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Explain the ending of the first season of the "Invasion" series and the purpose of the alien attack

BingMag.com <b>Explain</b> the <b>ending</b> of the <b>first</b> <b>season</b> of the 'Invasion' <b>series</b> and the <b>purpose</b> of the <b>alien</b> attack

The intricate narrative of "Invasion" culminates at the end of the first chapter, and several key points remain to be explained. In the first season of "Invasion", we are dealing with the conquest of the earth by aliens, and the main characters are scattered around the world, and each of them somehow struggles with the psychological and social consequences of the extraterrestrial events that take place around them./p>

The first season of the Simon Keinberg series, despite taking the time to find the right rhythm for its narrative, contains shocking and deep secrets in the last episode that further reveal the purpose of the aliens.

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Warning: In this The text, the story of the first season of the "Invasion" series is revealed

The first season of "The Invasion" includes several different and, of course, important story lines that are made and dealt with the development of the series. Caspar (Billy Baratt), Jamila (India Brown) and their classmates first stay in Wales and then return to London, because Caspar realizes that his mental abilities can kill aliens. The US Marine Corps (Shemir Anderson) is also assisting Caspar and Jamila, who have endured many hardships in Kandahar. On the other hand, the Malik family struggles to survive before finding a mysterious alien weapon in a war-torn area of northern New York, while in Japan, Mitsuki (Shiyoli Kutsuna) desperately tries to find his missing mistress, Hinata (Rinko Kikuchi). He finds and eventually communicates with the aliens who have taken him hostage. makes less. Some die, old lovers find each other again, and the world breathes a sigh of relief before the final moments of the season. So let's take a look at the end of the first season and its key moments and themes.

What happens at the end of the first season

BingMag.com <b>Explain</b> the <b>ending</b> of the <b>first</b> <b>season</b> of the 'Invasion' <b>series</b> and the <b>purpose</b> of the <b>alien</b> attack

The end of the first season of "Invasion" is basically the end of the first cycle of alien invasion, as well as the cycle of time on Earth, and the story lines of the main characters, periods They show death and rebirth. Episode 10 of the first chapter of the Invasion, "Death Around the World," first shows the defeat of the aliens, and their tools and spaceships fall from the sky and the aliens die. Japan and the US military call this victory after themselves, but in reality, it is Caspar who alone stops the aliens with his mental abilities. This horrific attempt to defeat the aliens apparently results in Caspar's death. He had previously suffered from brain death medically, and doctors had given up on him. After that, Jamila returns to her mother sad, and Travante goes to the United States again with her husband. And before Luke is drawn to the aliens and seduced by their power, they find refuge. Mitsuki finally says goodbye to Hinata and goes on a journey to get to know himself better, and the US military finds a contaminated alien base in the Amazon rainforest. Caspar's lifeless body is also displayed in the morgue. Eventually it turns out that the Hogs of the space creatures are still alive, and then their spaceships return to Earth, and each of the main characters looks at them in horror.

Is Caspar really dead? >

BingMag.com <b>Explain</b> the <b>ending</b> of the <b>first</b> <b>season</b> of the 'Invasion' <b>series</b> and the <b>purpose</b> of the <b>alien</b> attack

One of the key themes of the first season of "Invasion" is rebirth. The wounds of Ahmed Malik (Firas Nassar) heal, alien creatures are rebuilt throughout the series, and various main characters, souls and relationships are restored. Among these characters, Caspar best illustrates this ideology. He is a teenager who transforms from a person with epilepsy to the savior of humanity during the first season of "Invasion". At the end of the first season of "Invasion", Caspar dies medically and his physical body may be decaying, but his consciousness remains.

"I can see and feel them all," he said as he tried to save Travante and Jamila. As it turns out, Caspar's connection to the collective wisdom base is a permanent one that cannot be broken, because his death and rebirth are inherently related to this connection. When Caspar kills all the aliens, he dies himself, and when the aliens revive themselves, Caspar's consciousness returns. At the end of the first season of "Invasion", Caspar enters another dimension of reality psychologically and realizes Hinata's father's spiritual abilities and the survival of the aliens on Earth.

The structure in the Amazon rainforest How to return Shows Aliens

BingMag.com <b>Explain</b> the <b>ending</b> of the <b>first</b> <b>season</b> of the 'Invasion' <b>series</b> and the <b>purpose</b> of the <b>alien</b> attack

One of the most confusing scenes in the first season of "Invasion" Simon Keenberg is the discovery of a place owned by aliens in the depths of the Amazon jungle by the US Army. Three scientists step into a massive structure and find a giant membrane that stretches along the cave space. One of the brave scientists touches the membrane and then we see the same wave from the aliens' communication, and then the membrane heals itself and a new tissue is pulled up from the ground.

This scene shows that The presence of aliens on Earth allows them to be revived after death using the planet's natural resources. Anisha had previously shown that alien parasites were growing inside humans, while Caspar's dreams and Malik's family sequences in the forest showed that aliens had grown using the earth as an energy source. So, in fact, the structure in the rainforest, in the last part of the first season, acts as a physical generator for the aliens, and the aliens reappear around the world.

Luke is now among the aliens. (And prepares for the events of the second season)

BingMag.com <b>Explain</b> the <b>ending</b> of the <b>first</b> <b>season</b> of the 'Invasion' <b>series</b> and the <b>purpose</b> of the <b>alien</b> attack

Earth's atmosphere due to The actions of aliens are blackening and changing, and the constant closeness of these creatures to humans also has its own effects at the end of the first chapter. Luke's reaction to his father's death seems cold and confusing at first, but the last part of "The Invasion" justifies this narrative confusion by showing Luke searching for aliens in the forest. Luke goes to the mysterious vehicle that X-HN: Mag-1
carried throughout the season, and finally looks up at the sky and smiles.

The evolution of this key character is one of the lines The story of Chapter 2 is "Invasion", which, of course, had been revealed in several ways before this sequence. Sheriff Tyson (Sam Neil) is bitten by certain insects and is expected to return under the influence of aliens next season, and Japanese sound engineers ask Mitsuki, who now realizes that Hinata is under alien control, to contact and communicate with them. Stop. Thus, in the second season of "Invasion", we will see the main characters fight with their loved ones, and Luke Malik is probably the first person to encounter these events in the new season of "Invasion".

The last part And Explain the true meaning of the series

BingMag.com <b>Explain</b> the <b>ending</b> of the <b>first</b> <b>season</b> of the 'Invasion' <b>series</b> and the <b>purpose</b> of the <b>alien</b> attack

The last part of the first season of "Invasion" finally Revealed the overall message of the series about environmental protection. The denial of Caspar's powers by Travante and his firm belief in the army (falsely) demonstrates the pride of humanity throughout the series and in the face of superiority. The series also mentions the destruction of the Earth by humans, including the use of fossil fuels, global warming and population growth.

Thus, the real message of the "Invasion" in the first season is that the influence of aliens It actually has a positive effect on the earth. The resurgence of Caspar due to the power of aliens and the improvement of the planet's condition and the reduction of the world's population raises many ecological questions about the human impact on Earth and the cleansing of the dirty human footprints by these space creatures. As a result, many of the elements of "Invasion" can be viewed from the perspective of environmental consciousness, and consequently point to the fact that human beings must make peace with themselves and the earth before something worse happens.

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