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Film criticism is not a time to die; Disappointing farewell to the James Bond myth

BingMag.com Film criticism is not a time to die; Disappointing farewell to the James Bond myth

Daniel Craig, who wanted to be James Bond, shouted and shouted at James Bond fans. James Bond was known for his dark hair, and his blue eyes and Daniel Craig were James Bond, and for James Bond fans, this violation of the mythical details created by Ian Fleming in the 1950s and released in the early 1960s is an unforgivable mistake. . Now it seems that times have changed and from that agent 007 only his name remains and the way of drawing James Bond movies and the narratives of this most popular spy in the world has completely changed.

Warning: In the critique of the movie" There is no time to die ", there is a danger that the story will be leaked.

After Sam Mendes' failed film "Specter", Kerry G. Fukunaga was chosen to make the 25th James Bond film. The film was supposed to be Daniel Craig's fifth and final role as James Bond and he said goodbye to the character. Daniel Craig, who played the role of James Bond with a lot of margins, managed to establish himself in the hearts of fans of this character in the last four films. As a result, we all waited for his glorious farewell to the James Bond character in a film that had been delayed for a year because of Corona. But "No Time to Die" was not just a farewell to Daniel Craig, it was a farewell to everything we knew about James Bond. Exciting chase scenes, the presence of women (gang girls) who find a romantic atmosphere due to their relationship with James Bond in the film, and of course, are generally effective in the drama process, evil characters that James Bond must thwart their plans. Humor to the extent necessary and ultimately a compelling but light story. We were not supposed to see complex stories in James Bond films. The Communists and the Eastern Bloc were on one side and James Bond and his comrades on the other. Of course, with the collapse of the Eastern Bloc, the work of James Bond storytellers became more difficult because the other James Bond classic villains no longer responded. As a result, concepts such as identity in "Skyfall" or terrorists in "Casino Royale" (the latter of which is a very good film but not very James Bond) were added to the gang's stories.

Of all those stories, in addition to the new concepts of recent years. The only thing the St. James Bond movie has is a good opening in its first half hour. The first half hour is what we expect from a James Bond film in terms of visuals, direction and dramatic process. As usual, we have a spectacular title track with a memorable song performed this time by Billy Elish. The first scene in which Lea Seedo pulls her head out from under the water is reminiscent of scenes from the gangsters of James Bond classic films. The farewell sequence at the train station is what it should be. Cinematic and tasteful in a great mezzanine of the girl behind the train windows and the cold James Bond on the station platform leading to a visually pleasing caption.

It becomes. The man played by Daniel Craig, who has failed in love and seeks to save the people of the world, could be John Smith, Jack Adam or any other name. It could be Ethan Hunt or even Jason Bourne. There is no sign of James Bondy's coolness and charm. We have another good sequence with Anna DiArmas, who, of course, did not work very well with this new James Bond from home and family, but DiArmas has both good chemistry in front of the camera and an attractive sequence in terms of action.

We are living in a new era where the Cold War and the Eastern and Soviet blocs can no longer be the enemies of James Bond, but James Bond is not supposed to be the savior of all humanity in the way of the superhero films "The Avengers". The evil pole of the story is not supposed to be so funny and typical with a bitter childhood past, although Rami Malik has done his best to make the evil role attractive. Most importantly, because of the social movements of Agent 007, who was a white British man with blue eyes and dark hair, he was not going to become a black woman by the filmmakers. The problem is that "there is no time to die" bears the name of James Bond, but does not have any of the components of James Bond. His story has a twist like Nolan's "Tenet" to the extent that it confuses you that he is now on the side of the enemy Specter or Bluefield or that character Rami Malik, that is, this film is far from the usual simple, straightforward and funny James Bond stories. Even if you listen to the lyrics of Hans Zimmer for the film separately (I listened to Soundtrack before watching the film), you will notice that the music atmosphere is very different from that famous John Barry's humorous theme, and even the least famous one during the film. Is used. Now the argument is that Hans Zimmer's music is more complex in terms of orchestra and composition, and these are secondary. What matters is that it is not James Bondi. It is not clear, and this word and hadith that was created by humans) we understand that the new James Bond has a wife and children! From here, things get trickier, and this is where the true dialogue begins! When Leah Seido tells James Bond in those last moments that the blue eyes of the little girl have gone to him, from directing to dialogue, everything is so low that the film is neither impressive nor entertaining.

"There is no time to die. It could have been a good action with its own aesthetics and statics, which, by the way, is Fukunaga's directorial acclaim in the film, and it has some interesting frames to be admired. But since he bears the name of the band, he must have a little loyalty to the world of James Bond, except that his character's name is James Bond. "No Time to Die" is an action movie that suffers from a lack of humor and, of course, is not as entertaining as the James Bond movies. Screenwriters: Neil Price, Robert Wade, Carrie G. Fukunaga, Phoebe Waller Bridge James Bond is on holiday in Italy with Madeleine, who is assassinated. He suspects Madeleine because Madeleine has hidden her past from the gang. Five years later, the gang discovers that a weapon that I and his security team had secretly invented to defend the people has now fallen into the hands of a major criminal who could kill millions on the planet. On the other hand, Bluefield's head is found again, looking for John James Bond.
Metacritic Score: 68 out of 100
Imdb to Movie Score: 7.5 out of 10
Of the five critiques of the film, there is no time to die.

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