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5 films directed by Warren Beatty, a movie star in the new Hollywood era

Warren Beatty was one of the biggest movie stars of the "New Hollywood" era. New Hollywood refers to an era in which American cinema in the late 1960s and early 1970s dissected itself from the era of classic storytelling and optimism. Warren Beatty can be called one of the icons of this new era. In this list, we will cover all the films that Warren Beatty has directed and we will review all five of his works. A film by Elia Kazan called Splendor in the Grass, which is one of the best films of this great director. But he became the main figure in the new generation of American cinema when he appeared as Clyde Barrow in 1967 in the iconic film Bonnie and Clyde, directed by Arthur Penn. And Clyde is considered to be the beginning of a new era and the blower of a new spirit in American cinema, and playing the lead role will definitely lead the actor to an important place both in the history of cinema and in terms of fame. But he continued to play this key role, appearing in films such as McCabe and Mrs.miller, directed by Robert Altman, Shampoo, directed by Hall Ashby, and The Parallax View, directed by Alan J. Pacola. He acted to establish himself as the first man of the era. Warren Beatty was an obsessive-compulsive actor. He was never willing to play any role and was sometimes turned down offers. So he decided to move behind the camera to design the roles he wanted to appear on. Beatty did it when she was just 38 years old, and maybe that age is a little late to start a new career.

His limited filmmaking period is really weird, and those five films are enough to explore The record of a filmmaker is confusing because at first glance it may not be possible to guess that these works all belong to one person; Because they look so different that they will get any audience in trouble. But there are definitely some thrills to it, too, especially since Warren Beatty never liked to be confined to a particular genre, breaking the rules of the game in any field.

Just look His attempt to make a film about Dick Fear and the shape and form of the film, which calls into question all the rules of gangster and criminal cinema. Some of his films have stood the test of time, and one or two of them have already become disposable films, but Warren Beatty, whatever he is and whatever he makes, is impossible because of the eternal image that Robert Altman has of him in that sequence. He recorded the unforgettable credits of McCabe and Mrs. Miller, and left the horse and mixed Leonard Cohen's voice with it, to be forgotten.

5. Rules do not apply

BingMag.com 5 films directed by Warren Beatty, a movie star in the new Hollywood era

  • Cast: Lily Collins, Warren Beatty, Alec Baldwin, Ant Binning
  • Product: 2016, USA
  • IMDb movie rating: 5.7 out of 10
  • Movie rating on Raton Tomitoz: 55.

Warren Beatty with production and acting in The film does not apply the rules, he returned to the cinema after years of absence. Fifteen years after his last acting role and eighteen years after directing, the film was released. Beatty herself plays one of the strangest real figures in the history of cinema, Howard Hughes, and the list of actors in the film is really enviable. Lily Collins was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress for her role in the film. The box office sold out and became a complete failure. At the same time, the critics did not accept it so much that the film is an artistically memorable work in Warren Beatty's career. In fact, Warren Beatty's most famous appearance that year does not go back to his film, but to the announcement of the results of the best film at the Oscars and his erroneous announcement of "La la Land".

From classic Hollywood to modern Hollywood shows. When the powerful studios and their owners monitored all aspects of their artwork and even made obvious interferences in the private lives of their staff and movie stars; An era Warren Beatty knows well; Because it was one of the disruptors of that time and the gateway to the gates of the new age.

The main problem of the rules does not apply goes back to the film's narrative strategy: Draw melancholy from the time of transition to new cinema. But in any case, the presence of his close friends (all the famous actors of the work) has made Lily Collins shine in the lead role and is a good representative for the actors of her time Warren Beatty in the present era.

"Hollywood, the year 1958 The famous actress loses her heart to her driver, while her employer, Howard Hughes, has banned the legendary such thing

4. Heaven can wait

BingMag.com 5 films directed by Warren Beatty, a movie star in the new Hollywood era

  • Another director: Buck Henry
  • Actors: Warren Beatty, Julie Christie, James Mason
  • Product: 1978, USA
  • IMDb site rating to movie: 6.9 out of 10
  • movie rating on Raton Tomitoz site: 88.
  • But heaven can wait is one of the strangest. Called comedy the fantasies of cinema history; Because Warren Beatty's experience in making a full-fledged romance with Buck Henry uses all the rules of this type of cinema, but it also has something new to offer. Although the film was a huge achievement at the Oscars and was nominated for nine awards, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Adapted Screenplay, it was left empty-handed. Warren Beatty can wait for heaven Based on a film of the same name directed by Ernest Lubich in 1943. The presence of Jack Warden, Julie Christie and Warren Beatty himself in the film is great, but this is Beatty's first directing experience. American football. He is looking to lead his team to the most important match of the season. As he passes through a tunnel on his bicycle, he is suddenly confronted by his guardian angel. In the world after his death, he refuses to accept death and remembers his life

    3. Dick Tracy

    BingMag.com 5 films directed by Warren Beatty, a movie star in the new Hollywood era

    • Cast: Al Pacino, Warren Beatty, Madonna
    • Product: 1990, USA
    • IMDb movie rating: 6.1 10
    • Movie ratings on Raton Tomitoz: 63.

    Warren Beatty retires from cinema for years after filming Reds at the box office He acted only in the 1987 film Ishtar and did not make any other films. This is a decade-long absence in the world of cinema, which is naturally fatal for any actor and may cause his job to be destroyed and forgotten in the minds of cinema audiences. Maybe that's why he is less known in our country than the rest of his generation.

    After that defeat, he returned with all his might and tried to lay the foundations of a cinematic franchise. A fantasy action game that paints a different picture of the underworld in the 1930s. Beatty seizes the opportunity and pays homage to the gangster cinema of the time and the giants of classical cinema; Alte in his own way and with the satire of stereotypes. If you see Al Pacino in the film, it is impossible to recognize him at first glance, because the fantasy atmosphere of the film and the shape and image of people, decors and neighborhoods are completely different from what the cinema generally shows us; It's like a fairy tale in the world, run by gangs, of course. Together, the two form the cinema to which many films today, from Marvel Technical Cinema to the fantasy works of Nolan and Tim Burton, are indebted; Living in metropolises that are as bright as shadows like the coloring pages of comic books, with pure imagination flowing through the heart and being an integral part of that world. Warren Beatty deliberately portrays much of his film city as a cartoon. To make this fantasy space more visible and its cartoon logic more appealing than the real world logic. To understand film, one must open the wings of fantasy and close one's eyes to the real world, especially since the audience of today's cinema is more familiar with such films than ever before. Like Martin Scorsese and Walter Hill, they had previously tried to build it, but ultimately failed.

    He also has problems in his personal life. Because her fianc wants her to find a more relaxed job. This is while a masked person is found and disturbs the peace of the city again

    2. Bulworth

    BingMag.com 5 films directed by Warren Beatty, a movie star in the new Hollywood era

    • Actors: Warren Beatty , Sean Austin, Halle Berry, Dan Cheadle
    • Product: 1998, USA
    • IMDb movie rating: 6. 8 out of 10
    • Raton Tomitoz movie rating: 76.

    Warren Beatty never hid his political views and made the film Bullworth went into the political life and marriage of Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary and the fringes of their married life, especially after the sex scandals of the then President of the United States of America. Bullworth is a black political comedy that tries to critique the lives of American politicians and rulers in a hilarious situation, while at the same time asking the audience to laugh at the important moments of every citizen's political life.

    But this is not all political criticism of the film. The film's portrayal of US election campaigns is tied to a satire that is less cinematic. The film's story is also full of satire and critique of the intellectual, political, and social condition of American society at the end of the simplest century and a time when middle-class politicians relied on the seats of powerful human beings.

    It questions the concept of the general and introduces its integrity as contrary to honesty. The main character of the film feels alive and enjoys life when he starts talking to people honestly. But his political past is like a sword of Damocles over his head, and he is constantly coming closer to do his job.

    Bullworth failed at the box office but managed to attract the attention of critics. The film's sense of humor is sometimes at its peak and can make the audience laugh. On the other hand, the film made its first female actress shine; Like in the case of Lily Collins, Halle Berry did not apply the rules to both the critics and the audience. The Washington Post called it one of the best political comedies in history at the time of its release, and ultimately Bullworth's nomination for the Academy Award was nominated for Best Original Screenplay.

    He fails, decides to hire a killer and kill himself. In the meantime, he is invited to a church to give a talk, and suddenly he puts aside the text of the talk and begins to speak honestly to the people. In this meeting, he meets a woman and the passion for life boils in her again and she decides to continue living, but

    1. Reds

    BingMag.com 5 films directed by Warren Beatty, a movie star in the new Hollywood era

    • Actors: Warren Beatty , Diane Keaton, Jack Nicholson
    • Product: 1981, USA
    • IMDb movie rating: 7.3 out of 10
    • Movie rating on Raton Tomitoz: 89.

    The Reds are Warren Beatty's lifeless masterpiece. He is now very confident in his second experience behind the camera, which is why he is making an epic yet personal film with a duration of 195 minutes. The Reds is one of the most famous epic films in the history of cinema, and the American Film Foundation has ranked it ninth in the epic genre of cinema history. The film also won the Academy Award for Best Director for its creator, Warren Beatty; In addition, Reds was nominated for nine other Academy Awards.

    Reds are one of those films that unfortunately are no longer made. Films that place their characters in the midst of one-time upheavals and important historical ups and downs to provide both a personal account of history and the contribution of major human events to the personal lives of those present in the film; Films like 1900 by Bernardo Bertolucci fall into that category. Is. The biggest achievement of the film is the presentation of political problems and the expression of idealistic excitement in the form of a Hollywood film. While the film enjoys a pleasant romance, it is possible to shed tears for the lost traces of human presence in the dust of history and shed tears for vanished ideals.

    . A film that shows both his political aspirations and his artistic ambitions. The Controversial Genius of Spanish Cinema

"John Reed is an idealistic and radical journalist who meets a woman writer named Luis Bryant. Their relationship continues in a tumultuous way. In the meantime, their relationships are influenced by acquaintances with famous people, and their lives are also depicted in the heart of important events at the beginning of the twentieth century

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