.>

1- 2888- Director: Keyvan Alimohammadi and Ali Akbar Heidari- Producer: Keyvan Alimohammadi
2- Without prior appointment- Director: Behrooz Shoaibi- Producer: Mahmoud Babaei
3- The Last Snow- Director: Amir Hossein Asgari- Producer: Hassan Mostafavi
4- Biroya- Director: Arian Vazirdftari- Producer: Saeed Saadi and Hooman Seyed Producer: Mohammad Reza Mesbah
6- Outside- Director: Morteza Ali Abbasmirzaei- Producer: Majid Barzegar
7- Treason- Director: Masoud Kimiaei- Producer: Ali Oji
8- Door- Director: Seyed Hadi Mohaghegh- Producer: Seyed Reza Mohaghegh
9- Girls - Director: Munir Qidi- Producer: Mohammad Reza Mansouri
10- Shadruvan- Director: Hossein Namazi- Producer: Abbas Naderan
11- Golden Night- Radan: Yousef Hatamikia- Producer: Ebrahim Hatamikia
12- Shahrak- Director: Ali Hazrati- Producer: Ali Sartipi
13- Constellation- Director: Hossein Darabi- Producer: Mohammad Reza Shafa
14- Anti-Director: Amir Abbas Rabiee- Producer: Mohammad Reza Shafiei
15- Alfazar- Director: Kazem Daneshi- Producer: Bahram Radan
16- Layers of Lies- Director: Ramin Sohrab- Producer: Mohsen Sarafi, Ramin Sohrab
17- Mahan- Director: Hamid Shahohatami- Producer: Ali Shahohatami
18- The Loser Man- Director: Mohammad Hossein Mahdavian- Producer: Amir Banan, Kamran Hejazi
19- Private meeting- Director: Omid Shams - Producer: Amir Banan
20-Situation of Mehdi (Bakri) - Director: Hadi Hejazifar- Producer: Habibollah Valinejad
21 - Night Watch - Director: Reza Mirkarimi- Producer: Reza Mirkarimi
22 - Nemour - Director: Davood Biddle - Producer: Seyed Yaser Jafari

The selection committee of the 40th Fajr Film Festival consists of Behrouz Afkhami, Ismail Bonyardalan, Pouran Derakhshandeh, Hossein Zandbaf, Majid Shah Hosseini, Esfandiar Shahidi and Mohammad Hossein Niroman According to the calendar of the 40th festival, they finished their work last night, according to the calendar of the 40th festival. The 40th Fajr Film Festival will be held in two cultural and competitive sections under the auspices of Massoud Naghashzadeh from 12 to 22 Bahman 1400.

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