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Explanation of the ending of the film "Sirano"; Joe Wright's new adaptation starring Lord Tyrion

BingMag.com <b>Explanation</b> of the <b>ending</b> of the <b>film</b> 'Sirano'; <b>Joe</b> <b>Wright's</b> <b>new</b> <b>adaptation</b> <b>starring</b> <b>Lord</b> Tyrion

The film "Cyrano", adapted from the 1987 play "Cyrano de Bergerac" by Edmund Rostand, is in many ways similar to the original source and in It also enhances the story with pieces by Bryce and Aaron Dessner and a few minor tweaks to the story, including Cyrano's final sentences.

Warning: This text tells the story of "Cyrano" is revealed

"Cyrano" directed by Joe Wright is based on a screenplay by Erica Schmidt who has a history of writing and directing musical theater, which is why The story is taken. The main character (Peter Dinklage, actor of the throne) is an eloquent and loving lover, and he loves Roxanne (Healy Bennett), whom he has known since childhood.

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She wants to tell Roxann that she loves him, but the girl falls in love with another man named Christine (Kelvin Harrison Jr.), a soldier who recently Cyrano forces have joined. Roxanne asks Sirano to take care of Christine, and when Sirano realizes that Christine feels the same way about Roxanne, he offers her to write love letters to Roxanne on her behalf, expressing her feelings in her pen.>

The ending of "Cyrano" brings bad luck to everyone, and all the characters go through a special adventure, and the final sentences of Cyrano increase the impact of the story. So let's explain this ending to see what this film really means.

Why doesn't Cyrano tell Roxanne that he loves him after Christine's death?

BingMag.com <b>Explanation</b> of the <b>ending</b> of the <b>film</b> 'Sirano'; <b>Joe</b> <b>Wright's</b> <b>new</b> <b>adaptation</b> <b>starring</b> <b>Lord</b> Tyrion

Christine realizes on the front lines that Cirano loves Roxanne and tells Cirano that they must tell Roxanne the truth . At this point, Christine liked to be honest with Roxanne. He asked Roxanne to love him as he is. He tried to convince Cyrano about it, but Cyrano eventually avoided expressing his interest in Roxanne. Death should be remembered well. Cirano went on to hide the truth from Roxanne because he did not want to be rejected or mistreated. First of all, he tried to protect himself. Maybe he cared a little about Christine, but most of all he cared about himself and could not cope with what he had done (writing letters instead of Christine). So Cyrano refused to make Christine's last wish come true, and in the end none of them got what they wanted.

Peter Dinklage as Cyrano

BingMag.com <b>Explanation</b> of the <b>ending</b> of the <b>film</b> 'Sirano'; <b>Joe</b> <b>Wright's</b> <b>new</b> <b>adaptation</b> <b>starring</b> <b>Lord</b> Tyrion

Sirano has a very large nose in the main story and in most adaptations of this story, which is one of his outstanding features. However, the choice of Dinklage to play this role changed everything for this character. It is noteworthy that in this film, Cirano's psychological insecurities and his fear of rejection are not due to the large size of his nose, but to his short stature. His physical appearance in the film adds new layers to the story that did not exist before. The film deals with how society accepts her, what her social status is, and how she sees herself in the face of Roxanne's beauty. These characteristics of Peter Dinklage add a unique and interesting dimension to this classic story.

Why did Cyrano love his pride more than Roxanne?

BingMag.com <b>Explanation</b> of the <b>ending</b> of the <b>film</b> 'Sirano'; <b>Joe</b> <b>Wright's</b> <b>new</b> <b>adaptation</b> <b>starring</b> <b>Lord</b> Tyrion

Sirano dies in Roxan's arms at the end of the film. Roxanne confessed her feelings for Cyrano and showed that she knew he was writing Christine's letters, and Cyrano went on to say that he loved his pride more than anything else. This sentence is devastating, because it is uttered when Sirano finally hears what he always wanted from Roxanne and realizes that Roxanne also loves him and apparently hopes for a romantic relationship with him. However, Sirano's remarks about loving his pride leave him responsible for not telling Roxanne the truth. Ultimately, Sirano does not blame anyone for his misfortune, but his pride and prejudice are the cause of this fate.

It is this pride that prevents him from expressing his true feelings towards Roxanne during these years. If he had given up his pride, perhaps his life and that of Roxanne would have been different. Maybe they would have met sooner. Cyrano hid behind this damn pride and at the same time blamed himself for refusing to live. It seems that Cirano is finally at the moment of his death He really realized what had happened. Roxanne surprised him by revealing his feelings, as Cirano himself had refused to do so. Even if Roxanne did not like him, he would not treat him cruelly. Cirano's soul, despite his skill in poetry and eloquence, prevented him from living a freer and more honest life, and his pride damaged everyone around him, including himself. Barrage

BingMag.com <b>Explanation</b> of the <b>ending</b> of the <b>film</b> 'Sirano'; <b>Joe</b> <b>Wright's</b> <b>new</b> <b>adaptation</b> <b>starring</b> <b>Lord</b> Tyrion

Joe Wright's "Cyrano" is, in most cases, very different from the original play. Rostand does not, but in any case, significant changes have been made to the screening of this story in cinemas. The most obvious change is that Cyrano no longer has a big nose, and the root cause of his mental and physical insecurities is something else. "Cyrano" is also a musical adaptation that differs from the original source in this respect. The film's music advances the storyline and allows other aspects of the narrative to be seen without straying from the core of the story.

In the play, after Christine's death, a 15-year leap in During this time, Sirano hides his love from Roxanne. However, the film changes this part and instead we have a three year leap and then the main character of the story dies. Moreover, Cirano's last words in the play are not about loving his pride more than Roxanne, but he states that the only thing that accompanies him when he dies is his power. This change in dialogue in itself changes the impact and understanding of Cyrano's decisions for the audience.

What does the ending of Cyrano mean

BingMag.com <b>Explanation</b> of the <b>ending</b> of the <b>film</b> 'Sirano'; <b>Joe</b> <b>Wright's</b> <b>new</b> <b>adaptation</b> <b>starring</b> <b>Lord</b> Tyrion

Cyrano's conclusion ultimately shows that physical appearance, social status, and others' perceptions and attitudes toward Cyrano also affect how he feels about himself. Dishonesty in life can ruin a person's life. Cirano's mental insecurities pervaded his entire life and indirectly affected others. His fears stopped him and forced him to hide behind someone else and not experience the love he really loved. The ending is a glimpse into the love life that Cirano de Bergerac could have experienced, if and only if he had gone far enough in his mind.

Of course, some of his insecurities and fears They were so deep that he preferred to hide his feelings for a long time. Sirano prioritized Roxanne's views of himself (and society) over himself, which prevented him from being a factor in his story. His hiding for a long time leaves a huge emotional wound on himself and Roxanne, and neither of them finds the opportunity to escape the consequences of Cyrano's actions and decisions.

Source: screenrant

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