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Explain the ending of "All the Old Knives" in full detail

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Amazon's spy trailer "All Old Knives" ended with an unexpected scene that caused a lot of questions for viewers until the last moment. The film, based on the book of the same name by Olen Steinhauer, tells the story of two former CIA agents who meet again after eight years to solve a catastrophic terrorist case. Solve and find out who is behind this catastrophic attack and who is the traitor.

Warning: In this article, the danger of leaking the story of the film There are all the Old knives "

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Those CIA agents tried to stop a hijacking. In fact, the agents thought that the hijacking was carried out by an extremist terrorist named Elias Shoshani, but later it turned out that one of the CIA agents had provided the information to the attackers.

The beauty of the story is "All "Old Knives" is primarily about the chemistry between the two main characters in the story, Henry Pelham (played by Chris Payne from "Star Trek") and Celia Harrison (played by Tiffany Newton), who meet for dinner for the first time in eight years They meet. While most of the story is told from an artistic point of view, it has a mission to find out if Celia was the informant who helped the hijackers, but it finally reveals its true truth, as Celia recalls what she remembers from the story with Henry. Shares. As the tensions and ups and downs of the story gradually increase throughout "All the Old Knives," Celia and Henry have to face their past and make the fateful decision about the details of Flight 127 to find out that the CIA agent is a traitor. Who and why did Celia leave in the morning after the art disaster? Drop him and force him to confess to his crimes. Even after it is revealed in "All the Old Knives" that Henry is the real spy who leaked the information, this spy trailer continues to amaze viewers to wait and see which of these agents can leave the restaurant alive. In the end, Celia survives, even though she is forced to kill only the love of her life in order to rid the world of such a stigma. But given the many ups and downs at the end of "All the Old Knives," there are so many things left unsaid that are not without merit, and so we want to go into each one here.

1. The traitor of the movie "All the Old Knives"

BingMag.com <b>Explain</b> the <b>ending</b> of 'All the <b>Old</b> Knives' in <b>full</b> detail

while the movie "All the Old Knives" causes the audience to constantly Celia or Bill doubt and think that they can be the traitor in question, but it gradually becomes clear that it was the art that leaked the information all this time, and his meeting with Celia for this purpose by Vic (Lawrence Fishburne of " The Matrix was arranged for Celia to kill him. Henry thought Vick was his friend and could use Bill and Celia as victims and even kill Celia if needed, but Celia tells him at the last minute that it was Vic who arranged the meeting. Because after the CIA arrested Elias, he confessed that Henry was the secret agent who provided the information, and that he and Celia had dinner for that reason.

From the fact that at the end of "All the Old Knives" we see that Henry has been a traitor all this time, all the weird details of that night's dinner seem like a clue that the dinner was pre-planned, like the sudden change of waitress. End of session. The sad part of the end of "All the Old Knives" is that Newton's sharp character already knew that Henry was the main traitor, so he left him because he believed he had worked with Elias. In fact, he did it only to save Henry's life, which makes the end of the film even sadder. Especially in the sequence where art is dying, they confessed their long-standing love for each other, and this sequence was able to hurt the feelings of the audience to a great extent.

2. Did Henry really want to kill Celia? With one gesture, he kills Celia, indicating that Henry knew though Celia is innocent, she was willing to kill him. Since the film reveals that Henry, the protagonist of "All Old Knives", has already betrayed his country to save Celia's life, it does not make sense for him to hire a killer to kill Celia so that he will not be arrested for the crime he has committed. .

Even when Henry was dying at the end of the film, the killer follows Celia and asks Henry if he should shoot her, and Celia eventually survives because Henry dies before he can answer the killer. So the end of the film clearly shows that Henry wanted to kill Celia. However, given his interest in Celia, it seems unlikely that if he survived he would order Treble to pull the trigger and kill Celia.

3. Did Bill really betray the CIA?

BingMag.com <b>Explain</b> the <b>ending</b> of 'All the <b>Old</b> Knives' in <b>full</b> detail

while Henry believed Bill was a real traitor The tumultuous end of "All Old Knives" showed that Henry had considered him one of his victims. During Henry's meeting with Bill, Bill's contradictory responses to Henry, who accused him of spying, indicated that he was hiding something, but at the end of the film, we found out that Bill was one of those accused. She was terrified and still anxious even though she had not committed any wrongdoing. Appear guilty. Just as Celia had been innocent all along, her boss had never betrayed the CIA, but Henry wanted to put all his guilt on her and escape death.

Why did Elias arrange the hijacking?

BingMag.com <b>Explain</b> the <b>ending</b> of 'All the <b>Old</b> Knives' in <b>full</b> detail

Knowing Elias, he was not a terrorist or an extremist; But at the end of the feature film, he confessed that he had given Elias to the Russians to obtain information about a future attack, and that the Russians had tortured him and set fire to his family life.

In a flashback showing Wayne, Elias explained to Henry that when his family was forced to flee, his 6-year-old daughter died due to US sanctions and a lack of proper medication. The end of "All the Old Knives" tells the story of an artistic betrayal of Elias that led the Chechen baker to seek revenge not only for Art, but for all the Americans and superpowers who ruined his life.

A message sent by the hijackers in April 2022 stated that they were real people around the world, disabled people seeking revenge, and that the message showed that Elias was a helpless person whose life was It was completely destroyed. In fact, he was nothing but a nut to the Americans and the Russians. Elias was considered a terrorist by both Russians and Americans, although he was just a simple baker before Henry betrayed him and handed him over to Russian torturers. The end of "All Old Knives" shows that if Henry had never left Ilas as his source of information, the hijacking of Flight 127 would never have happened and he would not have become an extremist.

5. Why did Celia decide to help the CIA kill Henry?

BingMag.com <b>Explain</b> the <b>ending</b> of 'All the <b>Old</b> Knives' in <b>full</b> detail

Although Henry thought he should Celia makes a tough decision by killing her ex-fianc, but the ending of "All the Old Knives" upsets the situation and shows that Celia had ordered Wick to kill Henry before meeting him. While Celia still loved Henry, she eventually decided to kill him because she had come to the conclusion that Henry had voluntarily revealed all the information and secrets. However, Henry told Celia that because Elias wanted to kill Celia, he had revealed his plan to her. Despite all this, even if Celia knew all along that Henry had done it just for her, it was likely that she was still killing Henry because the CIA did not lose her trust in her.

After Henry's death, Celia informed the CIA that she or her family should never be contacted again, indicating that leaving behind all the pain of Flight 127 caused her to lose motivation to work. In any case, Henry lied to her that he was not a traitor and was even willing to sacrifice Celia for himself because he thought she was his friend and his side. Since Celia admitted that her family were the only ones who saved her after the chaos of Flight 127, killing Henry was the only way she could save them, so she did the right thing.

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