Everything we know about the “Cars 4” animation and Pixar spin-off

The "Machines" franchise has been very successful for Pixar, but the question is, will the "Machines 4" sequel be made at all? So in answer to this question, we want to share with you all the information we have about this.

BingMag.com Everything we know about the “Cars 4” animation and Pixar spin-off

The "Machines" franchise has been very successful for Pixar, but the question is, will the "Machines 4" sequel be made at all? So in answer to this question, we want to share with you all the information we have about this.

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    BingMag.com Everything we know about the “Cars 4” animation and Pixar spin-off

    The "Machines" franchise has been very successful for Pixar, but the question The question that arises is, will the "Machine 4" sequel ever be made? In the first film "Cars", there was a talking racing car called Lightning McQueen (voiced by Owen Wilson) who deviates from his path while walking to the desert city and now he has to lose his way and is forced to Arrive at the racetrack to do something.

    This arrogant and selfish racing car, after spending time with the residents of a neighborhood in the heart of the desert, eventually falls in love with this small town and learns to be a little humble. While the "Cars" franchise has not been as acclaimed as other Pixar animations, such as "Toy Story" or "Monster Factory," it has been a success in its own right. In addition, great actors, including the legendary Paul Newman and Michael Keaton (from Spider-Man: Homecoming) voiced.

    But the animation "Machines 2" with Lightning in an international competition and His collaboration with a spy named Finn McMessel, voiced by Michael Kane of The Dark Knight, added to the franchise of a spy drama story. But this car sequel received different feedback in 2011, for example, the visual effects of this sequel were able to attract positive feedback from everyone, but the animated story was not very interesting and did not have many comedy scenes, but the third sequel of the "Cars" franchise It was full of references to other Pixar animations and also tried to tell the story of Lightning in a simple way. In this sequel, he has a terrible accident during a race and has to prepare his own race cars to compete with the new generation. In fact, the "Machines 3" animation was a huge breakthrough in the franchise, and it was able to address deeper and darker topics. Video games and a series of films called airplanes were made in the sequel. So considering all this, it can be argued that the "Cars" animation has sold more than $ 1 billion worldwide so far, which is a significant amount for a franchise, so it remains to be seen whether the fourth sequel will be considered. Will it ever be made or not?

    Pixar intends to focus on the original movie stories and stop producing the sequel forever

    BingMag.com Everything we know about the “Cars 4” animation and Pixar spin-off

    Although it is still possible to make the fourth animated sequel to "Machines", it is safe to say that this will not happen any time soon. Although nothing has been confirmed yet, it seems that Pixar is no longer willing to make future sequels for its famous films. In fact, the company spent many years producing sequels to its greatest animations, such as "In Search of Nemo" and "The Amazing 2," but after the release of "Toy Story 4" by Mark Nielsen, one of the producers of this The company explicitly confirmed that the company intends to focus on developing its core projects, not making sequels for them.

    Since then, animations such as "Luca", "Ghost" and "Red" They have shown their commitment to the main stories. In addition, the company's next animation, "Light Air", focuses on expanding the characters and presenting new stories, rather than being a direct sequel to the "Toy Story" animation. So this shows that Pixar is moving away from producing sequels to its older franchises, such as the "Cars" animation. The "Machines 3" animation also did a good job of completing the McQueen racing story, and with the film's mediocre performance compared to previous films, the "Machines 3" animation will most likely not be made for at least the next few years. Unless Pixar changes its approach again.

    Although no one can predict the future, Pixar has insisted that a series of spin-offs, called "Cars on the Road," will take place later. They will be released on Disney Plus in 2022. Owen Lightning McQueen star Wilson will return with the spin-off along with Meter actor Larry de Cable Guy. Moving away from the race and focusing on McQueen's relationship with his weird best friend is considered a clever move by the company, and so naturally the "Cars on the Road" series will have plenty of time to tell the humor in the "Cars" animated story. Draw on the roads.

    Disney has promised a collection of new characters and fictional locations with old friends that could appeal to audiences interested in "Cars" animation. So even if the "Cars 4" animation is never made, the story of this lovely series from this franchise can still entertain the audience.

    Do 4 Machines will never be built? Here is what we know about McQueen's possible Lightning sequence: Most likely

    img src="https://bingmag.com/picsbody/2205/20386-4.jpg" class="content-pics" alt="BingMag.com Everything we know about the “Cars 4” animation and Pixar spin-off" title="BingMag.com Everything we know about the “Cars 4” animation and Pixar spin-off" loading="lazy" , "Cars 4" animation will never be made according to the current trend of Pixar. In 2017, animation producers Kevin Reicher and Andre Warren talked about their desire to expand the "Cars" franchise series, stating that, like any sequel, from "Toy Story 4" to "Amazing 2" as long as it's a good story. To say there is can be invested in a franchise, and we love that franchise and love its characters just as much as the audience.

    Owen Wilson also talks about making another Lightning sequel. McQueen had spoken out and suggested that another film be made based on the same competitions. "I think the next sequel to 'Cars' has a really unique story, and Lightning McQueen's character can add to the beauty of the story with his exciting presence," he said. However, despite these words and the excitement of those involved in the series, Pixar is moving the "Machines" franchise and other franchises in a completely different direction. The direction in which subsequent sequels are made for these franchises seems strange.

    To answer the question of whether a fourth sequel to "Machines" will ever be made, one of the key points to consider is Keep in mind that animations like "Cars" animation have a lot of fans, so this franchise has tremendous commercial power. The Pixar movie series, along with movies such as Star Wars and Disney Princess animations, ranks high.

    In 2012, Forbes estimated that "Cars" animation was worth more than 1 million $ 05 billion. However, it cannot be ignored that the franchise was gradually losing its tremendously high value and declining dramatically in the third sequel, so the "Cars on the Road" spin-off can be fully exploited. Prevent the decline.

    In fact, this Disney Plus series will be interesting for fans who want to enjoy watching a story about Lightning McQueen and spend an hour every week watching these lovely cars. If the series goes well, Pixar may change its position on the sequels again. However, the "Cars on the Road" series should do well enough to make up for the franchise's latest sequel and make Pixar think about producing the next sequel.

    Animation "Cars 3 had the lowest income among this series

    BingMag.com Everything we know about the “Cars 4” animation and Pixar spin-off

    while the animation" Machines 3 "was able to succeed at the box office, but the income he earned was much lower than the first and second films of this series. "Cars 2" sold more than $ 560 million in 2011, while "Animation 3" sold only $ 380 million. Although this income is not that low, but if we want to compare the reception of this film with the reception of the second film, it shows that the audience's interest in the "Machines" franchise is decreasing.

    Since the release of the third sequel, there has been considerable discussion about the absence of Duck Hudson (voiced by Paul Newman) in the second and third sequels, and the audience has wondered why the subsequent sequels never addressed what really happened to him. Event. According to one of the company's executives, after Paul Newman's death in 2008, the company thought it would be better to remove his character from the "Machines" franchise forever and not be replaced by anyone.

    A franchise often causes events that cause the target audience to lose interest in watching that franchise. Big and small mistakes are added to this, and will ultimately affect the success of possible Pixar sequences. This, in turn, affects the creativity of those involved behind the scenes of the franchise and causes them to lose their creativity in making the next sequels.

    In the next sequel of the "Machines" animation. , The role of Cruise Ramirez should be more prominent

    BingMag.com Everything we know about the “Cars 4” animation and Pixar spin-off

    Cruise Ramirez animation to Lightning coach McQueen was named, but he eventually replaced Lightning in the final. In fact, the third film was a sequel to the franchise in which McQueen did his best, so it looks like at the end of the film, it will be the cruise line that becomes the franchise's new race car, replacing Lightning. Will take and Lightning will act more as a coach in subsequent sequels. Kevin Reicher and Andre Warren, the producers of the "Machines 3" animation, even talked about the cruise character in a possible version of the "Machines 4" animation in an article written in 2019 and stated that he was a failed character. Is not and can play a significant role in subsequent sequels.

    Therefore, if the "Machines 4" animation is made, it is most likely not the McQueen character who will continue to play the lead role as the race car. Dad. Although he will definitely still be one of the prominent figures of this franchise. Because some people involved in this animation have also confirmed this issue. In 2017, Brian Fee, who was directing the third sequel, said in an interview:

    I really have no idea about the future of this franchise and I do not know where this franchise is going to go. Go. I do not know if we are going to make another sequel for him or not. I do not know at all if we are going to make a sequel or if more films will be made in the future. I do not know anything about McQueen's role. This is the third time he has appeared in the world of "machines", but I do not know if we will see him in this world again or not. It is not even clear if he will be the main character of this franchise if he is present in the continuation of this animation. In fact, I have no idea right now and I think anything could happen in the future.

    What is the basis of what Pixar is doing next?

    BingMag.com Everything we know about the “Cars 4” animation and Pixar spin-off

    Pixar has several upcoming projects coming to cinemas in the next few years. The company's next big film is called "Lighter", the main story of which is based on the open character of Lighter from "Toy Story". In this sci-fi film, in which action and adventure genres can also be seen, he is again stuck on a distant planet and faces countless obstacles in trying to escape from this planet. Among them is the evil robot, which is thought to be a version of the "Emotion of Toys" by the emperor Zorg. Tim Allen does not voice the character in the film, and Chris Evans has been chosen to replace him as the voice actor in the "Light Air" animation. Directed by Angus McLean, the director of "In Search of Nemo", the film is set to be released on June 17, 2022.

    Another Pixar-certified film to be produced in the future is "Mental". According to rumors, it will be released in June 2023. The story of the animated "Lemental" takes place in a city where people made of fire, water, earth and air live together, but in fact the story of the film focuses on two creatures who have to work together despite possible incompatibilities. The film will be directed by Peter Sean, who has previously directed "The Good Dinosaur".

    Although there is still a lot of information about "Mental", but if the story of this animation Also like other company animations, we should definitely expect a lot of emotional sequences that can make the audience tear up. Both LightYear and Mental animations make it clear that Pixar is no longer looking for a sequel to its big movies, and that will be true for at least a few years. But despite all this, surely many avid audiences will still be waiting for the next sequel to the "Cars" animation.

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