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9 episodes of the game series consisting of the worst to the best

BingMag.com 9 episodes of the game series consisting of the worst to the best

The new Netflix series, Squid Game, is soon on its way to becoming the most watched series on the platform of all time. What sets the composite game apart from other series on the service is the tension and anxiety inherent in local, class, and structural inequality.

The story is told in a total of nine episodes, in which a group of people move from place to place They are brought to the unknown and there they get the chance to participate in a series of dangerous games to earn money.

All of them are in a bad economic situation for some reason. This is the reason that encourages them to do anything to win the grand prize of the competition, even if it means losing their lives in the process. This story is a disappointing but accurate assessment of the level of frustration of many people in the world.

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The series has several weaknesses, but overall, it seems like an interesting story worth considering. To evaluate the different parts of the series, it is better to have a brief look at all the parts that have been released so far. It is not possible to cover all the final points of each episode, but we can talk about most of the main details of each episode and how to arrange some games.

9. 2:

BingMag.com 9 episodes of the game series consisting of the worst to the best

This episode is unfortunately the weakest episode of the series, as all the problems of the first episode are more apparent here. Several participants decide to do so because of a law that allows players to leave the game. Seung Gye-hoon (Lee Young-jae) realizes when he leaves that his mother is not in good health. When he returns home, he encounters a disappointing reality, and other rivals who leave the game experience similar situations. The separated individuals are Chu Sang Woo (Park Hae-soo), a childhood friend of Gye-hoon, Kang Sae-byuk, a North Korean (Yong Ho Eun), Jang Deok-soo Gangster (Heo Sung-tae), Han Min-ni (Kim Joo-riung) and Ali. (Anopam trypathy). Ali was a man who got into a fight with his boss at work, who abused him without pay.

Familiar was happening. Guy Hoon accidentally finds him on the street. "Torture is worse here," they point out. It all starts here and they all decide to get back in the game.

8. Part 1: Red light, green light

BingMag.com 9 episodes of the game series consisting of the worst to the best

The first part is the part that moves everything and is where the series makes its voice heard. This part pauses a bit, spends a lot of time introducing the details of their characters and makes sure that they all appear in full. Of course, it gets a little lost in the weeds and is subtle and could talk about the characters' roots in a better way. More than half of the participants in this game will perish. This sequence is well executed and creates one of the most memorable games. Unfortunately, due to the strictures at the beginning of the episode, it is associated with problems. Here the intellect overcomes the soul. Of course, with the final conclusion, everything will be in its original direction.

7. Part 3: A man with an umbrella

BingMag.com 9 episodes of the game series consisting of the worst to the best

In a part that might be called a restart, most competitors return to the game. A rogue police officer named Huang Jan Ho (Weiha Joon) also manages to sneak into the game. Also in this episode, Shadow Biochk takes the initiative and a new development takes place in his character, and he points out what will happen in the next game. In the most individual game of the match, players must remove a special shape from the Dalguna candy. Candy is fragile. Therefore, it is easily crushed and the shape inside it is damaged. If this happens, the participant loses and is immediately shot by the guards.

Finally, a man who fails to complete the challenge steals a gun from a guard and takes one hostage, then The rest of the guards surround him. He asks his hostage to take off his mask. He seems to be surprised that the guard who could have killed him without a moment's delay is too young to shoot himself in the head. The mysterious character in charge of the whole game, the leading man (Lee Byung Hoon), ends his life by shooting himself at the guard, because his identity was revealed to one of the players.

6. Part 4: Stick to the team

BingMag.com 9 episodes of the game series consisting of the worst to the best

In this part, the players are fed and it seems that one of them has received extra food. The accusers' fingers are immediately pointed at the Deok-Su group because they are known as bullies. A fight breaks out and a man dies in the process. Here we see that when he takes his last breath, money is added to the top of the pot. This is literally a nightmare, because it encourages people to kill each other and make more money at the end of the game.

This also introduces a storyline in which, Certain guards try to obtain the bodies of dead players to sell. Of course, all of these are largely separate from the interesting elements of the central story. The main story of this episode has its own charm and one of the most common games is used in it: tug of war. This match is a heartbreaking game, because the winning team directly kills the players of the other team, and this is exactly what the terrible world they have to accept has to offer them. Either kill or you will be killed.

5. Part 5: A fair world

BingMag.com 9 episodes of the game series consisting of the worst to the best

This is where the story begins to unfold and you are almost certain that it will be reinforced in each episode. In particular, at one point in this episode, Guy Hoon is watching the players, but images of his past are narrated in his mind. He recalls the night of the workers' strike at the company where he worked, which turned violent with tear gas and riot police. The film subtly portrays the gaps in Guy Hoon's life through a heartbreaking visual sequence that is one of the highlights of the series. The doctor, who is also one of the players, is killed. Everything ends before it reaches an interesting place. However, several small story lines are narrated in the margins of this part. However, we are nearing the end of the game and the appeal of the series is gradually increasing.

4. 6:

BingMag.com 9 episodes of the game series consisting of the worst to the best According to what the series shows, Ganbo means" good friend "and has placed the most interesting game in his heart by revealing the details of the series' characters. Players are informed that they must be divided into groups of two. Guy Hoon, thinking that the old man will be someone to compete with, is initially reluctant to partner with him, but does so out of kindness. They actually have to compete with each other and only one can come out alive. Every moment of their performance can be devastating.

It should be noted that the scenes between Shay Bioek and Ji Young (Li Yu Mi) are also among the best sequences. Sae Biyok and Ji Young become teammates in this match and sit down to talk to each other. They share the details of their lives calmly and friendly, but the friendship ends. Ji Yong deliberately loses a game of life and death and accepts death to keep Sae Biyok in the game. It was a beautiful and practical end to all the kindness amidst the chaos and madness of the race.

3. Part 7: Very important people

BingMag.com 9 episodes of the game series consisting of the worst to the best

In this episode, a group of very important people come on stage and watch the final games in person. They look really disgusting and mean. In fact, there is a group of carefree rich people who enjoy watching what they have created. Next we see that the next game is a glass bridge, where one part of the bridge is made of durable glass that can support two people, but if another person steps on it, the glass breaks immediately.

2. Part 8: Leading Man

BingMag.com 9 episodes of the game series consisting of the worst to the best

Leading Man is the shortest episode of the series. It is actually a compact episode that focuses on Ki-hoon, Sang Woo, and Sae-byuk. They all return to the main room and see that there are only three beds left. At dinner, the remaining three participants are given a knife to take to bed.

When Gye-hyun is unconscious, Sang Woo secretly approaches Sae-byuk. Gye-hoon gets frightened and angry and tries to stop Sang Woo, but is stopped by the guards. There is a final game that all of these events are planned to achieve. This good part is the second best part, because the ending of the series is excellent.

1. Episode 9: A Happy Day

BingMag.com 9 episodes of the game series consisting of the worst to the best

The best part of this series by far is a striking and shocking ending that amazes you from moment to moment. The final confrontation between two childhood friends is performed in the best possible way by the actors. This part is masterfully made and at the same time, it is cruel and violent. The two remaining participants take part in a simple game that ends everything. This section focuses on whether the two men are willing to use extreme violence to get the final money.

In this final section, we see the emotional impact of the games on Guy Hoon. . Changing his character from a misguided gambler trying to protect those he loves to this broken man is the most obvious and, of course, the saddest development of the series. In the final scene, however, pessimism and the predominant dark sequel of the series are mixed with cautious optimism. Kindness and compassion come out of the boundless pit of darkness and blackness and repel the impatience and violence of people towards each other. There is still anger against those who ruled the game, and this anger is just and leads to the possibility of a revolution against them. The series ends in a transformative way and in the best possible way, both for the characters and for ourselves as viewers.

Source: Collider

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