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Dust house; Why is Netflix no longer as popular as it used to be?

BingMag.com <b>Dust</b> <b>house;</b> Why is <b>Netflix</b> no <b>longer</b> as <b>popular</b> as it <b>used</b> to be?

Each era is defined by the major initiatives that took place during that period, and sometimes only one company bears the entire burden. Examples from Ford more than a century ago and Virgin in the 1980s are examples. They are business ideas that, because of their success, become the perfect definition of the moment of progress in their own era. Of course, there were other companies like Delorin and MySpace that had the same futurism for shorter-lived texts.

Until recently, everyone was enjoying Netflix and its great revolution, mostly because of the way Netflix presentation was a streaming process, not something it really was. Netflix's people believed that due to easy access, the shared account for the family and the elimination of superficial advertising interludes had reached a distinct position. The service quickly developed an emotional connection with its customers, especially during the dark quarantine period. In that torturous isolation, people at home were comforted by series such as "The Crown," "Strange Things," "Bridgetton," "Paper House," "Le Pen," "Let Me Be Your Agent," or "Composite Game." In fact, for ten years now, the Netflix archive has been a major topic of discussion for the British people, and sometimes even a top topic in the rest of the world. The CEO of Netflix announced that in the first quarter of the year they lost 200,000 subscribers, the fans of this service were forced to have a review of the Netflix mechanism. As a result of such a decline, the value of the company's shares fell by 35%. Then billionaire Bill Eckman, a major Netflix shareholder, decided to sell his stock because it was all scary at once. They were waiting for him, after a staggering climb, Netflix had finally reached "the final number of subscribers". Music friends have also noticed that their romantic relationship with Spotify has been complicated for some time. It turned out that the sheer freedom to enjoy their favorite songs was actually a threat to the lives of the artists who created them.

Mans Ulostam and Karl Rosander, two Swedish entrepreneurs, were among those who before The news of Netflix's downfall had predicted such a thing and they were looking for a simpler mechanism. The founders of a podcast platform called Exet have now launched a dedicated platform called Sesame for e-books and audiobooks. On this platform, people can access whatever they like, whenever they want, on any device they like. The two Swedish entrepreneurs believe that other people are saturated with a common mechanism. In their view, cost-cutting alone has not reduced Netflix subscribers.

"This method no longer works, because it no longer works for customers or creators." , The shared model also relies on deception. "We think all this shared content, with its easy access and very cunning cancellation process, is kind of a scam," says Rosander. They are going through it, it is unlikely that they will face a catastrophe. In this service, even a bad series like "Anatomy of a Scandal" attracts a large audience. For a decade, more and more subscribers have been added to its service. The service had become a model for public television networks such as Channel 4 and the BBC. British Culture Minister Nadine Doris recently said that Channel 4 should be released to compete with Netflix. Shortly afterwards, many programmers said that the global streaming service that Ms. Doris admires so much has already struggled to justify its revenue model.

Netflix itself has never liked such competition. Is. The company's policy is that British public channels are "creative partners" and has invested in hundreds of hours of different content in collaboration with them. Even a series like "The End of the Damn World" first aired on Channel 4, and then aired on Netflix.

BingMag.com <b>Dust</b> <b>house;</b> Why is <b>Netflix</b> no <b>longer</b> as <b>popular</b> as it <b>used</b> to be?

Netflix mechanism. For this reason, the news of the decline in Netflix subscribers was very good for them. Moviegoers are still tormented by the fact that Netflix has succeeded in challenging the financial balance of cinemas through its Internet streaming mechanism. When Netflix started production He made his first Kurdish film, the Cannes Film Festival, and made screening in French cinemas a condition for entering the festival. The festival organizers believed that the life of the movie experience on the big screen of the cinema was more endangered than ever.

But now Netflix has become one of the key members of the cinema world. The company also managed to bring Martin Scorsese into the world of streaming with "Irish". Just a few months ago, "Dog Power" and "Look Up," produced by the company, were among the top Oscar nominees this year.

Like a good movie hero, Netflix also has a simple past. The company operated DVD distribution before becoming the undisputed director of the entertainment world, just as Virgin initially had a music page and Amazon only sold books at first. But in 2012, Netflix began producing proprietary content. "Dusty House," a spectacular political drama set in Washington, D.C., was one of the company's most important early productions. Ten years later, the company has grown to 221.64 million subscribers in more than 190 countries. Because one should not rely too much on this fall, and other reasons should be considered for the cause of such a thing to happen. For example, one of the reasons for such financial instability can be attributed to the closure of the service in Russia and the unavailability of Russian subscribers, which happened after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Another point is that in the Western world, it is unlikely that there is anyone who is interested in joining Netflix and has not yet done so. The service is almost saturated in the West.

Now almost every media service is wondering what these surplus subscribers, who no longer have a place on Netflix, do. There are now reports of illegal reading of "subscription domains" (meaning the same method mentioned above in the example of sports clubs).

That means we may encounter a categorization error? This is what some experts claim. We mistakenly thought of Netflix as an innovative technology company, simply because its extraordinary growth prompted entertainment giants such as Disney, Warner Bros., Anubis, and Paramount to emulate it, and later Amazon and Apple to follow suit. This story was opened. But we can not really say that Netflix is based on technology, this company is just an entertainment service that later became a film studio, the company operates in a business that is always risky. Screenwriter William Goldman has a famous saying, "In the world of drama," no one knows anything. " You can't produce successful work in a row, even if, like Netflix, you come between 2018 and 2021 and spend $ 55 billion on it.

They are downsizing the company and trying to get advertising into their service in the next "one, two years".

BingMag.com <b>Dust</b> <b>house;</b> Why is <b>Netflix</b> no <b>longer</b> as <b>popular</b> as it <b>used</b> to be?

After announcing that Netflix is looking to offer a cheaper advertising service, "This is great news," said Jake Menz, a journalist and content producer. "I'm going to choose a stylish name for this service, like TV, or cable service." "We love Netflix being shared with the public," Hastings said six years ago. With an estimated 100 million subscribers using each other's accounts, the CEO strongly disagrees.

The truth is that neither consumer markets nor quality entertainment can be expanded forever. . If we want to have good movies and series, we have to pay a fair price and make sure the artists get paid well. Otherwise, as Rosander well declares, the culture of television will be in danger of returning to another renaissance, and a situation will be created in which only the rich can pay for good goods, "hence all the paintings in question. At that time, they were taken from the wives of the dukes. "

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