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7 enduring characters of Asghar Farhadi's films from the worst to the best

BingMag.com 7 enduring characters of Asghar Farhadi's films from the worst to the best Creating enduring characters in cinema is not an easy task. In Iranian cinema, characterization in cinematic films faces many weaknesses, and we can find few films whose main character is still engraved in our minds after many years. Iranian directors have many weaknesses in characterization and the main characters of their films are forgotten after the end of the film and do not find a place in the viewer's mind.

Characters remain in the cinema that we the world Believe in that character, his concerns and his world, and continue to be involved in that character's world when the film ends. This means that the character is well designed and shines in the mind of the viewer of his film.

One of the strengths of Farhadi cinema is creating attractive and familiar characters for the audience and the right characters. And it is principled. Viewers of Farhadi's works identify with the character of the director's films and get along well with him. Farhadi chooses the characters of his films from the familiar genre of street people with tangible concerns and challenges for his audience, and this point brings the viewer closer to the characters of his films.

Farhadi From "Syrian Wednesday" to "Hero", each of his films depicts at least one enduring character, and that character still remains vivid in the minds of viewers. We have taken a look at the enduring characters of Farhadi's last five films and examined the reasons for the brilliance and permanence of these characters and finally ranked them.


BingMag.com 7 enduring characters of Asghar Farhadi's films from the worst to the best

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Ellie's character in" About Ellie "has a complex yet simple character. At first glance, childlike innocence waves in Elie's face, and a certain intimacy and purity is observed in her behavior. Elie is a kindergarten teacher, and the audience believes in her simplicity in her behavior due to her position and job characteristics. Sepideh, played by Golshifteh Farahani, has invited Eli to come to the north with her friends and decides to introduce Eli to Ahmad by playing Shahab Hosseini.

Eli during the film He talks less, behaves calmly and calmly, and it can be said that he has no particular moral bug. At first glance, everything about Ellie looks positive and good, and it is a very good option to marry an Iranian boy. The scene of him playing with the children's balloons, which has become one of the brilliant scenes of the film with Farhadi jumping cuts, well shows Eli's existential innocence.

Despite all this Positive features, but Ellie works very mysteriously at times. He has a big secret that he does not seem to want anyone to know, and this secret eventually causes a big crisis for everyone. Eli is inherently a righteous human being; In interacting with others, he is very polite and courteous and loves children. Even he does not get very comfortable with the intimate atmosphere of Sepideh's friends and keeps his privacy with them. He even risks his life to save the life of a child who has fallen into the water and commits suicide by doing so.

The main problem is that despite having The fianc has traveled with Sepideh and her friends and wants to meet another man on this trip. Although he opposed Sepideh's first offer to travel to the north, he eventually gave in and agreed to come and see Ahmed.

Although She has decided to separate from her fianc and has been trying to break up with her fianc for six months, but going on this trip is an unforgivable and big mistake on her part, and this mistake brings a bad shock to everyone. Ellie is preoccupied with her conscience throughout the film, and in times of loneliness she experiences anxiety like a glutton.

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For his latest film, Farhadi decided to distance himself from Tehran as the center of the country's events and tell the story of a simple man in Shiraz. Rahim's character is not very complicated at the beginning of the film, it is easy and simple. Rahim is imprisoned for debt and during his leave, he wants to sort out his money and give it to his creditor.

Rahim's character in the continuation of the movie Finds and comes out of its calm and passive shell in dealing with other people. This is the process that the characters of Farhadi's films find and change as a result of events and happenings. Rahim follows the same formula and after giving up selling coins and deciding to find his owner, he becomes someone else throughout the story.

In "Hero" We do not know much about Rahim's past, but now we see him as a good and righteous man. If he was bad in the past, now he has decided to live well, and he shows this in a practical way by giving up selling coins. There is a kind of inherent simplicity in Rahim. Probably his scammer also used the same simplicity and put a hat on his head. He also simplifies the return of the bag to its owner, and without taking the signature and address, he gives the bag to an unknown woman.

This simple and simple Rahim works and After television portrays him as a hero, it is rumored in cyberspace that all of Rahim's work was fabricated and false. Rahim, who has become a well-known figure through television, is now being destroyed in cyberspace. From now on, he must fight for his prestige and prove himself to everyone.

The calm and quiet Rahim at the beginning of the film is becoming an active character Is. He wants to fight for his rights and reputation and prove to everyone his honesty. In such a situation where everyone has pointed the finger of blame at him, Rahim must go to war with individuals, institutions and organizations; All those who had made him a hero overnight have now turned their backs on him and left Rahim alone.

Rahim must go to war with all of them. And the moment he stands in front of the prison guard is the culmination of his activity and rebellion against the people around him. Rahim simply does not conquer the media and the people of organizations and institutions at the beginning of the film; At the end of the film, Rahim, wounded and tired of the disaster that befell him, finds the courage to confront the actions of others. He is even willing to pay for it, but he no longer wants to be a toy. Rahim transforms from a weak and passive character to an actor in the ups and downs he experiences throughout the film.

5. Spiritual

BingMag.com 7 enduring characters of Asghar Farhadi's films from the worst to the best

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