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Evil characters from James Bond movies from the least dangerous to the deadliest

BingMag.com Evil characters from James Bond movies from the least dangerous to the deadliest

James Bond is a unique and unbreakable character spy MMA 6 who has both great intelligence and high skill and exemplary, so the anti-heroes that come to him must They are equally powerful, important and influential. Many villains have struggled with James Bond over the years, and each has its own characteristics.

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James Bond movies and books have introduced us to some of the best and most memorable villain characters. From corrupt dictators to power-hungry men seeking nuclear weapons. The evil characters in the James Bond films have different motives, each using their own methods to deal with Agent 007. Therefore, ranking them individually is not an easy task. By what criteria should we determine the position of each? So we decided to divide all the evil James Bond characters into several different categories and put the ones with relatively similar characteristics and motivations in one category, to make it easier for everyone to examine.

Category One: Evil Characters Not so dangerous

BingMag.com Evil characters from James Bond movies from the least dangerous to the deadliest

in order from the right: Dr. New (Joseph Wiseman), Mr. Big (Yafto Cotto), Francisco Scaramanga (Christopher Lee)

Some of James Bond's negative characters posed less of a threat than others and did not have much power. Take Dr. Julius No, for example. The villainous character in the first James Bond film (also named after him) is a former member of a Chinese criminal organization whose limbs were damaged by radiation exposure.

New Doctor now has artificial paws And becomes a member of the dreaded Specter organization, using all its enormous resources and facilities to disrupt the launch of a spacecraft. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like World War III aint for me either, but that's not that big of a deal. "Live and Let Die" also applies. We initially identify him as a ruthless gangster and a major drug trafficker, until the second scene of the film reveals that he is in fact Dr. Kanaga, the corrupt Prime Minister of the Caribbean.

This could have come as a big surprise. , But we finally realize that his big and evil plan revolves around drugs again; He wants to distribute two tons of heroin for free to increase the number of users and addicts, and then increase the price considerably when everyone is caught. We expect the evil James Bond characters to make huge plots to conquer the whole world, not to act like a drug dealer.

Now it's Francisco Scaramanga's turn. The character, played by Christopher Lee in "The Man with the Golden Gun," is a professional assassin who is considered a powerful and high-ranking enemy of the gang. But his plan - to use a device from a solar power plant to charge his own solar weapon with unstoppable energy - seems ridiculous. But it has a large tropical island that can be seen among the gang movies.

Category 2: Evil characters seeking personal revenge

BingMag.com Evil characters from James Bond movies from the least dangerous to the deadliest

In order from right: Alec Trollian (Sean Bean), Frances Sanchez (Robert Davy), Raul Silva (Javier Bardem) )

We all know that it 's better not to fall in love with James Bond. This man is a trained assassin, and when someone gets in his way or stabs him in the back, he will not have a happy ending. The villainous character in "Goldeneye" knows this very well because he himself was previously a British agent and now thinks that the government has betrayed him. Alec Trollian (played by Sean Bean) uses a satellite weapon to steal millions of pounds, trigger a massive recession, and bankrupt the British economy. It may not have the most intriguing plot between the evil James Bond characters, but at least the scene of his death is a memorable one.

Let it be, then the real anger will experience him. Frances Sanchez, the villain in "License to Kill," is a major drug trafficker who kills CIA agent Felix Litter and mutilates Felix himself with the help of a tiger shark. Eventually, the gang traps Franois Sanchez as he moves four oil coke tankers, burning the wicked man alive.

Zed, Raul Silva (Javier Bardem) was in the movie "Skyfall". The man wanted revenge on Amy (Judy Dench) because he had left her on a mission. Ral Silva is both attacking my reputation and trying to kill him. But he does not realize that the bond between Bond and Em is deeper than that of the employer and the agent, and James Bond sees her as his own mother, a mother he never had. That's why when this former and now rebellious agent inflicts a fatal and fatal wound on me, the gang stabs him in the back and ends his life.

Silva is one of the most complex and influential characters. Evil is the gang that had the right to have a better position, but its huge and filthy plot was not so great.

Category 3: Evil characters who were looking for money

BingMag.com Evil characters from James Bond movies from the least dangerous to the deadliest

In order from right: Aric Goldfinger (Gareth Foroubeh), La Schiffer (Mads Mickelson), Max Zorin (Christopher Walken)

The whole world and our lives revolve around money, but this powerful and monstrous tool also has the ability to shake and stop the world. One of the main motivations of James Bond villains is to make money (the motivation that comes after gaining power) and these green papers have pushed many of James Bond's protagonists backwards.

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For example, Aric Goldfinger (Gareth Foroubeh) in "Goldfinger" is a wealthy psychopath who is obsessed with gold. What is his plan? That a bomb would explode at Fort Knox to devalue gold for 58 years and bring its own treasury to an unimaginable value, leaving the world economy in a state of chaos. It was a big, very good plot, but it didn't have the dramatic features we're looking for in a James Bond movie. Major crimes do not play a role and that is why it is in a lower position. He is a banker who deals with the worst and bloodiest terrorists in the world and manages and invests their money, but he is not personally involved in the crimes. Of course, La Schiffer has attractive and lasting features that have made it stay in everyone's mind. As soon as Mads Mickelson takes on the role, it becomes a big positive, and tears are just flowing from her eyes. That James Bond torture scene that we all remember. It was kind of hard to forget.

But in the end it all comes down to more money and more profit. Evil characters in this group may kill people and commit dirty crimes, but they never do it for fun or to enjoy violence and crime. Max Zorin, played by Christopher Walken in "A View to a Kill," is the product of one of the Nazis' failed genetic experiments, but his plot is to make a fortune; He wants to destroy Silicon Valley to monopolize the production of microchips.

Category 4: Generals

BingMag.com Evil characters from James Bond movies from the least dangerous to the deadliest p id="caption-attachment-976459" class="wp-caption-text"> In order from right: General Orloff (Steven Berkov), General Medrano (Joaquin Cossio), Georgi Kaskov (Yerun Krabe)

They are dangerous even when they appear in the role of supporting villains. For example, Colonel Arkady Urumov in Golden Eye or Colonel Tan Seon Moon in Die Another Day. But the militias that really have a problem with James Bond are the generals.

General Orloff in "Octopussy" is the main villain in the story who helps Prince Kamala Khan disarm Western Europe. In The Living Daylights, Georgy Kaskov is a stubborn Soviet general who can do anything you can think of. From drugs and conspiracy to assassination to embezzlement of government money.

But probably the dirtiest and most mysterious general in all of James Bond films is General Medrano. Medrano is the ugliest and most dangerous character in Quantum of Solace. A Bolivian exiled general who kills whenever he wants, kills all members of Camille Monte's family, and is basically a horrible creature. Which are the worst of the worst and are an unstoppable danger to the world. High-ranking officials who do anything to gain power and can kill millions without the slightest thought.

Category 5: Evil characters with nuclear power

BingMag.com Evil characters from James Bond movies from the least dangerous to the deadliest

In order from right: Electra King (Sophie Marceau), Aris Christatos (Julien Glover) , Emilio Larjo (Adolfo Chile)

Gradually we come to the evil characters of the original work. If a villainous James Bond character does not have a dangerous tame animal, an unreasonable shelter, and a special appearance, they must have written deadly and stormy motives to compensate for all this. Nuclear bombs and missiles have always been a tool to make the threat of evil characters more realistic and shocking, and the evil James Bond characters are no exception.

Electra King (Sophie Marceau) "The World Is Not Enough" is a dangerous seductive woman who wants to raise oil prices. In order to achieve his goal, he pollutes the waters of Istanbul with nuclear radiation. But now it has turned to smuggling. He intends to sell the device he stole from the British Ministry of Defense to the Soviet Union. The device that controlled the British ballistic missiles.

Emilio Larjo used the same tactic in "Thunderball." The number two man in the Specter organization has all the different aspects of a James Bond villain. He closes his eyes, has a pond full of sharks, and plots that are specific to James Bond films (stealing two NATO atomic bombs and ransoming diamonds worth $ 100 million). But with all these qualities, he is one step away from sheer evil. For example, he could be carefree with diamonds and detonate bombs, regardless of financial gain.

Category Six: Evil characters seeking the end of the world

13010-7.jpg ">

In order from right: Carl Stromberg (Kurd Jurgens), Elliott Carver (Jonathan Price), Hugo Drax ( Michael Lonsdale)

These evil characters are the essence of sex. Anti-heroes who literally want to see the destruction of the world and enjoy burning the world order. Why? Because they are inherently filthy and malicious.

Karl Stromberg, the villain in "The Spy Who Loved Me," is a power-hungry man with an extremely insane idea. He wants to destroy Moscow and New York at the same time, start a nuclear war, and destroy the world we know. The next step in his plan is to build an underwater civilization using his ridiculous and underwater headquarters. Stromberg had controversial ideas and less evil characters.

Two years after that film, "Moonraker" came along and introduced more great and insane ideas. Hugo Drax, the villain in the film, was a man of strange madness. He wanted to poison all the inhabitants of the earth and create a new civilization in space.

Of course, we had other evil characters in James Bond films who tried to destroy the world in more logical and realistic ways, and Elliott Carver from "Tomorrow Never Dies" is one of them. He is a media giant who wants to monopolize broadcasting throughout China, and is even ready to start World War III to achieve his goal. A dangerous mental person who has nothing in front of him and sacrifices everyone for his sinister purposes. jpg ">

In order from right: Donald Pleasure, Christoph Waltz, Charles Gray as Bluefeld

What did you expect? Does anyone have the highest position? Bluefeld is a monster that has cast a shadow over the world of James Bond and has been played by several actors. That's why a separate category is entirely dedicated to him.

Bluefeld is the man behind all of James Bond's misfortunes. He is the main villain in the films "From Russia With Love", "You Only Live Twice", "On Her Majesty's Secret Service", Diamonds and Is Specter. In Casino Royale, a bit of calm and fireballs take over, and we find out later that he has everything under control.

Take a deep breath if you want to know about his evil and destructive actions, because there is a long list of activities There is full of his wickedness. Bluefeld devised a mission to hijack an American space capsule by a Russian spacecraft to wage a world war in China's favor. He smuggled a lot of diamonds to make a laser weapon and destroy Washington, threatened the people of the world that he would make all the fields fertile and sterilize the animals so that no one would have food to eat, tried an eavesdropping system and Set up a global watchdog to monitor criminal activity around the world, and repeatedly threaten to launch a nuclear attack. Have played. He has been recreated many times and made satirical copies of it, and he is still known as the sworn enemy of Agent 007.

Source: the gentleman's journal

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