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Everything we know from the movie Immortals

BingMag.com Everything we know from the movie Immortals

Shortly after the release of any Marvel movie in 2020, Disney is now back to showing Marvel movies and TV series for The audience, in a way that Marvel's multiverse is expanding rapidly.

The Vandavision series introduced dangerous dark magic to the franchise, Loki changed the timing, and then Shanghai and the legend of the Ten Rings in the true sense of the word. The word began with the systemic part of phase four of Marvel's cinematic world. Multi-world in December with the release of the much-anticipated Spider-Man movie: No Way Home, it reaches its peak.

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A lot is happening, and Amidst the chaos is Immortals, Marvel's closest cinematic experience to gambling. Oscar-winning director Chloe Zhao has a lot to say with the star cast, a multi-thousand-year-old cosmic story, and characters you don't know very well, even without the multi-world madness of Dr. Strange and Spider-Man in his story. Fortunately, there is a lot of information about this film, from its release date to its amazing cast, and the villainous characters and plot that we will examine.

First of all, Watch the trailers of Immortals

BingMag.com Everything we know from the movie Immortals

The first official trailer of the movie Immortals released in May 2021 And gave a good view of the film's breadth and extraordinary cinematography, but there is no clue as to what kind of storyline we are dealing with.

The second full trailer was released in August 2021. This time, he provided some clues about the original plot (remember Doyant's word) and a brief explanation of where the Immortals were during the Avengers galactic conflict: Where was the final game?

What is the release date of Immortals?

Immortals was originally scheduled to hit theaters in November 2020, but like almost all of its best-selling counterparts, due to the coronavirus epidemic, its release date is February. 2021 was postponed, but it was postponed again and was scheduled to be shown on November 5, 2021, and it seems that this date will remain the same. Disney confirmed in September that the movie Immortals will be released exclusively in theaters and will not go through the process of releasing the Black Widow, which was also posted on the DisneyPlus account (which led to a legal dispute).

Who are the actors of the Immortals?

In the San Diego Comic Book in 2019, the list of famous and extremely diverse actors of the Immortals was announced, including Jama Chan as Cersei, Richard Madden as Icarus, Kamil Nanjiani as Kingo, Angelina Jolie as Tina, Selma Hayek as Ayak, Brian Thierry Henry as Faustus, Barry Keogan as Drewig, Dan Lee as Gilgamesh, Lauren Ridloff as Macari and Leah McHugh as Sprite . Kate Harrington will also play Don Whitman, a non-immortal, and Dan Stevens is set to play a villain whose name has not yet been revealed.

Who are the immortals? ?

BingMag.com Everything we know from the movie Immortals

Immortals in 1976 by one of the great comics, Jack Kirby And they were created in his cosmic style and are basically the most advanced and evolved form of human beings. Thousands of years ago, god-like creatures called celestials experimented with the first forms of life on Earth. The positive results of their experiments led to the emergence of immortals, quasi-immortal beings who have a wide range of superpowers and are tasked with defending the earth against terrifying monsters called dualists. Immortals, like many comic book characters, have had different names, faces, and characteristics over the years, but the versions portrayed by Zhao are as follows:

Cersei (Chan): Cersei, who has the ability to manipulate molecules in inanimate objects, lives among humans as a museum curator. According to Kevin Faigy, director of Marvel Studios, Cersei is the main character in the film. "If there's one main character in the group, he's Cersei, played by Jama Chan," he said of the importance of Chan's character. We looked at the types of actresses for this role and finally came to believe that Gemma is the best option and fortunately she will prove this belief in the final film. "Of course, Kidney was very influential in this decision and any other choice." Fans hope it will be the same in the film. Icarus, who has the power to fly and the ability to fire cosmic energy rays from his eyes, is one of the three sides of the love triangle with Cersei and Dan Whitman, the man played by Harrington, who seems to be the main pillar of the immortals. "Cersei is the person who has the closest relationship with humans and has even gone through two love stories, which is an absolute innovation for Marvel events and stories, and one of the reasons," Chan said in an interview with Vanity Fair. That's what attracted me to this project. " The team members are world-famous Bollywood movie stars. "I have been using Bollywood dance classes for months to prepare for this role," Nanjiani said in an interview. "This kind of dance is really like an exercise, and there are 52 dancers in the movie, and 51 of them are professional dancers, and I'm with them."

Gilgamesh (Lee): Every immortal has at least one sign of an extraordinary power, but Gilgamesh is the strongest of them all. Korean-American actor Dan Lee plays the character, and he is certainly the most interesting person in the film (if not in the entire Marvel movie world).

Tina (Julie): Tina Able to build various weapons of cosmic energy and a first-class warrior who has been mistaken for a famous goddess by several of the ancient societies. He has been a close friend of Gilgamesh for thousands of years and has a secret love affair with a duo named Crowe, who is definitely confirmed to be the main anti-hero of Immortals. It can be said that 65% of this film is a romantic drama and we must prepare for it.

Faustus (Artistic): It is a Marvel movie. "The two have a unique and engaging relationship that undoubtedly arouses the emotions of the audience," said Haz Sleiman, who plays a close friend of Faustus in the film. It was important for me to be in such a role. Brian Thierry Henry is a great actor and has given a lot of charm to this character and the friendly relationship of both roles. "Like two friends, they are always behind each other and support each other, and we must be reminded that the relationship between two close friends must be like this, because sometimes we forget a part of our human existence."

Another Marvel film historian is Macari, a fast-paced member of the Immortals and the series' first deaf superhero. Proportionately, this character is portrayed by deaf actress Lauren Ridloff, who recently spoke about her experience on stage:

"I had to convince behind-the-scenes agents that I could easily act as I work as a deaf person. I was worried about looking fragile, but after working with others, I realized that everyone in the series has their own challenges, and I have to focus on what I have to present as an actor and not be ashamed of it.

Ayak (Hayek): Ayak appears in this film as the main link between the immortals and their heavenly rulers, and he is very different in appearance from his male character in the comics, and apparently He is the leader of the team and will play the role of Nick Fury in the film, bringing together immortals from all over the world. It can create complex illusions and fantasies, it has a sad state like vampires, because it is thousands of years old but it is trapped in the body of a 12-year-old child.

Drew (Keogan): Drew has the power to control the minds of others, and because Barry Keogan plays him, there is a 99 percent chance that he will betray everyone in the final part of the film.

Who is the villain of the movie Immortals?

BingMag.com Everything we know from the movie Immortals

The second trailer of Immortals confirmed the plot of the film and it was revealed that the team in Will face the Dwinters. The celestials did their experiments correctly and created almost perfect immortals, but for a while everything went terribly wrong and led to the creation of the dualists. They look horrible and have none of the abilities of their eternal counterparts, devoting almost their entire lives to avenging the founders of the crime of creation.

In particular, the film's main threat seems to be Crow, a general. He is one of the two who has been given the ability to immortalize his genetic makeup, and the situation has developed in such a way that he has to keep it a secret from his contemporaries. Over the years, Crowe has had a hidden romance with immortal Tina that we will see in the film. Dan Stevens was asked in an interview if he was in The Immortals, to which he replied in a short sentence, "Whatever Crow says."

What is the plot of The Immortals?

We know from the trailers that the sudden recovery of half of all life in the world in Avengers: The Final Game marked an event known as the Rise, an event that was as horrific as Ajax of all the Immortals. Gather the earth together again. Faigi also described the plot (written by Zhao, Patrick Berley, and Ryan Fairpo) as a very bold and ambitious story about the 7,000-year history of humanity and our place in the universe. Other than that, for now, we only have the official synopsis of the film, which is as follows: The film is set in the form of an epic story that is thousands of years old and in which a group of eternal heroes reunite to stand against the oldest enemy of humanity, the dualists. "

Eternal On November 5, 2021 in cinemas Will be screened.

Source: collider

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