Explaining the ending of the sixth season of the series “Better Call Saul” in detail

The end of the sixth season "Better Call Saul" was exceptional and surprised the audience. It is not bad to describe the details of this season, which depicted the climax of James Morgan McGill's story.

BingMag.com Explaining the ending of the sixth season of the series “Better Call Saul” in detail

The end of the sixth season "Better Call Saul" was exceptional and surprised the audience. It is not bad to describe the details of this season, which depicted the climax of James Morgan McGill's story.

When Bob Odenkirk first walked through the door of the interrogation room in the second season of "Breaking Bad" series, few people One could imagine that a decade or so later, a successful prequel to Saul Goodman's "Better Call Saul" would be made. Of course, before he had his own series in the series "Breaking Bad", he had earned a unique position as a prominent television character and had many fans. Alas, all good things come to an end, and that's the case with "Better Call Saul" season six. White announced in the last season

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  • In the sixth season of "Better Call Saul", James McGill made the fatal mistake of greed. Despite being able to start a new life in Omaha under the alias of Jane Tkavik, she couldn't resist the temptation of other criminals and was caught by Marion, played by Carol Burnett, who immediately informed the authorities that Heisenberg's accomplice was in her kitchen. . Meanwhile, Kim Wechsler's new life in Florida is turned upside down by a surprise phone call from James. A call that made him confess to everything, especially defrauding Howard Hamlin and their role in his murder.

    The series finale "Better Call Saul" shows Jimmy trying to get out of the swamp. in which he is trapped to be released and depicts his last chance for freedom. Throughout the series, a series of flashbacks to previous episodes and seasons of "Better Call Saul" and "Breaking Bad" evaluate Jamie's decisions. When everything is fully explained, the legend of Jimmy McGill finally comes to an end, an ending that can be very bittersweet in some ways. These themes made the series finale "Better Call Saul" so surprising.

    Why does Jimmy ask Mike and Walt about the time machine?

    BingMag.com Explaining the ending of the sixth season of the series “Better Call Saul” in detail

    The final episode of "Better Call Saul" features a series of flashbacks: one opposite Jonathan Banks as Erman Miketroth. in the fifth episode and another opposite Bryan Cranston as Walter White in the fifth season of Breaking Bad and another opposite Michael McCain as Chuck McGill shortly before the start of "Better Call Saul". All of these flashbacks focus on the theme of regret and are included in Season 6's "Better Call Saul" due to their common theme.

    The first person to learn about Jamie's dark past is none other than Mike. As they are crossing the desert, Jimmy asks her what she would do if she had a time machine to pass the time. Mike chose the date of 2001 and said that he would definitely go back to that time. This date was probably the same day that his son Matty was killed when he agreed to accept the bribe for the first time. was doing Because Matty was killed after reluctantly accepting a bribe on his father's advice, Mike believes his son would still be alive if he had never gotten involved in this dirty game himself. In the second flashback, Jimmy asks Walter White the same question, and he cites leaving Gray Matter as his biggest regret. An answer that shows he is still looking for greatness and glory and reaching the top.

    But in both of these scenes, Jimmy's own answers are completely meaningless. He tells Mike that he used the time machine to invest in Berkshire Hathaway and become a billionaire, and tells a story about injuring his knee during a scam. Needless to say, Jimmy also feels regret, and his question about the time machine definitely shows his regret. Throughout Season 6, "Better Call Saul", a replica of HG Wells' time machine is provided to Jimmy, and at the end of the series, viewers learn that the machine originally belonged to his brother, Chuck. But of course, the real moment Jimmy McGill wishes he could change was the one that killed his brother in Season 3's "Better Call Saul."

    Explaining Saul Goodman's Petition

    BingMag.com Explaining the ending of the sixth season of the series “Better Call Saul” in detail

    After escaping from Marion's house and taking her precious shoe box, Jimmy McGill A garbage can is hidden. The diamonds and his business card indicate that he is planning another scam, but the police stop him before When Jimmy got the chance to do this, he was arrested. The graffiti in his cell that says "My lawyer will get my revenge on you" sparks the spark in Jimmy's mind to become Goodman.

    He calls his old friend and lawyer Bill Oakley, the same Someone who worked as a defense attorney in Season 6 of "Better Call Saul". Basically, Jamie plans to challenge legal rulings by abusing his knowledge of the justice system. He knows that he only needs one vote of the jury to escape from the clutches of the law, and for this reason, he presents the scenario of "I was the victim". Will they be able to convince Jamie to confess to what he did in exchange for a simple conviction, or will they be able to prove anything at all? In addition, he threatened the chief prosecutor, George Castellano, that he could tarnish his flawless record and was able to reduce his life sentence to seven years in a prison of his choice.

    Why is the small presence of Maria Shrader as Betsy Brandt so important?

    BingMag.com Explaining the ending of the sixth season of the series “Better Call Saul” in detail

    While the presence of Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul in the final episode of the sixth season "Better Call Saul" was already confirmed, the presence of Maria Shrader as Betsy Brandt was able to have a surprising effect on the plot of this episode. put As the widowed wife of one of the agents of the intelligence organization who died in the pursuit of Heisenberg and his companions, Marie is allowed to observe the court session of Jimmy McGill, but this prisoner asks the judge to invite Hank's wife to the stand. Jimmy probably told the prosecutor that if I could look a widow straight in the eyes, a widow that was thirsty for my blood, I could definitely swing at least one of the jury's votes in my favor, and that's what he wanted to do.

    Thus, Betsy Brand's brief appearance in the final episode of "Better Call Saul" not only makes Hank's death seem much more significant and acknowledges to the audience that these characters are still struggling with The consequences of the series "Breaking Bad" and some of the effects of this series are still felt, but it shows that those who survived are still looking for justice. In fact, it can be seen in the final part of this series that Jimmy is immersed in his dirty work and does not shy away from doing anything for the sake of sacrificing others. He looks beautifully in Mike's eyes and by playing the role of the victim and pretending to be oppressed, he shows how far he has fallen from morality.

    Why does Jimmy finally confess in court?


    BingMag.com Explaining the ending of the sixth season of the series “Better Call Saul” in detail

    Jimmy McGill negotiated with the prosecutor to implement a seven-year sentence, but suddenly something It changes him, and when the court day finally arrives, he confesses with all his might. A confession that affects the whole court.

    In fact, Saul Goodman makes this decision when he hears that Kim Wexler confessed, so he decides to tell the truth himself during the flight to New Mexico. Jimmy learns through Bill that Kim not only signed a letter regarding the Howard Hamlin incident, but also showed this affidavit to Howard's widow, and soon a flood of civil lawsuits will be pouring in their direction. Kim's self-sacrifice was just what Jimmy McGill needed because it made him come to his senses and realize that now is the time to work on clearing his soul.

    Since Jimmy Wanting Kim to know that she took responsibility for everything, she gets off the plane and tells the prosecutor new lies about defrauding Howard and Kim's role. This will cause Kim to be summoned to the court again, that is, the same court where Jimmy intends to acquit him of all charges. In fact, Jimmy only needed Kate's presence in court, and accusing him was the only way he had.

    When Kim left Jimmy in the "Fury and Games" episode of the sixth season of the "Better Call Saul" series. Kurd, the reason for his separation was that when these two people are together, the dark sides of their personalities show themselves more. Maybe it's hard for Kim, but she was the one who made Jimmy confess his sins at the end of the series "Better Call Saul", and this proves that these two can help each other's good things flourish.

    Jamie McGill destroys Saul Goodman in the finale of "Better Call Saul"

    BingMag.com Explaining the ending of the sixth season of the series “Better Call Saul” in detail

    The man who walks into the courtroom is Saul Goodman, in a smart suit and an arrogant, slightly ridiculous look. All these grand displays are designed so that Saul Goodman can show himself in court one last time. But in truth, with every confession Jimmy makes, a part of Saul dies and a part of Jimmy is reclaimed until it's only Jimmy who stands before the jury. Standing.

    One of the memorable moments in "Better Call Saul" is when Jimmy admits that he was working with Heisenberg and then asks Kim to back him up. But Kim is frozen in place like a stone and is staring at Saul in a daze. Saul returns to the judge, the ex-lawyer desperately reviews his mistakes and returns to the moment of Chuck's death in Season 3's "Better Call Saul" and tries to come to terms with it.

    Is it Kim? Is Wexler happy at the end of "Better Call Saul?"

    BingMag.com Explaining the ending of the sixth season of the series “Better Call Saul” in detail

    When You better call Saul" showed Kim's fate after "Breaking Bad", things were not looking so good. The series clearly showed a boring job that didn't require her extraordinary talent, a fiancee that didn't show much interest in her, and a life where she couldn't make up her own mind. Kim's life is still pretty bad at the end of "Better Call Saul," as the lunch break sequence reveals that she can't even choose between Red Lobster and Topkapi, but Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould offer a glimmer of hope at the end. "Better Call Saul" shows Kim volunteering to be a member of a free clinic.

    The services offered at this center are very similar to the professional work Kim did in Season 6 of "Better Call Saul." "Call Saul" means providing legal aid to those who cannot afford it. So volunteering for this job shows that Kim is trying to get her old life back and so maybe through this job she can put herself back together and become the same Kim she was before and regain the confidence she had before. It was taken and regained.

    Actually, Kim's fate is not so happy and bright, but his new job shows the audience that everything can be better and maybe things will be better in the future. Additionally, the Season 6 finale "Better Call Saul" doesn't mention whether or not Sheryl Hamlin is still suing Kim. Of course, Jaime's imprisonment may have allowed his ex-wife Kim to survive a costly lawsuit.

    However, when Kim appears in the final scene of "You Better Call Saul" and As if he had traveled to a distant region, he does not seem to be so bankrupt. In fact, Jimmy came to his senses due to Kim's confession and his confession was able to save Kim, but Kim is still being punished for the mistakes he made, although there is a glimmer of hope in his life and he may be redeemed one day.

    Description of Jimmy McGill's Final Fate

    BingMag.com Explaining the ending of the sixth season of the series “Better Call Saul” in detail

    Since Jimmy McGill decides to turn his court hearing into a confessional therapy session, all his plans are foiled. Instead of spending seven years where he wants to be, Jimmy will have to spend 86 years of his life in Montrose, the same prison he said in initial negotiations with the prosecutor that he did not want to go there at all. However, just like Kim's fate, there is a glimmer of hope in Jimmy's fate. He owes it to save criminals from the clutches of justice, it's not that bad. Jimmy McGill is immediately accepted by the other inmates because of his reputation for defending crooks and the respect he has earned through his collaboration with Heisenberg, even if he decides to ditch the Saul character forever.

    Also, on the plus side, Jamie's confessions in the courtroom improved the differences between him and Kim to a great extent. Therefore, under the pretext of meeting his lawyer, Kim can have a little conversation with his ex-husband and after six years of intense disagreements, they can put aside their grudges and enmities. Of course, Kim and Jamie are no longer together, and it's likely that the hot "Better Call Saul" couple will never live under the same roof again, but Jamie's confession has at least put an end to the rift between them. .

    Season 6 "Better Call Saul" made the audience think that Jamie McGill will spend the rest of his life in prison, and the last sequence of the series, which shows Kim walking away from him, suggests that It is the last time They see each other. While it's hard to believe, Saul is dead and what we see at the end of the series is a plain and simple man named Jimmy. According to his brother, Chuck, in the final flashback of the series "Better Call Saul", there is nothing wrong with going back and changing your life.

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