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From the Emperor's Desires to the Afterlife (Weekend Art Suggestions)

BingMag.com <b>From</b> the <b>Emperor's</b> <b>Desires</b> to the <b>Afterlife</b> <b>(Weekend</b> <b>Art</b> Suggestions)

Colorful announcements and various songs. Our lives are always full of events and news that we see and hear. Whether it is an event that accompanies the daily course of life or an event that makes us happy or upset. Seeing the efforts of scientists and engineers to send the James Webb Telescope into space and the news of the artists' deaths are just some of the events that are taking place in this world. Sometimes we also identify with these people and share in their sorrows and joys, and sometimes we sink into the sea of thinking and come up with the idea of change. Changing around us for a little more joy and less sadness.

Works of Art and culture also contribute to our thoughtful nature and quench our thirsty fantasies like the lost in the scorching desert. A book about historical events and a kind of opportunity to learn a lesson or a series that connects everyday events with basic questions. Everyone somehow takes our thoughts out of vain and takes them on a long journey. As usual for the past six weeks, the BingMag Art and Cinema Group gives you artistic suggestions at the end of each week based on the author's taste. This week we will look at the ancient Roman Empire, then we will enter the modern world with a fast horse and we will have a glimpse of the world after death. We will accompany the sound of the piano solo in the late nineteenth century, and at the end we will return to today's world of events around us and take a closer look at the issues that are about to happen.

What to see?

The interesting thing is that his wife died before and while He spends the moments of his life recording videos with the theme of inspiring and saying positive and motivating sentences and emphasizing that despite his wife's inherent malice, it is better to get along with people and the world and accept the world as it is, always remembering himself. Kept alive in his mind. Tony constantly watches these videos in the early hours of the morning or at the end of a working day, as if it were the last message From the world, and he feels good watching these videos, but he can not convince himself that his wife is no longer with him and bitterly with others. Behaves. He does not underestimate in any way, and if something is on his mind, he is not willing to do anything and be present under any circumstances. But not everything is dark and sad, and those around him try to show him the good side of life in their own way. Whether it is the westerner who is talked to in the cemetery or his colleagues in the newspaper office. It breaks indifference and resilience, and one of his two words and his constant victories is something you do not want to miss. It is as if your heart wants you to be in his place, and say a few insulting and insulting words to people who think you are a naive and ignorant human being, and cool your heart. On the other hand, seeing the life of a completely normal human being in a small and carefree urban environment where the inhabitants know each other, brings us closer to the main character of the story and we often empathize with him.

This series is a product It is Netflix and it has aired two seasons so far and each season has 6 episodes and recently Netflix announced the return of this series for its third and final season. The average duration of each episode is about half an hour, which is a reasonable amount of time to entertain, and each season equates to one 3-hour movie. The series with which you laugh, shed tears, be greedy and happy.

Life after death ID

  • Broadcast time : 2022 - 2019
  • Broadcast Network: Netflix
  • Producer, Writer & Director: Ricky Jervis
  • Number of Seasons and Episodes: 3 Seasons, 18 Episodes
  • Actors: Ricky Jervis, Tom Basden, Tony Wee, Diane Morgan and Li
  • Raton Tomitoz Score: 73 out of 100
  • User Rating IMDb to Movies: 8/4 out of 10

What to listen to?

BingMag.com <b>From</b> the <b>Emperor's</b> <b>Desires</b> to the <b>Afterlife</b> <b>(Weekend</b> <b>Art</b> Suggestions)

Do not be surprised. The image you see is a sequence From the second part of Gambi Wazir's successful and acclaimed miniseries. In this sequence, the idol godmother is playing a piece by the famous French composer Eric Satie. A piece that may make you sad when you listen to it, but the idol godmother, who once dreamed of appearing on stage and playing the piano, has now given up the pleasure of playing this mysterious piece of music in her daughter's conversation./p>

Classical music has this property. Works that always have a special place for those who love music, whether it is a national version or the songs of world-famous composers. In the meantime, the solos, due to the pure extract they give you From a single instrument, will make you more familiar with the instrument and its delicacies. Piano solos are no exception, but what if the work is so simple and repetitive that it arouses your curiosity at the same time?

Eric Satie, the famous French composer, took life so seriously in his lifetime He did not, and his teachers apologized to the Paris Academy of Fine Arts for his incompetence, and he was fired. This led him to turn to playing in a cafe and make a living that way. He was an unusual human being and would not let anyone into his apartment. The works of composers of all ages were ridiculed and he wrote strange and imaginative letters on his pieces, which often had no special meaning. The emergence of his works was the first decisive move against the dominant Romantic movement in France. Regardless of the emotion and splendor of his earlier works, he breaks down common structural forms and questions the greatness of sentimental works by choosing rude and often meaningless letters and making simple and unpretentious musical works. However, his fearlessness in composing works contrary to the custom of the time, led to the misinterpretation of many musicians of his time, and many considered him a charlatan, and therefore did not find much respect and closeness in his time.

one His works, which have the same characteristic of simplicity and strange and imaginary name, are Gnosin pieces. This set includes 6 pieces of piano solos that I have chosen for you to listen to the number one piece. However, you must listen to other pieces as well. When you listen to this piano solo, you get conflicting emotions. The piece seems sad at first glance, but at the same time it is like a story that you are about to discover and the secret is in love, but by repeating the notes, you reach a vicious circle, but listening to this unrepeatable repetition is exciting. Interestingly, Satie himself sought to exaggerate his music, and this unusualness, which is characteristic of the aesthetics of his music, provided an avant-garde ideal of combining everyday life and art, presented in the form of a shocking single character. He called himself a sound assessor and sought a sharp, bitter, and austere essence of music.> Composer: Eric Satie

  • Origin: France
  • Style: Classical, piano music
  • Construction time: 1897-1893
  • Used instruments: Piano

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