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Everything we know about the sequel to "Morbius"

BingMag.com <b>Everything</b> we <b>know</b> <b>about</b> the <b>sequel</b> to 'Morbius'

The story of "Morbius" that takes place in the Marvel movie world of Sony was able to win the box office over the weekend, but the question is whether " Will Morbius 2 ever be made?

Warning: There is a risk of leaking the story of Morbius in this article

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Morbius in the same world as Venom And "Venom: Let Carnegie Come" is alive, making it the title of the first "Live Vampire" on the big screen. In fact, Sony's "Morbius" follows the same storyline as the ever-present hero, in which Dr. Michael Morbius (played by Jared Leto) struggles to cure a rare blood disorder that he and his brother Milo (played by Matt Smith) suffer from. Turns into an incredibly powerful vampire. The story lines depicted in "Morbius" are in complete agreement with the comic books about this character, so many audiences hope to be able to watch the fight between a version of Spider-Man against this living vampire.

Everything we know about Morbius 2 here. The points we will mention are which characters could be in the second sequel and what the story of this sequel is likely to be about.

Do Will the movie Morbius 2 ever be made?

BingMag.com <b>Everything</b> we <b>know</b> <b>about</b> the <b>sequel</b> to 'Morbius'

As mentioned, criticisms Much of what has been said about "Morbius" has left the construction of another sequel in a state of ambiguity. However, despite the poor reception of "Morbius" and other recent superhero films, there are many reasons to hope that "Morbius 2" will be made. One of the reasons for this is the fusion of Sony and Marvel's cinematic world that we saw in the first film, and it will definitely lead to other sequels. While there has been no official word on the launch of "Morbius 2" to date, it's definitely due to the connection between Michael Morbius' character and other Marvel movie characters and the Sony world in other films of these combined worlds. We will be characters.

Which actors will be in Morbius 2?

The end of "Morbius" clearly shows the possibility of the return of several main characters in the sequel. This movie will be there. The star of the movie, Michael Morbius, will naturally return in the sequel to "Morbius 2", except that due to the death of his father, Dr. Emile Nicholas (played by Jared Harris) and his brother Milo, we are definitely going to see a more angry and bitter version of him. . Martin Bancroft (played by Adria Arjuna) also looks set to return to "Morbius 2" after his new vampire character escapes death in the final scene of Morbius.

Story What is Morbius 2 about? What story started the end of the first film?

BingMag.com <b>Everything</b> we <b>know</b> <b>about</b> the <b>sequel</b> to 'Morbius'

The movie "Morbius" while In the end, Michael embraces his vampire abilities and proudly stands over New York City and looks at the city, and Martin, unaware of him, revives himself with his new powers. So the end of the film shows the potential conflict between the newly vampired Martin and Morbius, and so Dr. Morbius may have to do again what he did with his brother Milo, who was cursed by the vampire, so it is possible that He will have to kill Martin as well.

However, the two middle scenes of the final credits of "Morbius" give us much better clues about the plot of "Morbius 2". For example, Vultures or Adrian Thomas (played by Michael Keaton) enter the world of Sony's Morbius because of Dr. Strange's spell on Benedict Cumberbatch in "No Way Home." Finds and suggests to Michael that they do great things together. These scenes suggest that Michael may have a much darker future in "Morbius 2", and perhaps Sony finally wants to put its plans into production on "Evil Six". The plan that the company is thinking of achieving in 2014 so far. img src="https://bingmag.com/picsbody/2204/18736-4.jpg" alt="BingMag.com Everything we know about the sequel to 'Morbius'" loading="lazy">

It is difficult to predict the possible release date of the "Morbius" sequel, given that no news has been released yet about the start of production on "Morbius 2". will be. Sony will be very busy in the next few years as "Spider-Man: Beyond Spider-Man" and "Crown Hunter" are set to release in 2023. As a result, "Morbius 2" is likely to be released at best in 2024, provided that Sony wants to make a sequel to "Morbius".

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