Explaining the ending of the movie “Top Gun: Maverick” in full detail

The thrilling finale of "Top Gun: Maverick" definitely proved that Pete Mitchell (Tom Cruise) aka Maverick still has a lot to say and again cemented his position as one of the best fighter pilots the US Air Force has ever seen.

BingMag.com Explaining the ending of the movie “Top Gun: Maverick” in full detail

The thrilling finale of "Top Gun: Maverick" definitely proved that Pete Mitchell (Tom Cruise) aka Maverick still has a lot to say and again cemented his position as one of the best fighter pilots the US Air Force has ever seen.

Joseph Kaczynski's sequel took Top Gun to the next level and was by almost every measure a blockbuster. And the 21st century action went beyond the original while being more successful in evoking the nostalgic feel and iconography of the original Top Gun, directed by the late Tony Scott in 1986. "Top Gun: Maverick" also sort of paid homage to the original film's heroes, like Iceman (Val Kilmer) and Goose (Anthony Edwards), and introduced new characters like Goose's son, Rooster (Miles Teller), who could potentially move the franchise forward.

Warning: This text contains spoilers for the movie "Top Gun: Maverick"

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The finale of "Top Gun: Maverick" focused on the mission Maverick trained the trainees for: destroying an underground uranium facility in an unspecified hostile country. It was an impossible mission where they had to fly at low altitude in a valley at high speed and shoot the target with precision. In addition, they had to experience a deadly ascent of a mountain so that their information would not be leaked. After that, the Top Gun pilots had to survive a tough battle against the enemy's top 5th generation fighter planes.

Maverick lost his support after the death of Tom Kazansky, nicknamed the Iceman, and Cyclone (Jon Hamm), who was not on Maverick's side and hindered him at every stage, fired him from the coaching position at Top Gun. But Maverick steals one of the planes and runs the simulation well, proving to the trainees that their daunting mission is feasible, as he believes it's not the plane that wins but the pilot that matters most. Maverick then leads a mission that finally ends Rooster's old feud with him.

Top Gun: Maverick is one of the most stunning and exciting aerial action movies ever made. The film is exciting and interesting, although many details of how Maverick's mission is carried out are overshadowed by the visual excitement of the film. The character of Maverick, who is the leader of this impossible mission, is probably influenced by the director of the movie "Mission Impossible", Christopher McQuarrie, one of the authors of this work. Together, we will fully discuss the ending of "Top Gun: Maverick", the storylines of the main characters and the possible future of the "Top Gun" film series.>1 and 2 (problems and successes)

BingMag.com Explaining the ending of the movie “Top Gun: Maverick” in full detail

Maverick led the mission to destroy the underground uranium facility. He chose Phoenix (Monica Barbaro) and Bob (Louis Pullman) as the Dagger 1 group by his side, and the Dagger 2 group consisted of Peabuck (Jay Ellis), Fanboy (Danny Ramirez) and Rooster. Hangman (Glenn Powell), who was not cast, looked frustrated and stood on the aircraft carrier's flight deck. They had 2 minutes and 30 seconds to fly from the depths of the valleys, under the enemy's radars, and reach the target. Similar to how Maverick destroyed the Death Star in Star Wars: A New Hope, Maverick reached the target and detonated it to begin the task. Despite the system malfunction, the Rooster probed the target and successfully fired at it, destroying the underground uranium facility. All the training and training paid off and they achieved what they wanted without hitting the mountain. Then the real hard fight began, where the enemy used their 5th generation fighters to intercept the Maverick squadron.

All Air Force F-18s had systems that they used to deflect enemy missiles but Rooster was running away from them. Maverick used his plane to protect Rooster and was shot down. Bob and Payback make it to the aircraft carrier, but Cyclone refuses to send Hangman to rescue Maverick. He thought Maverick was dead and didn't want to risk the lives of more pilots, but Rooster didn't return to the hangar and instead rescued Maverick from the enemy helicopter. He is then shot down but survives and Maverick befriends him again. The two make their way to an enemy airfield destroyed by Air Force Tomahawk missiles and find an old F-14 Tomcat similar to the one Maverick flew in the original Top Gun. Maverick and Rooster took the F-14 with them, but by two The enemy's 5th generation aircraft were intercepted.

Maverick, who did not want to return home, surprised the enemy and went to the back of one of the planes and shot it down. The second enemy fighter followed him, but the Maverick was flying too low, knowing that the low altitude would confuse the enemy's targeting system. He then used his classic maneuver to reverse the F-14 and shoot down the enemy aircraft. After all that, they still weren't completely safe. The Maverick was out of ammunition and a new enemy fighter was approaching them from the front. Fearing that they would not survive, Maverick asked Gus to press the eject button, but the parachute of the old plane did not open. The enemy fighter was destroyed by Hangman at the last second. He had come to rescue his friends after detecting Goose's signal on the carrier.

Maverick, Goose and Hangman returned to the carrier (the Air Force used a net cover to control Maverick's F-14, which had lost its front wheel. he used to miss) and Maverick did his famous stunt before landing to deliberately make a cyclone noise. Hangman and Rooster's rivalry ended just like Maverick and Iceman at the end of Top Gun, and Rooster and Maverick finally reconciled. Maverick also became the first pilot to shoot down five enemy aircraft, including three Russian MiGs in Top Gun.

Maverick proved that the Air Force still needed him>

BingMag.com Explaining the ending of the movie “Top Gun: Maverick” in full detail

Maverick's storyline in "Top Gun: Maverick" shows that he still has a lot to say. in the Air Force, although Pete himself was not so sure about this. His peers became commander-in-chief like Iceman, but Maverick was a captain and regular member of the Air Force for 35 years. After the first Top Gun movie, Maverick returned to Miramar to become a flight instructor but only lasted two months. He spent the next three decades arguing with the Air Force High Command.

Pete Mitchell was literally arrogant, and the Air Force could not promote him despite his values and accomplishments. At the beginning of the film, Maverick is a test pilot for the Darkstar program and became the fastest man alive by setting a speed record of Mach 10. He set a record of Mach 10.3 before his plane exploded. Instead of hailing him as a hero, Commander Kane (Ed Harris) wants to kick him out of the Air Force.

Kane tells Maverick that his plan is to train pilots with drones. Replace the passenger. The plan could have worked, but aside from that, Maverick's actions and bravery along with the Top Gun trainees proved the irreplaceable value of pilots who can make decisions on the fly and work with their instincts. Maverick taught Top Gun trainees to think outside the box and push themselves and their hardware beyond their limits. However, Maverick's success in the mission to destroy the uranium facility did not earn him a promotion, and he was not looking for such a thing at all. Maverick belongs to the fighter cockpit and is decades older than his trainees, but he is still a brilliant pilot compared to his former counterparts, all of whom are now senior military commanders. Maverick proved he still has something unique to offer, but the Air Force still doubts his worth and probably always will.

Maverick and Rooster Reconciliation>

BingMag.com Explaining the ending of the movie “Top Gun: Maverick” in full detail

Rooster's feud with Maverick stems from his father, Gus, being under protection in 1986. And Maverick's support was gone, but there's a second reason. Maverick dragged Rooster's job application to the Air Force Academy, costing the young pilot four years of his career. What Rooster doesn't know is that Maverick did it because his mother, Carol Bradshaw (Meg Ryan), who is now dead, didn't want Rooster to become a pilot like his father. Maverick respected Carol's wishes and made the decision so she wouldn't blame her mother. Maverick had informed Penny about this but not Rooster.

Goose's spirit somehow witnessed this event. In their moments of indecision, Maverick and Rooster would both mumble, "Talk to me Gus," somehow asking the late pilot for help. Rooster even shoots his own fireballs like his father did when he was younger. Maverick and Rooster survive the shootdown and take the F-14 to the hangar, and Rooster finally realizes what his father saw in Maverick and admires his flying ability. Maverick tried to act as a father figure to Rooster until he grew up. Rooster even decided to help restore Maverick's old P-51 Mustang in his hangar, where he was surrounded by fond memories of his father.

Homage to Iceman (and Val Kilmer)

Honoring the Iceman (and Val Kilmer)


BingMag.com Explaining the ending of the movie “Top Gun: Maverick” in full detail

Honoring Iceman and Val Kilmer was one of the best parts of the movie. Tom Kazansky won the Top Gun award and was first in his class in 1986 and Maverick was second. Iceman after this success to a He became a professional and distinguished force and the four-star commander of the US Pacific Fleet. He and Maverick remained close friends, and Kazansky never forgot that Maverick saved his life at the end of Top Gun. Iceman became Maverick's guardian angel of sorts, protecting Maverick and helping him every time the Air Force tried to fire Captain Mitchell. It was Iceman who assigned Maverick to be a trainee instructor in Top Gun, because he believed that the Air Force needed Maverick from the same movie "Top Gun" in 1986.

Iceman was very Tragically, "Top Gun: Maverick" died of throat cancer, and the film was inspired by Val Kilmer's real-life battle with the disease. Of course, the actor is now free from cancer after six years of fighting. However, cancer has weakened Kilmer's ability to speak, hence the moment when Iceman and Maverick have a friendly conversation and he asks Maverick, "Which one of us is the better pilot?" It was very impressive, as Iceman communicates with Maverick via text message throughout the film. With his death, Maverick lost the support of his greatest and most powerful friend. Kilmer (besides Cruise) is the only main character from Top Gun to appear in the sequel, and the film honored Kilmer as one of the most important characters left in the franchise since Top Gun.

Maverick and Penny's happy ending

BingMag.com Explaining the ending of the movie “Top Gun: Maverick” in full detail

Penny Benjamin (Jennifer Connelly ) is Maverick's old lover who came back into his life when Maverick returned to Top Gun. Penny and Maverick have been estranged over the years after their date on Maverick's jet fighter and the troubles of that meeting. Penny seems to understand Maverick uniquely and their mutual attraction to each other is palpable, but Penny is unsure if Pete is a good partner given Pete's history of unreliability. However, Penny noticed that Maverick had matured and still wanted to add something to Top Gun as a fighter pilot.

Maverick went to see Penny after the mission but she wasn't at work because He had taken his teenage daughter Amelia (Liliana Ray) on vacation. This issue was not explicitly stated in the film, but Penny probably left because she feared that Maverick might not return from the mission alive. When word reached her that Maverick was safe, she returned home and reunited with him. Maverick previously had another lover named Charlie (Kelly McGillis) on Top Gun, but that was 35 years ago. Maverick and Penny seem to have a better connection and fit together.

"Top Gun 3" And Maverick's reappearance?

BingMag.com Explaining the ending of the movie “Top Gun: Maverick” in full detail

'Top Gun: Maverick' marks the return of Tom Cruise as Pete Mitchell Or Maverick left it open. It was possible that Maverick would die in a heroic way at the end of the movie. Of course, with the death of Iceman, it was unlikely that both original and remaining Top Gun characters would die in this sequel. Maverick also proved to be as skilled and daring as ever in the cockpit of a fighter plane, and deservedly earned the respect and admiration of his trainees. The Top Gun sequel ended in such a way that everything is possible. Top Gun: Maverick is already critically acclaimed and the franchise could certainly get another movie depending on how it does at the box office. It's also possible that there will be spinoffs starring Miles Teller as Rooster and the other trainees without Maverick.

One of the main reasons that the Top Gun sequel took 36 years to make was because Tom Cruise wanted to wait. As the technology advanced further, he was able to execute his vision in realistic, breath-taking flight sequences with actors who actually flew fighter jets. Now that the technology exists, it might be wiser to make a third Top Gun movie as soon as possible. Tom Cruise may look young, but he's actually nearly 60 years old, and his capacity to play Maverick as Top Gun's original action hero will eventually run out. Of course, Cruise is still acting in the stunt-filled film Mission Impossible, and even if he wants to appear in "Top Gun 3", he will have to wait for the completion of his other project. In any case, now that "Top Gun: Maverick" is on the verge of a huge success, it's time for Tom Cruise to speed things up and turn Top Gun into a trilogy.

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