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Everything we know about the Red Announcement movie

Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson (Rock) and Gal Gadot all star in the thriller action movie Red Notice from Netflix.

Most Hollywood industry analysts claim that the world of cinema is no longer limited to stars. There was a time when some actors could draw viewers to the cinema simply because of their presence in the film and regardless of the plot. However, there are still a few big names that set the box office in their favor, even if it is not as simple and easy as it has been for decades.

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These three stars, all of whom are in the world of Dysi films They are related, they have never worked together before, and this is one of the reasons why the red notice is on the radar of many audiences. But what information is available about this work?

Release Date

The film was originally scheduled to star in Cinemas to be screened. Of course, this program lasted until Netflix did not buy the rights to the film in the summer of 2019 from Universal. Netflix currently plans to launch the red announcement on November 12, 2021 on its broadcast service. The film's budget is about $ 200 million, making it Netflix's most expensive red film to date.


BingMag.com Everything we know about the Red Announcement movie

As mentioned earlier, Dwayne Johnson as an Interpol police officer named Rasti, Ryan Reynolds as a skilled swindler and Gal Gadot As the most skilled art thief in the world, they play a role in the red announcement. The names of Reynolds and Godot have not yet been confirmed. Rito Aria from Umbrella Academy and Chris Diamontopoulos from Silicon Valley also appear in unknown roles in the film. It is worth mentioning that the director of Red Announcement is Rawsen Marshall Thorber, with whom Johnson collaborated, both in the central intelligence and in the skyscraper.

Details of the story


Netflix has yet to release a full trailer for the Red Announcement, which is surprising No, because they usually wait until the release. Currently, a preview video of this project is available in cyberspace, which is made from different images of the film.

Source: Screenrant

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