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Everything we know about The Amazing Woman 3

BingMag.com Everything we know about The Amazing Woman 3

After the success of The Wonder Woman and The Wonder Woman 1984, the creators of the Dysy developed world decided to tell the story of Princess Diana (Gal Gadot) with the third and final episode. , That is, to finish the Wonder Woman 3. Directed by Patti Jenkins, the film is set to have a great ending to the story that began in 2017. Warner Bros. President Toby Amrish announced in a statement in December 2020 that he would make the film in December 2020. "Now that fans around the world are watching the sequel to Princess Diana in The First Week of Wonder Woman 1984, I have to announce that we intend to continue her adventure," he said. "Our Real Wonder Women, Gal Godot and Patti Jenkins, are here to work with others to create a unique ending for the Wonder Woman trilogy." 15 Suicide Squad Films/li>

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  • It is still the first days of production of this sequel and not much information is available about this project. However, some details about this upcoming movie are clear.

    So far, Gal Gadot is the only actor whose presence in this movie has been confirmed. Of course, some of the actors in previous films will likely be in the third film as well. Amazing 3 come back. Kristen Wiig could also appear in the film and reprise her role as the cheetah in The Wonder Woman 1984.

    The return of Chris Payne is questionable, as we've seen before that his character once He has risen from the dead. Performing this trick for the second time may be a bit extravagant. With all of this in mind, it may take some time for the full cast to be released.

    Characters Return to Wonder Woman 3 Who are they?

    BingMag.com Everything we know about The Amazing Woman 3 Definitely Gal Gadot as Princess Diana of Temiskira in The Amazing Woman 3 There will be, but other than that, there is no clue as to who will appear in the upcoming film The Amazing Woman. Given that Diana was forced to leave Steve Trevor (Chris Payne) in the 1984 film Wonder Woman, it is unlikely that Payne will appear in the third film. However, he can still appear in the film in some way, through flashbacks, dreamy sequences or the like. Of course, it all depends on Diana's direction in the film.

    Kristen Wiig may also play Barbara Minerva or Cheetah again in the film. This character is one of the most important enemies of Wonder Woman in comics, but in the movie Wonder Woman in 1984, he was more of a secondary evil character. Bringing this character back can be an interesting move, but it would be better if it happened in a new format and does not play the role of the same secondary villain or even another villain again.

    It seems quite possible that Queen Hippolyta played by Connie Nielsen And General Antiope, played by Robin Wright, will again appear in Wonder Woman 3. These characters are likely to be shown as flashbacks during Diana's growth and development in Temiskira. They leave the island only to meet Diana in the human world at great risk.

    It is also possible that Linda Carter appeared in the third film as Astria, the legendary Amazon warrior. Be. Admittedly, her appearance in the final scenes of The Wonder Woman 1984 was a tribute to the actress Diana in the Wonder Woman TV series of the 1970s, but it would be interesting to see two Wonder Women together.

    Amazing Woman movie 3 When will it be filmed?

    Amazing Woman 3 movie production schedule like a It is a secret. The release date has not been announced yet, which makes it very difficult to guess when filming will begin.

    The situation becomes more complicated when we know that Godot and Jenkins have other projects under construction that need to be worked on before Amazing Woman 3 to finish. They both star in Cleopatra's upcoming film, and Jenkins is set to direct Star Wars: The Rebellious Squadron. The film will hit theaters in December 2023.

    Based on the appearance of these programs, the filming of Wonder Woman 3 may not begin until early 2023. After announcing the release date of the film, better information about the filming and production schedule will definitely be revealed.

    Amazing Woman Story 3 When Is it happening?

    BingMag.com Everything we know about The Amazing Woman 3

    One of the few things in the movie that is known is the timing Is a story. The story of the third film, unlike The Wonder Woman and The Wonder Woman 1984, does not take place in the past. Audiences will no longer see a historical story, and in fact, perhaps Wonder Woman 3 will continue Diana's story after Justice League. Jenkins confirmed that Wonder Woman will be three contemporary stories in 2019.

    She told the Hollywood Reporter:

    "I do not intend to narrate the film in the past, because there is no room for another. . We are in the early stages. The story of the film is contemporary. That's all I can say. What it means and how it is narrated is something you will understand in the future.

    What is the plot of The Amazing Woman 3 ?

    It remains to be seen where the story of The Amazing Woman 3 goes. Over the past two films, audiences have seen Diana stand on her own two feet and come to terms with her place in the world. His next path and position are not clear at all.

    Patti Jenkins expressed interest and said he would like to link the current state of the world to the film. In fact, it seems that the corona epidemic will have a big impact on the film. In a 2020 interview, Jenkins said he had stopped working on The Amazing Woman 3 to fully integrate the post-Corona world situation into the film's story.

    "We are currently producing I have stopped. Because in fact, our story plan and plot belong to six months ago and now the situation is different. "So I decided to make full use of the pandemic result in the film." The film, which was officially announced in 2019, is about the Temiskira Amazons that Diana has left. Jenkins will not be directing the film, but he plans to include elements of the film in The Amazing Woman 3. The release date of this spin-off is not yet known and may not even be made. So as long as there is no word from the agents, any speculation about the story of Wonder Woman 3 is likely.

    Wonder Woman Trailer 3

    The Wonder Woman 3 movie trailer has not been released yet and the details of the movie have been kept secret and the project is still in the early stages of production and filming has not started. In fact, it seems that fans have to wait a while to see pictures of this movie. Audiences should be aware of cyberspace to be aware of it as soon as a trailer, teaser or anything else is released.

    Amazing Woman 3 When will it be released?

    BingMag.com Everything we know about The Amazing Woman 3

    Now, Amazing Woman 3 Release Date Not officially approved. Filming has not yet begun and it will take a long time for the project to be released. Most likely, Wonder Woman 3 will not be released in cinemas until 2024. Jenkins' next project is to direct a new Star Wars movie set for release in December 2023, and he will not go to Wonder Woman 3 until the project is completed. Again, the audience should follow the cyberspace to know the release date of the film. ?

    Wonder Woman 3 will not be aired on the HBV Max platform when released. Warner Bros. chose The Mixed Release Model for The Wonder Woman 1984 and aired the film simultaneously on Achbio Max and in theaters. This method was heavily criticized, although it helped the film become the most watched film of 2020.

    But the method of releasing The Amazing Woman 3 will not be like this. Patti Jenkins has previously said she will not direct the third film if it is not released in theaters.

    She told the New York Times: "We will see what happens. I do not know myself. "I only know that if the conditions are right and the film is released in cinemas, I will be present, but otherwise, I would rather not be a part of the project."

    In August 2021, Jenkins took a stronger position on this. In an interview with Deadline 2021, she mentioned the issue of The Wonder Woman in 1984: "It was the best of several bad choices and, in fact, a heartbreaking experience. "I do not quite agree with the combined release, and I hope it does not happen again."

    Warner Bros. seems to agree with him. According to Variety, the film is traditionally shown in cinemas, and Warner Bros. has agreed with cinema owners that from 2022, each new Warner Bros. movie will be available exclusively for 45 days before being shown on HBO and Max. Play cinemas.

    Source: Collider

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