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6 exciting X-Men movies that were stopped with the merger of Disney and Fox

In March 2019, Disney acquired 20th Century Fox Studios and Fox Surlightlight from News Corp.
  • Why was "Silver Wave" a good sequel to Marvel's "Wonderful Four"?
  • This long series ended with the merger of Disney and Fox, because Disney He now plans to present his personal films based on these mutant characters. This development was pleasant for those who dreamed of a duel between the Hulk and Wolverine, but it was sad for those who were in Fox and worked on various X-Men projects. The merger and presence of various X-Men members in Marvel's cinematic world meant the cessation of a number of X-Men evolving films. Focused works on mutant fans' favorite mutations in comics that have never been in the spotlight of movies. Now that the dust from the Disney-Fox merger has begun, it's time to take a look at all the untouched X-Men movies that stopped with the Disney-Fox merger.

    6. X 23 ( X-23 )

    BingMag.com 6 exciting X-Men movies that were stopped with the merger of Disney and Fox

    After Logan's release, it was clear that no other exclusive films would be made starring Wolverine Hugh Jackman, but this is part of the X-Men movie series. In 2017, she introduced X23 (Daphne Kane), a young girl with similar powers to Wolverine, who provided the material and elements to make another comic book. The project looked set to become a reality, as Logan writer and director James Mangold signed a contract in October 2017 to make a Spin-Off X23 movie.

    Unfortunately, Mangold only a month before the announcement Disney's desire to buy 20th Century Fox had a contract to produce the project. Logan was successful at the box office, and X23 also made a name for itself as a notable character, but his exclusive film disappeared without a trace.

    5. Kitty Pryde ( Kitty Pryde )

    BingMag.com 6 exciting X-Men movies that were stopped with the merger of Disney and Fox

    News that Tim Miller will not return to direct the 2016 Deadpool movie sequel has affected the entertainment world. However, this did not mean that the X-Men franchise with Miller was over. At the beginning of 2018, it was revealed that Miller is working with comic book writer Brian Michael Bandis to make an exclusive film starring Katie Pride. The film was likely to be a new incarnation of the character, and was different from the character played by Elliott Page in previous X-Men films and in the previous two episodes of the franchise.

    Katie Pride to this day He has rarely appeared in X-Men movies, but he is a very important and key character in comics. It is easy to see why the producers of the X-Men films chose this figure as one of the main titles of their films. However, no other news of the film's production was released in 2018, and it was not clear what the story of Katie Pride was and what the actors were going to play in the lead roles. With the merger of Disney and Fox, the production of this project was stopped and Katie Pride fans will have to wait for the presence of X-Men in the Marvel movie world so that they may finally see this character in that mood.

    4. 3 ( The Original Deadpool 3 )

    BingMag.com 6 exciting X-Men movies that were stopped with the merger of Disney and Fox

    Marvel Studios is trying to make a new adventure for Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool, but before that Twentieth Century Fox hired writers to draw up a possible Deadpool 3 sequel. Although details of the sequel were scarce at first, Ryan Reynolds finally revealed some aspects of the story in 2021. Interestingly, the project was supposed to focus on the road trips of Deadpool and Wolverine Hugh Jackman. The theme's kind of originated in one of the scenes in Deadpool 2 (an archived sequence from X-Men: Wolverine), where Deadpool tells Wolverine, who retires after Logan: "One day, an old friend of yours. "He wants you to saddle your horse again, and when he makes that request, you have to say yes." It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The Deadpool 3 project, originally scheduled for release in theaters after Force X, was eventually pushed to the margins by the merger of Disney and Fox. Deadpool's next film, in any form, is unlikely to borrow anything from the story of this early project.

    3. Gambit ( Gambit )

    BingMag.com 6 exciting X-Men movies that were stopped with the merger of Disney and Fox

    Some of the X-Men movies that were canceled due to the merger of Disney and Fox had been in development for several years before that. Gambit was one of those important cases, because the creators had planned for years to show this character in different forms with the presence of Channing Tatum in a film. The film was scheduled to be released in October 2016, but the sudden departure of its original director, Rupert White, as well as a sharp reduction in Fox budget after the failure of The Amazing Four in 2015, delayed its production.

    Gambit It remained in the production and development stage for a long time and even changed its genre. It was originally intended to be a robbery-oriented film, but later turned out to be a romantic comedy. Various female actors such as Leah Sidox and Lizzie Kaplan were also considered for the lead roles in the project, and directors such as Doug Lyman and Gore Verbinski were also linked to the film for some time. Tito's commitment to the Gambit project was so strong that in January 2019, it was reported that he also had a good chance of directing the film. However, two months later, the merger of Disney and Fox completely closed the film to theaters.

    2. The New Mutants Sequels )

    BingMag.com 6 exciting X-Men movies that were stopped with the merger of Disney and Fox

    Today, new mutants are best known for their constant delays, controversy, and racist talk about their native heroes. However, one time on the project was enough for Josh Boone, the director of New Mutants, to draw detailed plans for the other two sequels. Each film was to explore new horror genres. In fact, the first sequel was to be based on a sci-fi horror pattern, and the second sequel was to be based on an apocalyptic horror film. There was even hope that Antonio Banderas and Sasha Baron Cohen would appear as Emmanuel Da Costa and Warlock in the next episodes, respectively.

    Dragged to dust and blood. Therefore, the proposed sequences were also affected. At the same time that the new mutants were finally released in theaters, Boone confirmed that Disney had no plans to further investigate these bizarre mutants. There were high hopes for an independent franchise for the new mutants, but Disney's acquisition of 20th Century Fox was just one of several factors that dashed those aspirations.

    1. X-Force ( X-Force )

    BingMag.com 6 exciting X-Men movies that were stopped with the merger of Disney and Fox

    Deadpool's tremendous success inspired 20th Century Fox to focus entirely on a project that had remained on the studio for years: The X-Force. It was a group film with mutants that began production a few years before Deadpool was made, directed by Jeff Wadlow. Although Wadlow's vision for the film did not come to the fore, Fox was keen to work on a new version of Force X and handed over the reins to Drew Godard, the filmmaker who wrote the screenplay for the Oscar-nominated Martian film.

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