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Everything we know about the new Blade movie

BingMag.com Everything we know about the new Blade movie

It has been a long time waiting for the film Blade, and the next part of Marvel's cinematic world is finally on its way. Marvel has hired Stacey Oce Kufor to recreate a screenplay that will finally open the door for the famous vampire hunter to Marvel's cinematic world. Marvel has chosen Bassam Tariq to lead the project. He is best known for his work on the Muggle Muggle project.

Blade's new film was first introduced in July 2019 during the San Diego Comics Event. Kevin Faigy, director of Marvel Studios, announced the film and confirmed that Mahershala Ali, the winner of several Oscars, will play the lead role in the film. The Blade original trilogy, starring Wesley Snipes, became hugely popular even without the attention of critics. These films also featured Marvel's vampire hero of the day, further boosting his popularity, as well as sponsoring a short television series.

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With the release of the film, everyone's eyes will be fixed on this new remake and it seems to be worth watching. It is still in the early days of making this film and not much information is available about the project, but there are some important details about the plot and details of the actors until the filming and release of this future Marvel movie.

New Blade Title

There are some rumors in cyberspace that this movie has been registered as Blade: The Vampire Slayer, but this has not been announced or confirmed. Given that the title sounds a lot like filmmaking, Marvel is unlikely to go that way. Like Wesley Snipes in 1988, it seems to be introduced only as Blade.

New Blade Approved Actors

BingMag.com Everything we know about the new Blade movie

Mahershala Ali is the only actor whose presence in the list of actors has been confirmed. Marvel doesn't even have an approved script, it probably won't be cast for a long time.

New Blade confirmed characters

Given that the film is in the early stages of production The only character that has been confirmed for the film is Blade himself, played by Ali. Given that the new film is supposed to integrate this character into the world of Marvel, some of the heroes and villains of the Marvel world may appear in this film, which may be Dr. Strange or Scarlet Witch. Strange and Blade have been part of the Marvel Midnight Boys team that brings together the greatest supernatural heroes in the comic world. Will we meet the Marvel boys team again in the middle of the night? : Trilogy was present and played the role of Hannibal King. If Wade meets the blade, the film can use this confrontation as a turning point in the film. Apart from these examples, we have to wait and see what characters will be introduced for the film. However, Blade has a long list of allies and enemies in comics, and possibly allies who are now enemies and enemies who are now allies. From Deacon Frost, the vampire who is the father of the blade, to the legendary Dracula, who is the enemy of the blade, literally everyone is likely to be in the movie.

New blade filming time

Filming is set to begin in July 2022, and will likely be based at Trilth Studios in Atlanta, Georgia, but none have been confirmed. In this case, it was first reported that film production will begin in late 2021. But according to The Hollywood Reporter, the date was postponed after Stacey Osi Kofur came to work so the studio could work with her on the script for a while. Probably as long as there is no obstacle in the way of filming, the film will continue its current planning.

New blade enters Marvel timelines

BingMag.com Everything we know about the new Blade movie

Announcing the new Blade movie at the San Diego comic book event, Kevin Faigy told Clyder site owner Steve Winterb that the upcoming Bloody Night movie will be part of the fifth phase, not the fourth, which means that The film's events probably take place after the shocking events of Dr. Strange 2 and other major changes in films such as Ant and the Bee: Quantum Mania and The Four Wonders. Of course, if it were decided that the blade was in the past, these currents would be different, the decision that Marvel made for the Black Widow and Captain Marvel. Given that the film is in the early stages of production, it is still possible that the film will be released in the fourth phase. If so, it will be after Dr. Strange 2, but it is safe to say that no confirmation has been made so far. The film is likely to be released as official information on the timeline and new blade decisions approaches. Marvel Studios caused a stir at the Television Critics Association, saying that in addition to Deadpool 3, it may adhere to the under-13 rating for upcoming films. Read what he has to say in the text below.

"Everything we do for children and adults is part of our goal. Your question is probably more about classifying adults or those over seventeen. With the exception of Deadpool, which has already established itself as a special genre and ranking, we said we would have no problem getting started on it. The storyline, the character, the rankings of over thirteen years, the tone of the film and the ratings used so far have not stood in our way. If that happened then we would all be in for a treat, but it never happened. "All the story we are looking at is set with its tone and age rating." Does that mean the new blade will not be over seventeen in the age category? Probably not. The Wesley Snape trilogy had a rating of over seventeen years, which was a good decision, so it would disappoint many fans if the remake did not match the blood and violence level of those films. Even if the new film is over thirteen years old and does not focus only on its horror aspects, it can still be a valuable film. For now, we just have to wait and see what the real classification of the film will be.

The story of the new blade

BingMag.com Everything we know about the new Blade movie

As mentioned, the script for the new Blade movie is not finalized yet, so there is no word on its story. We will probably receive a synopsis or details of the story as we approach the start of filming. Of course, the main comic story of this character is clear and can be the basis for the story of the upcoming film. Blade's mother was attacked by a vampire while she was pregnant. Her mother died after giving birth, but gave birth to a half-human, half-blooded vampire named Eric Brooks. He grew up and used his abilities as a demon to hunt other vampires as a blade. The Democrats are not sensitive to sunlight.

More than twenty years after the release of the first Blade movie, the new movie can provide a summary of the original story so that new fans can enter the heart of the story, although it is possible that Marvel Let the story pass and enter the story directly. Another option is to introduce Blade in another film and then focus on his character in the new film. This method was used in Tom Holland's Spider-Man movie, and probably works for Blade as well. Read Bassam Tariq's interview with Gizmodo on this topic below.

The fact is that the blade is by no means the main character. In some comics, his name is Fred or, as you know, he has the title Blade instead of Eric Brooks. I can say that in the new film, the character is more important than the story. "

The release date of the new film Blade has not been announced yet, but one can speculate about it. Marvel currently has two unassigned release dates, July 28 and November 3, 2023. If filming of Blade begins in July 2022, both dates can be easily set. Marvel is also leading a new Wonder Four movie, so the question is which movie will be released first.

If Marvel wants to finish the fourth phase with Wonder Four, then release Blade is the most likely guess. The Blade is set to release in November, just after Halloween 2023. Of course, all this talk is speculation and can not be relied on. Fans will have to wait for Marvel's official confirmation of the release date.

The studio has been re-launching since 2013, so we can wait, the film will finally hit theaters. The new Blade looks like a great movie.

Source: Collider

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