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Excerpts from "Bad Kids" animation reviews; An energetic, beautiful and entertaining work by DreamWorks

BingMag.com <b>Excerpts</b> <b>from</b> 'Bad Kids' <b>animation</b> <b>reviews;</b> An <b>energetic,</b> <b>beautiful</b> and <b>entertaining</b> <b>work</b> by DreamWorks

DreamWorks has just created a really enjoyable and memorable work. "Bad Kids," directed by Pierre Prefell and written by Ethan Cohen, is based on Aaron Blibley's book, a dynamic, thrilling and enjoyable work, and is considered one of DreamWorks' best animated films of the past few years. Pierre Priefel is a French director and animator.

The title of the animation was present. "Bad Kids" is a very entertaining and exciting animation with excellent voice acting, beautiful style, well-crafted story and heartwarming themes.

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in "Bad Kids", Greg (Sam Rockwell), Snake (Mark Maroon), Pirana (Anthony Ramos), Tarantula (Aquafina) And the shark (Craig Robinson) as famous thieves. Wherever they go, they upset others because they are afraid of others. Their reputation is ahead of themselves and their thefts. They have driven the townspeople, especially the police chief, Misty Lugins (Alex Borstein) crazy.

The most benevolent person in the city is given, they plan to become the biggest criminals in the world. However, the situation deteriorates and they are arrested and handed over to Professor Rupert Marmalade (Richard Iwad). Everything gets complicated, because the professor believes that he can turn bad kids into good ones.

BingMag.com <b>Excerpts</b> <b>from</b> 'Bad Kids' <b>animation</b> <b>reviews;</b> An <b>energetic,</b> <b>beautiful</b> and <b>entertaining</b> <b>work</b> by DreamWorks

However, he is forced to help others and do good deeds, and in contrast He hangs out with friends who have always been accustomed to being known as bad people without having another chance. This contrast creates a good deal of tension, and the film moves in an interesting direction, with a fast and exciting rhythm. Also includes themes of Zotopia. Of course, the "Bad guys" somehow depict these similarities and common elements in their own style and absorb everything. For example, this film examines stereotypes and public perceptions, and in this regard, its purpose is not to ridicule the audience in any way. This animation has many themes but it does not lose its excitement at all.

BingMag.com <b>Excerpts</b> <b>from</b> 'Bad Kids' <b>animation</b> <b>reviews;</b> An <b>energetic,</b> <b>beautiful</b> and <b>entertaining</b> <b>work</b> by DreamWorks

Action sequences, funny scenes, There are many interesting comedy twists and moments in this work that keep the viewer satisfied. The "Bad Kids" animation style is also very likable, and the design of the scenes and characters is a combination of painting and animation. The animation is also inspired by the 3D art style of "Spider-Man: Into Spider-Man" in its 3D images. This creates a refreshing visual palette that has attractive colors.

The characters are dynamic, each with their own distinctive characteristics, and their relationships with each other are interesting. The events and storyline of each character in "Bad Kids" are quite worth seeing. These characters care about each other and are honest in their friendship. The voice actors also perform amazingly and bring these characters to life, and Zezi Bates as Diane Foxington and the grumpy and stubborn Mr. Maron with Mark Maroon are one of the most prominent members of the group. Plenty of humor, exciting sequences, multi-layered characters and attractive design of this animation are praiseworthy and admirable. "Bad Kids" creates happy times for you and satisfies viewers of all ages.

The "Bad Kids" animation has been released in cinemas since Friday, April 22, and currently has a score of 64. Dedicated to the Metacritic site. Critics of various publications have written their opinions about this work, and we will briefly discuss some of them together. src="https://bingmag.com/picsbody/2204/19327-4.jpg" alt="BingMag.com Excerpts from 'Bad Kids' animation reviews; An energetic, beautiful and entertaining work by DreamWorks" loading="lazy">

Soren Anderson of Seattle Times

Score: 88 out of 100

Characters They are well defined, and Rockwell beautifully depicts Mr. Gregg's changing emotional states. He is sometimes solid, sometimes stubborn, and in fact a morally multifaceted person. Kids will love "Bad Kids," and in addition, the animation has some great adult content.

Richard Roper of the Chicago Sun-Times

Score: 88 out of 100

This great animation has great voice acting, lovely messages, and hilarious scenes that kids will enjoy, and some of its target audience will be adults.

Frank Reporter of The Hollywood Reporter

Score: 70 out of 100

"Bad Kids" is, for the most part, a fun and unusual work that In it, the voice actors carry a tremendous load of work. "Bad Kids" is somewhat similar to other films, but in a way, with its own sensitivity and energy, and with all its elegance, it steals from them and registers their elements in its own name.

Sarah Jane of the Austin Chronicle h3>

Score: 67 out of 100

It might be said that this movie was not made for children, because it seems to have action and humor for Suitable for older people over 13 years old. However, there are good points and lessons in its contents. Loyalty to friends and not judging others by how they look is a lesson we all need to learn, not just children. Score: 63 out of 10

"Bad Kids" encourages children not to judge any book by its cover and that people are more important than their appearance.

Roger Moore of Movie Nation

Score: 63 out of 100

This animation is based on Aaron Blibley's children's books but is different The chases are insane. And his sharp comedy and superficial story are not a bad thing.

Kat Clark of The Guardian

Score : 60 out of 100> This work has interesting similarities to Ocean Eleven and is a funny, energetic and clever animation.

Bad Kids animation ID

Writer and Director: Pierre Prief
Cast: Sam Rockwell, Snake K. Maroon, Anthony Ramos
Synopsis: In the "Bad Kids" animation, wolves, snakes, piranhas, tarantulas and sharks are known as thieves. Wherever they go, they upset others because they are afraid of others. Their reputation is ahead of themselves and their thefts. They have driven the townspeople, especially the police chief, Misty Lugins crazy.
IMDB rating for movie: 7 out of 10
Metacritic rating for movie: 55 out of 100
years: 2022

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