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Everything you need to know before watching the movie Dune

BingMag.com Everything you need to know before watching the movie Dune

The long-awaited movie The Dune, directed by Dennis Villeneuve, was released this week, and many viewers are looking for information that is needed beforehand. Be aware of them by watching the movie. The film, like the long history of the world, which includes several story lines and characters narrated with different religious and political elements, has many stories in the field of production that delayed its release until today.

These stories and the margins of all the actors in the movie Dune are also from Hollywood stars. Timothy Shalameh, Rebecca Ferguson, Oscar Isaac in the lead role and Zendaya, Josh Brolin and Jason Momoa in the supporting role. Despite such factors and actors to make an adaptation of Frank Herbert's respected novel, it is not surprising that audiences are so excited about the film's release. It has been made, which will now be introduced to the new generation with the adaptation of Villeneuve. Although this adaptation is complete and faithful enough that the audience does not need to read Herbert's book or the history of the world created in this book to enjoy the film, there are some things that are interesting and helpful to know. Making an adaptation of the dune has always been a big challenge for Hollywood

BingMag.com Everything you need to know before watching the movie Dune

It had many creative features that attracted the attention of many film studios from the very beginning of the book's publication in 1965. The right to make this work was transferred to APJAC in 1971, but its production was delayed until a suitable director was found. In 1974, the French company bought the rights to the film and introduced Alejandro Khodorkovsky as the director of the project, who planned to make a ten-hour film adaptation of the book. Although Khodorkovsky hoped to attract big stars such as Arson Welles and Mick Jagger to star in his film, it turned out that the project was larger than the company could handle, and the rights to the adaptation were sold again, this time to Dino de Laurentis. In 1976, the company commissioned a screenplay based on a novel by Herbert, officially launching the project, and went so far as to offer Ridley Scott the director's job. Scott also offered to split the film, but later left the project to direct "Blade Runner." So the project stopped until 1981, when David Lynch was chosen as the director. Despite being a novice, Lynch began writing screenplays for the dune without even having read the book in its entirety, and without the slightest interest in the science fiction genre. Lynch's film was made at the time, and although Herbert believed that Lynch's screenplay was faithful to the spirit of the work, the film, released in 1984, met with much critical acclaim and a major box office failure. Lynch later claimed that he did not have enough authority to make the film, justifying the failure. He insisted on a silver curtain to bring the dune. Efforts were made in 2008 and 2010, but were unsuccessful until 2016, when the right to make the dune adaptation was transferred to Legendary Entertainment, and a new and successful adaptation project was launched. It is true that Hollywood was unsuccessful in making an adaptation of Herbert's story in those years, but it should not be forgotten that these efforts paved the way for popular franchises of the time, such as Star Wars and Star Trek.


BingMag.com Everything you need to know before watching the movie Dune

The project for this Canadian-French director was quite serious from the beginning to the point that Most of the scenes were filmed in the Liwa oasis in the UAE. The hot, dry regions that Villeneuve chose because of its proximity to what was described as the Arakis climate in the book. Villeneuve insists that viewers see the film in cinemas in E-Max format, the same format that was originally filmed in Dune. For this reason, he publicly criticized Warner Bros.'s decision to air the film on HBO Max at the same time as it was released in theaters, despite the Corona epidemic that still kept many moviegoers from watching the film in public. p>

  • Danny Villeneuve joins Warner Bros.'s opposition to online release

The admiration for the acclaimed director, who has always been looking for an opportunity to direct Dune, is undeniable. A fan of the science fiction genre, he has now become a director in this genre. Both films were in the sci-fi genre before Frank Herbert's adaptations of "Arrival" and "Blade Runner 2049" were made, and both films were nominated for or won Oscars. The Academy Award for Best Director for "Arrival" proved that he had the genius to make the right dandelion for a movie screen. Warner agreed to make the film in two parts. He believed that not all the intricacies and details that Herbert put into the story could be properly portrayed in one film. The first film will cover almost the first half of the book, before the two-year leap in the story.

What is the dune story about?

BingMag.com Everything you need to know before watching the movie Dune

Dune is an epic story from the Atridis family. A royal family who are forced to leave their mother planet for the desert planet Arakis after the emperor orders Duke Lito (Oscar Isaac). Duke is accompanied by his wife Jessica (Rebecca Ferguson) and son Paul (Timoni Chalamet), whose mother believes he has some form of religious prophecy. Although the Atreides are well-educated in politics, their family is in danger from their successors, the Harkonen family led by Baron Vladimir Harkonen (Stalan Oscarsgard).

The story takes place in a capitalist system that The planets are handed over by the emperor to the leaders of the family. These leaders then rule the planet and its resources until they somehow serve the emperor's interests. The planet Arakis depicted in the dune is extremely dry and waterless, which has made living conditions difficult for all inhabitants. Despite the lack of water, the planet is very rich due to the rich resources of valuable substances called spices that must be planted and extracted. Relying on the income of Duke Lito's spice cultivation, he hopes to be able to provide the budget and resources needed to transform the planet into a more sustainable place for its inhabitants to live.

He showed us sub-characters and other parts of the story, such as the huge sandworms that live in the Arakis deserts. There is also a hint of Paul's ability to see future events, some of which are even predictions of what will happen in the second part of the film.

Words and Vocabulary of the Dune

BingMag.com Everything you need to know before watching the movie Dune Although the story is written in English and Most of the characters in the story speak English, however the dune has unique vocabulary to describe objects and people, and here are some of the ones we encounter throughout the story: Fremen: The natives of the planet Arakis who live in the desert and have blue eyes.

Spice mlange (spice compounds): Product with The special value of the planet Arakis, which forms a large part of the indigenous diet. The sacred weapon of the Freemans, made of dead worm teeth. Indigenous people do not allow those who have seen the blade of this weapon to leave Arakis.

Lisan Al-Gaib A voice from the outside world.

Stillsuit: A universal, non-perforated dress designed by the natives of Arakis to survive in the desert. In addition to maintaining body moisture, this garment collects and purifies the moisture released due to transpiration to make it suitable for drinking.

BingMag.com Everything you need to know before watching the movie Dune Muad'dib: Small jumping mice that Freeman praises for their ability to survive in the wild.

Bene Gesserit: A school for training the mental and physical powers of women that prepares them for the management and strategic cooperation of politicians and royal families using these powers.

Kwisatz Haderach: That courage is intended for a man who is predicted to have their talents. It is said that the power of this person will be beyond time and space. (Meaning way shorter)

BingMag.com Everything you need to know before watching the movie Dune Gom Jabbar: A poisonous needle Courage uses it to test the power of the mind.

Sardaukar: The emperor's trained and dedicated soldiers. Ornithopter ): Aircraft that fly through continuous fluttering, like a dragonfly.


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