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Everything you need to know about "Making Money" made in Korea

BingMag.com <b>Everything</b> <b>you</b> <b>need</b> to <b>know</b> <b>about</b> 'Making Money' <b>made</b> in Korea

These days, perhaps few people find the fascinating and spectacular series Mani Hist or stealing money or a paper house or any other name given to it by the fans. Has not seen. If he has lost the pleasure of seeing it, he must have heard its name and its definition has been heard by others. The Spanish-language series produced by Netflix began airing on December 20, 2017, and ended in 2021 after five successful seasons. With the full end of the series, a wave of frustration formed among its fans, but this unhappiness did not last long, and Netflix released a copy of the original a few days ago to re-engage the audience, so that the audience's money could be reconciled and reminisced with. "Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area" is a South Korean television series based on the crime drama and Spanish robbery of the same name. Directed by Kim Hong-Sun and written by Rio Young-je, the series is one of Netflix's main series and stars Yu Ji-ta, Park He-soo, Joon Jong-soo, Lee Won-jung, and Park Myung-hoon. The role is paid. The series depicts the confused state of a hostage crisis on the Korean Peninsula, which includes characters such as a genius strategist and people with different personalities and abilities. This series will be available on Netflix on June 24, 2022 and is available to everyone. Today, we are going to introduce this curious series that we hear a lot about these days.

BingMag.com <b>Everything</b> <b>you</b> <b>need</b> to <b>know</b> <b>about</b> 'Making Money' <b>made</b> in Korea

Analysis of the Korean MoneyHist series

Expectations for the Korean MoneyHist were very high even before it started production, and fans heard the news Its production was eagerly awaited to see the Korean version of this popular series. The original version of MoneyHist with the full name "La Casa De Papel" was produced in Spain and was one of the most watched Netflix series, which won the prestigious Emmy Award for Best Drama Series in 2018 for its creators. This transition, with its rich and destructive content power like Earthquake - which is rightly the Korean serialization industry in its golden age - can certainly extend the scope of the goal that Netflix, with its ever-growing treasury of popular franchises, is pursuing.

So far, six episodes of the series have been aired as part of the first season. This part narrates a lively and lively adventure led by a very capable actor. The intricate design and labyrinth of the Mint of Korea deserves special appreciation and attention for its striking resemblance to the original version of the series. It reveals and opens the handful of people who want to get rich by hiding their conspiracies and hidden methods. Which, incidentally, has strengthened the Korean version of the remake. The story takes the followers to the past of their subjects using the playback technique, and this idea of passing the test works well here as well. It both creates a sense of suspense and tension in the audience, and by hiding and giving a series of vague information, it makes him more thirsty for the continuation of the series. All of this points to the fact that we are copying the identity of his older Spanish brother with a series on both sides. Of course, we should not forget Tokyo, which in addition to playing its role, also narrates the story, of course, a highly unreliable narrator who constantly changes the reality of the story to his liking and in his favor. However, his charming tone and voice make many people ignore his mischief.

We should all be grateful to Alex Pina (the creator of the series) who made Mani Heist so that the Koreans can amazingly recreate it and We will see another arithmetic series, even if we know its story. The first six episodes of the series aired on Netflix on June 24 and topped the site's most-visited charts on the first day. The story of the series is slightly different in detail due to its Asian nature. In the not-too-distant future, where there used to be a joint security zone between North and South Korea, a common economic-trade zone has been established. The region, which has been isolated and unused due to the bitter conflict between the two countries, quickly became a symbol of unity with exciting promises of new job and trade opportunities in the region and a common currency for easier trade where it was multiplied by the unified Korean Mint. The two spheres become two. Formed increasingly frustrated by the growth of abuse and exploitation of low-wage workers and the spread of class differences between rich and poor after this union. Following this incident, he brings together a group of troublemakers from a community of eight professional criminals to help them steal 4 trillion won from the Korean Mint. Each member of the core group is an ordinary human being with equal abilities about innocence and evil, forgiveness or violence. Veteran Korean actor Yu Ji Tae, who plays a professor, is constantly torn between the charm of an honest and hypocritical Robin-Hood character and the character of a man who controls and influences others without emotion.

Kim Yongjin He is another actor in the series that fans of the series remember him with his brilliant performance in the memorable series "Last". He plays a detective who has a turbulent personal life, and on the other hand, his sense of duty prevents him from being underemployed in his work environment. Kim Jong Un strikes a fine balance between the struggles and struggles of his character, Chief Wu Wing Jin in his personal life, and his sense of duty in a sensitive and risky negotiation amid a hostage crisis. Park Hee-soo, who recently became famous for another Netflix Squid Game series, is another well-known actor in the series, who portrays a formidable Berlin. He believes in earning through fear and is a master at his job. However, although he wears the mask of a powerful person, his mental health problems and unresolved injuries have been with him since he escaped from the infamous Gacheon North Korea concentration camp, and the occasional reminder of him can quickly turn him into an anxious figure. Put a cold on his forehead. Jeon Jung-seo (actor of the famous movie Burning) also plays a North Korean woman named Tokyo in Mani Hist, who is injured in a scam and is abused as an immigrant worker. Silently trying to gather pieces of his shattered dreams. Take them hostage but do not kill them! Print money and hit Chuck, finish. After creating such a promising setting and a convincing storytelling world, Manny Hist Korea sometimes feels trapped in an ambitious prison and still unsure how to get out. Certainly the most important characteristic that every story should have is to convince the viewer to believe in his heroes and worry about their future, no matter how bad and imperfect the heroes are. The story must be so close that we as viewers grow with its characters to see the world through their eyes, to accompany them in their failures and victories, and to celebrate their success.

However, when it comes to the original version. Looking at the collection and this fascinating copy of Korea, a question probably arises. That's why I have to go with a group of thieves who have done so mainly to gain personal wealth by stealing the hard-earned alliance costs on the peninsula, and for possibly hungry and busy hostages who really have nothing to do with these cases. Do not feel sorry for me? If you have been following ManiHist until the end of the first part of the first season, these are probably the questions you have faced and you may find the answers to all of them with the release of the second part of the first season (no date has been announced yet)./p>

Some of Netflix's most acclaimed Korean major series in recent years, such as D.P. Kingdam and Squid Game have shown that they are not just high-level, powerful action series, but that they have been able to sharply criticize the social conditions within them. However, the description of the situation in the Korean MoneyHist seems a bit more irresponsible and indifferent, paying attention to this issue is not as much as the serials we mentioned, but it certainly exists, it is lost only in the midst of the hostage crisis controversy in the mint. Tokyo has the most reasonable and strongest motivation among thieves. Seeing his dream of a devastated Korea after leaving the North Korean army and migrating to the South, he cites it as an example of rising economic inequalities due to reunification and the deplorable plight of migrant workers. He says to the capitalist system: Welcome to capitalism! And he finds himself in the midst of a robbery that can change his world. For him, stealing is an opportunity to advance and reclaim a thousand times what he feels he has lost through the oppression of such an economic system. Some of the best sequences in the series actually take place in the first few minutes of each episode, where the story begins with a glimpse into the story of each character. It helps to draw the evolutionary path and more subtle cognition of the characters and gives weight to their existence and existence. It allows us to understand why, in the first place, they decided to join the Professor's grand theft.

Traditionally and historically, the Koreans have been taken under the name of Hawui. Hawthorn masks in their various shapes, forms and appearances traditionally express the social status of the person who uses them. To restore the financial situation of the victims to their original state. The people who had suffered the most from the sharp and ruthless edges of the capitalist system. With the firm conviction of the robbery group that what they are doing is very good and respectful and in the way of helping people, the six unpublished parts that make up the second part of Chapter One must answer the question of whether it really justifies the purpose of the device. ?

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